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    1. Grand gode anal avec ventouse par Si Novelties

      Avis moyen des clients 4,5 sur 58 avis

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      1. Grand gode anal avec ventouse par Si Novelties

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    1. Description du produit

      Superbe gode anal flexible fabriqué aux États-Unis avec une grosse tête arrondie et un cou fin. Avec une ventouse vraiment forte qui colle à n'importe quelle surface plate. Ceci n'est pas pour les débutants : c'est un gros gode qui présente un défi sérieux !

      C'est un énorme jouet sexuel : certains clients l'ont renvoyé en disant que le gode anal était trop gros. N'oubliez pas de vérifier les dimensions avant de passer commande.

      Et amusez-vous bien !

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    1. Avis clients

      Grand gode anal avec ventouse par Si Novelties 8 4,5 sur 5 4,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Grand gode anal avec ventouse par Si Novelties
      2. Grand gode anal avec ventouse par Si Novelties

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        50,95 €

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    1. Awesome and a privilege

      Avis : 2 juin 2014 par Abbey

      When the box with your new toy from Lovehoney is nearly 3 feet long, you know it's getting serious in a good way.

      Delivery was spot on as always, easy ordering with my account.

      It is very big, very heavy, very smooth, beautifully designed and very well made. It's packaged well enough to keep your toy in.

      Just had to play as soon as I could, so I had a nice deep enema session to get all nice and clean. You don't want a mess, and if you are really clean your lube works much better. Very important for your health and enjoyment.

      I use a water-based lube good for all toys. I warmed up on a wide Tripple Ripples and then then used a couple of my double dildos to open me up inside and get lube deep inside me.

      This awesome toy is made of the totally safe soft but firm vinyl. Very smooth and very soft, smooth curves. Once lubed it's quite difficult to hold.

      It also slips into you so smoothly. Okay, so you are into a big stretch, and it takes a bit of guidance and you getting your body at the right angle.

      The first bit is very easy due to the perfect shape, you start to feel it's beginning to stretch you wide open more and more but so gently because of its shape. Then OMG, you realise it's slipping in. You are over the biggest bit, and your bum is sucking it in.

      Absolutely incredible feelings, then you just take it very slowly. Remember it is very deep inside you.

      I have got another 6 - 8 inches to go, which is something to look forward too.

      Privileged because Lovehoney are not stocking it for now, so you better hurry.

      Because I would like to buy all my toys from Lovehoney, I think they should make a bit of a hardcore section so serious players know they are not all about nice knickers!

      Play safe have fun. xx

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      En bref
      Perfect big toy.
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    1. At last

      Avis : 19 avril 2013 par mr_pierced, un Straight Going Steady Male

      At long last I managed to master this toy. What a size. It's taken me a year of "practice" to work up to this toy.

      Slipped home easy. No pain, just a very full feeling.

      Found that you need to use a poster tube to stop the toy from bending in the middle. When it's in, the tube is removed from the base and bingo happy days.

      I think that give it a few sessions and I won't need a tube, insertion will be easier.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The size and the head.
      Very bendy.
      En bref
      Well worth getting, a little hard to use if you're not open fully.
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    1. Absolute heaven

      Avis : 21 septembre 2012 par weemannie, un Bisexual Married Male

      Delivered with Lovehoney's usual excellence in packaging and delivery time.

      Once I saw it for real I thought no way will this go in me! But knew I had to try there and then.

      Got my Anal Banger Medium (from Lovehoney too) to start opening me up. After 10mins decided to give the Anal Banger Large a go. Slowly worked into my bum, after 10mins I was at the widest point of this beast. My bum felt stretched to the max but couldn't get any more in lol.

      I will keep working on this beast, though this thing is definitely not for the anal novice.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Brilliant piece of kit.
      Far too flexible.
      En bref
      Great dildo only for the experienced.
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