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    1. Peinture corporelle à doigts fluorescente

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      1. Peinture corporelle à doigts fluorescente

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    1. Description du produit

      Éteignez la lumière et laissez vos doigts tracer des formes... partout sur vos corps. Découvrez votre partenaire sous une lumière entièrement nouvelle, alors que vos fantasmes fluorescents se déclinent en quatre couleurs qui brillent dans le noir : orange, bleu, vert et jaune.

      Attention, ce produit n'est PAS comestible.

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      Peinture corporelle à doigts fluorescente 2 2,5 sur 5 2,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Peinture corporelle à doigts fluorescente
      2. Peinture corporelle à doigts fluorescente

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    1. Glow in the Dark - Oh what a lark

      Avis : 25 octobre 2011 par The Big Gee, un Straight Married Male

      The packaging is a little cheesy, but hey they aren't going to stay in there too long!

      You get four tubs of paint: orange, green, yellow and blue. Size-wise they are slightly larger then a £2 coin in diameter and about the same height as a £2 coin stood on its side.

      Each pot has a seal stuck to the top (under the lid), which I found to be a bit of a pain to remove but at least they were sealed well and didn't leak in the box, and you only have to remove it once!

      The paints themselves are more gel-like and translucent than I was expecting, which means when they are on skin you can't really see much in the light. With the possible exception of the blue, which at one point I thought might stain skin. Thankfully it comes off easily enough.

      Leave the pots in the light for a few minutes, then switch the lights off and the pots magically transform luminous pots of glowing fun (although out of the four colours three of the glow pretty much the same colour)!

      Perfect for highlighting areas of each other’s bodies, or just having some silly fun with paints.

      If the glow dies down just turn the light on for a bit, or according to the packaging try using with a black light!

      Once you are done with the frivolities of glowing you will probably want to clean up! The paints come off in the shower easily (I wonder how much the bath water would glow if you had a bath instead) and you will possibly need to change or clean the sheets/carpet/tablecloth, depending on what you've been up to obviously!

      Perfect for winter when it's dark early and for a long time so you have plenty of time to clean up!

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      Great way to add some fun and silliness.
      Don't look as good in the light when painted on.
      En bref
      Good silly fun, but you'll need to clean up afterwards!
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    1. Such a shame

      Avis : 10 décembre 2013 par FrankieGlam, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I got these thinking it would be fun to write messages and stuff on my girlfriend in the dark.

      When they arrived I was a little dismayed to find that not only do they not glow very brightly but you can't see them on the skin.

      More of a gel than a paint, and they stay wet - don't dry on the skin, which means you end up a gooey mess.... not the good kind either.

      The only colour which sort of showed up was the blue, and even after being left under a daylight bulb for 9 hours previous the glowing stopped after only twenty minutes.

      Such a letdown.

    2. Note globale :
      1 sur 10
      Gel not paint, stops glowing quickly, doesn't show up on the skin or dry.
      En bref
      Good idea but a waste of money.
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