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    1. Armagode avec testicules par Si Novelties

      Avis moyen des clients 4,5 sur 58 avis

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      1. Armagode avec testicules par Si Novelties

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    1. Description du produit

      Ajoutez du piment à vos moments intimes avec cette sonde de plaisir pointue. Le membre épais aux nombreux renflements procure une satisfaction durement gagnée même pour les usagers de godes les plus habitués. Les solides testicules complètent la base ventouse.

      Le membre épais et résistant est assez flexible pour être courbé et penché pour offrir une bonne stimulation.

      Idéal pour des jeux anaux et vaginaux (mais évidemment pas au cours de la même session).

      Ce gode est trop lourd pour être livré en dehors du Royaume Uni.

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      Armagode avec testicules par Si Novelties 8 4,5 sur 5 4,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Armagode avec testicules par Si Novelties
      2. Armagode avec testicules par Si Novelties

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    1. Love it

      Avis : 27 mars 2014 par SammyNapalm

      Since I got this toy from LH it has become my favourite toy in my toy box.

      It's such a nice feeling once inside, making you gasp. Lots of prepping up and lube, but thanks to the suction cup at the end, it's easy to use hands-free.

      You might need to guide it in as it is flexible once in. OMG, the feel of each bulge makes you moan till you reach your limit.

      Each bulge increases as you get deeper. I can just about get the second bulge. Still trying to take it further in before pushing it out halfway. Then back down the bulged shaft. Sends you moaning, without touching yourself.

      This toy does attracts bits, but a clean-off and it is ready to go.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Bulges increase, giving you that stretched feeling. The suction cup, feel and flexibility.
      En bref
      Best toy I have ordered.
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    1. Warning - this is massive, and fabulous

      Avis : 10 mars 2014 par BigPinkyp, un Bisexual Married Male

      I have been playing with anal toys for many years though with a major gap; pardon the pun.

      I returned to this fun just over 2 years ago and have been building up gradually via large butt plugs and inflatable toys.

      I saw this and liked the look of it along with the positive reviews and decided to order it.

      It arrived swiftly as always via Lovehoney and my lovely friend's address and I could hardly wait to get my hands on it after she described it to me.

      OMG, it's massive. It literally took my breath away and that was just looking at it and holding it.

      Lovehoney really need to make a video of this monster as the innocuous picture does not do it justice. And get your tape measure out as it's long.

      Anyway down to what you want, and need, to know.

      Firstly, the quality of this tool is excellent. It does not smell and feels smooth and extremely well made.

      It is heavy and smooth with a splendid suction cup and make sure you have plenty and I mean plenty of lube as you'll need it.

      For me, the nicely shaped head just slipped in with no problem and the first bulge popped in nicely.

      After that, it became much more difficult as it started to press against bits that had never been pressed. However, and you'll have to trust me on this, it is amazing fun trying and definitely a work in progress.

      If you are working up to a fist, this is the beast for you. If not, just lay back and enjoy the feeling of total fullness as you ride this beauty.

      Amazing feeling and definitely not for the faint-hearted. Love this as you may have guessed and my new favourite baby. Wonderful!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Width, quality and OMG factor.
      En bref
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    1. Amazing toy at an amazing price

      Avis : 7 août 2013 par cossieuk, un Straight Engaged Male

      As usual great service from lovehoney. Ordered this on Monday and was with us on Tuesday, discreetly packaged in a plain box.

      Upon taking the parcel from the postman I noticed the box was rather heavy, and after opening the box I realised I had misread the size of this dildo. This is now the largest toy in our box. It comes in plastic wrapped to a card backing.

      After first unwrapping it there are no noticeable smell and the quality of this monster looks very good. One of the earlier reviews mentions the need for a suction cup. Well good news on that front. There is now a good quality suction cup fitted and it's good enough to stick to any smooth surface for hands-free fun.

