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    1. Vibromasseur anal avec perles en gel Spectra par Doc Johnson

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      1. Vibromasseur anal avec perles en gel Spectra par Doc Johnson

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    1. Description du produit

      Zoom ! Ce vibromasseur anal multi-vitesses en forme de fusée est doté de perles de plus en plus grosses jusqu'à sa base. Simple et efficace, il procure une excitation parfaite aux débutants comme aux plus expérimentés.

      Profitez de ce sex toy anal de qualité que vous aurez plaisir à partager.

      Les sex toys en gel Spectra font partie de nos meilleures ventes. Ils sont simples, efficaces et abordables.

      Contient du Sil-A-Gel, une formule fantastique sans latex, sans odeur, antibactérienne et non toxique.

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      Vibromasseur anal avec perles en gel Spectra par Doc Johnson 6 4 sur 5 4 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Vibromasseur anal avec perles en gel Spectra par Doc Johnson
      2. Vibromasseur anal avec perles en gel Spectra par Doc Johnson

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    1. Great for anal beginners and experienced users too

      Avis : 12 décembre 2013 par Arajuna, un Straight Going Steady Female

      This is in my collection of anal warm-up toys and I love it for very good reason.

      I love the material, it's so jelly-like and springy and you just want to sit and play with it. Some people complain about the smell of the material but I really like it actually!

      It's great that the beads gradually get bigger so you can get used to the sensation easily. The beads are also just the right size. The first three are really easy and then four and five are a bit harder to transition to, so you can stay in your comfort zone or go the mile with this toy

      the vibration is also powerful.

      And I like that you can change the intensity by turning the dial at the bottom of the toy rather than having buttons. You can feel the vibrations right to the very top! It makes you feel very filled up.

      In terms of length it's a pretty average penis-sized so therefore it's a great warm-up for anal sex! In terms of width though I like to use this as well as a butt plug before anal sex to get fully used to the dimensions as this isn't quite wide enough for that. But honestly this is a great toy for its price and it is so versatile.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The material and the possibilities of what you can use it for, total all rounder!
      A bit hard to insert as it's so flexible! All part of the fun though.
      En bref
      Have no second thoughts on getting this perfectly designed toy, it's outstanding quality.
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    1. Good vibration balls

      Avis : 30 mars 2013 par Kinkydink

      Me and my partner wanted to increase our anal play so decided on this toy.

      On reading the reviews it seemed like a nice flexi toy and that's what it turned out to be. If anything it can be a bit TOO flexible and can be a bit difficult to get it in the right place, but when that is achieved it is VERY comfy to use and the stretch can be altered by placing more of the balls inside.

      The adjustable vibrations are nice, not too firm not too soft.

      We have found it a great place to start the anal adventure!

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Comfort, graduated sizing, pleasant vibrations, soft touch.
      Can be so flexible, a bit difficult to control.
      En bref
      Very good anal toy for beginners, maybe a bit too vanilla for more experienced users.
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    1. First time anal

      Avis : 3 octobre 2011 par anniegetyourgun5

      Hi there, if like me and my partner you are new to anal play then this item is a gentle introduction to the subject.

      When the parcel arrived I was straight on a text to my partner to let him know that tonight was the night. We were both very interested in taking our lovemaking onto a more fun-filled level and we had decided that an anal sex toy was something we should give a go.

      On unwrapping the product the smell of plastic was a bit overwhelming but I'm sure that will disappear over time. It was also very very bendy, which we didn't realise was going to be a bit of a problem until we got down to the job in hand!

      We had decided that I would get the thrills first so my partner had lubed up the vibrator and we were adopting doggy position to make entry a bit easier. But being so bendy (and slippery) it just kept going everywhere except the place we wanted it!

      However with a bit of perseverance and the desire to succeed my partner eventually managed to insert it in me - and boy was it worth the wait.

      I managed to take the first three balls and my partner said that when he was inside me he could feel the vibrations through the thin wall of my vagina and it nearly blew him away!

      We have used it several times now and the best thing for me is when my partner gently starts to pull it out just as I hit orgasm! The feeling is amazing.

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      Graduated beads so no big shocks on entry.
      Smells quite plasticky and a little too flexible.
      En bref
      Good for first timers like myself.
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