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    1. Plug anal géant à ventouse par Si Novelties

      Avis moyen des clients 5 sur 55 avis

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      1. Plug anal géant à ventouse par Si Novelties

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    1. Description du produit

      Réservé aux experts des plaisirs anaux, le plus gros de nos plugs mesure 20 cm de long et 11,2 cm au point le plus large.

      Une ventouse particulièrement forte colle à n'importe quelle surface plate.

      Sa forme est agréablement conique pour finir par un bout légèrement arrondi. Construction et finition haut de gamme. Et surtout, n'oubliez pas le lubrifiant !

      Fabriqué aux États-Unis.

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      Plug anal géant à ventouse par Si Novelties 5 5 sur 5 5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Plug anal géant à ventouse par Si Novelties
      2. Plug anal géant à ventouse par Si Novelties

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    1. I love it

      Avis : 6 mai 2014 par Big Al #1

      I bought this plug to open me up so I could enjoy my bigger toys.

      The 15-inch circumference works great. I had a little trouble getting it to pop in as the neck is very short.

      I cut a round block of wood about the same size as the bottom. Sat down on it, popped right in. No problem.

      I love the way it just slides right in. It opens me up so I can insert my bigger toys easier. It made it so I could fully insert The Towers of Hanoi butt plug. It is the best butt plug on the market to open you up.

      Great for training so you can take bigger plugs. And believe me, bigger plugs are a lot of fun!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The way it just slides right in.
      Short neck.
      En bref
      I love it. I would not trade it for any of my other butt plugs.
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    1. This is a real drain stopper

      Avis : 30 avril 2013 par Fatass Bob

      I'll fill my self with 6 quarts of warm soapy water and then carefully place this on my special chair after lubing it well and sit down gently as it slowly and seductively penetrates me.

      Once it gets in deep enough I can feel myself relax as I grip the deep groove just above the base.

      All is well now and I can go about my business all day long without fear that this plug will come lose and I'll lose my enema.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Size is perfect and the flat base is low profile.
      Not a thing.
      En bref
      One of life's joys.
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    1. You want big?

      Avis : 20 décembre 2012 par donki, un Straight Going Steady Male

      Right, I must say at the start that I chose this product as I really wanted a challenge and also a toy that I knew I could never take so easily that it would end up feeling like a pencil inside of me. I wanted to have the FULL feeling.

      When this item got delivered to me (again great delivery service from Lovehoney) I opened the box and I honestly thought they were taking the p*#s.

      This thing is massive and although it may seem a bit of an over reaction I call this product "my smart car tyre" I have measured it against a dvd disc and this hides the disc easily and still maintains suction over the disc onto the surface below

      The suction is another thing altogether. I stuck this to my plasterboard wall and when I tried to pull it off I was actually worried I would pull the sheet off the wall!

      I will always give anything a go, so I tried to sit on it. I managed (after a lot of help from an inflatable butt plug) to take just over one third of this amazingly massive if scary toy in my ass. I don't consider myself as a beginner to anal play either and have taken large dildos and fists in my stride, but this thing honestly worries me that I will never manage this challenge I set myself.

      Bottom line...

      If you can take two fists at once and consider it a walk in the park then you should have little issues using this product but like I said this thing is wider than a dvd at its widest point so be prepared for a lot of training and what must be the world's greatest pop as it goes in, and the most fullest feeling I think anyone could ever have!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      It's a challenge.
      It does not look anything close to its actual size in the picture.
      En bref
      It's big!
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