      After cleaning up and warming up with our largest butt plug, we lubed this up. And you're going to need plenty of lube for this monster. I slowly started working the head into me and wow what a feeling of fullness that gives! After a few moments of just the head, I very slowly worked my way down and over the first hump. The feelings this toy gave me were amazing and intense. By the end of the evening my partner was pushing it in and out to the second hump, which gives the best feeling of fullness I have ever experienced. We're going to work at the third hump and hopefully the full length over time.

      This has become my favourite toy in the box after one session

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Good design and build quality. Amazing feeling both going in and out.
      Nothing to not like.
      En bref
      A very big toy not for the faint-hearted but very rewarding!
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    1. Anal Ecstasy

      Avis : 25 mai 2013 par Jan9

      For the best anal stimulation, I like a dildo to have varying circumference along its length, OR some surface irregularities such as veins. The Armadildo fits into the first category. It is quite strange in appearance initially, but once you have tried it, the mere sight of it is enough to turn you on!

      After rolling a condom onto the dildo (something I think is wise with all dildos) and covering its length with an organic lube, I fixed the Armadildo to a cupboard and prepared to take it in doggy position.

      The head is big but nicely tapered, and after a period of steady pressure and a wiggle of my hips, I opened around its girth before partially closing around the back of the head. What a great feeling! After pausing for a minute, I resumed the backward pressure on the dildo, eager to feel the next stage. The feeling as I contracted after taking each bulge was out of this world! The contraction actually pulls more of the dildo's length in. I eventually took nine inches of the dildo's length, but still there remained another bulge of thickness to feel, and about three or four more inches of length. But that will have to be an adventure for another night.

      Withdrawing this amazing dildo repeated all the sensations, thanks to its shape. A truly orgasmic experience!

      I would whole heartedly recommend this dildo – but use a smaller one to warm up first!

      I shall give my impressions of the John Holmes, Bam, Hung, Matador, and Penthouse Gonzo soon.

      Great service from Lovehoney, by the way.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Shape, size, the sensations it gives.
      Love everything about it!
      En bref
      An erotic, orgasmic experience.
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    1. OMG

      Avis : 5 janvier 2011 par clitlicker, un Straight Going Steady Male

      The Armadildo is packed very simply on a cardboard backing with shrink like plastic encasing it. On opening there was no strong smell like you get from say a, jelly-like dildo, but it did feel a little tacky to the touch but after a very good wash it sorted that out.

      I bought this dildo for anal use as the one I have just wasn't giving me the stretch I craved. For the more experienced this probably isn't wide enough but for me it's more than enough.

      I first lubed up (use plenty) and used a smaller dildo first, then used one that is approx 6 inches in circumference, until I felt ready to give this a go.

      I found this dildo perfectly shaped at the top and found the head easily stretched me and when the head popped in, which is about 7 inches circumference, the feeling was OMG. I stayed in that position for a litte while just to take in all the pleasure that I was feeling. I pulled the head out and the feeling was just as intense. I re-applied the lube and took in the head again but this time started to lower mysef even further down the shaft and managed to stretch enough to get over ther first ridge and its getting over this ridge,which is 7.75 inches circ, that gives you another OMG. This as far as I could go but hopefully with enough practice (which will be plenty) I will be able to make the next ridge.

      When you have taken the head and are over the first ridge you have 6 inches of pure pleasure inside you. To get over the next one will take you to 9 inches of hopefully ecstasy. The third one will take you to 12 inches. Will let you know how it feels when I get there. You get just as much pleasure on the way out.

      My only negative on this toy is that it should have a suction cup on the bottom, so that you could mount it onto a smooth surface, as using it solo with it is on the floor takes a lot of leg work, but this won't be a problem when I get my girlfriend to slide it in me.

      If you are into anal play then I would recommend the Armadildo as although you may conquer the girth, the length keeps you going back for more and when my girlfriend gets in that's just what I shall be doing.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      The girth, the ridges and the tapered head for easier insertion.
      No suction cup.
      En bref
      Just, OMG.
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