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    1. Pinces à tétons avec clochettes par Spartacus

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      1. Pinces à tétons avec clochettes par Spartacus

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    1. Description du produit

      À quel son réagissez-vous ? Ces pincettes comportent une paire de cloches attachées : un plaisir érotique pour les yeux et pour les oreilles.

      Les pinces comportent des embouts en caoutchouc et sont entièrement réglables pour obtenir le pincement et la sensation de désir, tandis que la cloche émet un petit tintement à chaque mouvement.

      Chaque pince mesure environ 10 cm. Pinces et cloches en métal plaqué haut de gamme.

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      1. Pinces à tétons avec clochettes par Spartacus
      2. Pinces à tétons avec clochettes par Spartacus

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    1. So much fun to be had with these...

      Avis : 5 août 2012 par Fluffbags, un Straight Going Steady Female

      My partner and I enjoy some role play games and I had a little giggle when I decided to purchase these nipple clamps for him to use on me. I knew he would love the idea of making me wear these and punishing me if he heard those little bells jingle!

      They arrived very quickly, as always with Lovehoney. and discreetly packaged. As soon as they arrived I got straight to trying them out. Although we have tried various other things similar I had never tried clamps before. I can tell you now they are perfect! I wasn't expecting them to do the job so well. I thought they would be more of a novelty item but I can confirm that these clamps really do clamp! Of course you can alter the strength of the pinch from a barely there little squeeze to a lip biting pinch by sliding the small ring up and down the bars, I played with these for a while before my partner slid the ring higher (we didn't even go all the way) before the pinching reached that delicious moment between pleasure and pain. Definitely strong enough to be used for punishment too! Here are my pros and cons:


      Quality made, nice and strong, they are not likely to fall apart or snap or even bend anytime soon. The "tweezer" part is not made of cheap bendy metal, they are nice and solid The little ball inside the bell is the only thing I would mention regarding the design. It potentially could be a bit flimsy, and the bell doesn't really give off a bell sound unless you REALLY shake these. It makes a little clinky noise. and it is possible to shake these a bit without the bells dinging. (Much to my partners chagrin hehe.)

      The sliding ring: I love this, you (or your partner) can decide on the level of intensity of the squeeze. And as mentioned before its a wide range going from a small little grip to a toe curling nip! Definitely strong enough to be used for "Punishment" I found the longer he left them on the more intense it felt and when the pressure was released it felt amazing.

      Versatile: Okay I also wanted a clit clamp. But decided to give one of these a try "down there" as I did see a similar one in the clit clamps section on Lovehoney (they are different sizes). and I found that they also worked perfectly on my clit. (Although these are a little bit longer than if I had got one designed for that purpose).

      The bells: for obvious reasons, a very cute idea that brings a lot of fun into the bedroom.


      Okay maybe a very very minor negative. I did notice when taking these off that because I had them clamped quite hard, and for a long time, that the plastic tips "stuck" a little bit to my skin... which was slightly burny! I think putting a tiny dab of lube onto the black tips will avoid this. Also keep an eye on the black tips as they CAN have a tendency to come off now and again. They slide back on easily though and as long as they don't go missing it really isn't a big deal. And of course the bell isn't great as mentioned, but it is good enough to get lots of fun out of these.

      I would 100% recommend these lovely little clamps. So much fun to be had with them, they are so versatile in every way (how hard you want the clamp to be and even trying on other parts of your body) and they are very decent quality at an affordable price!

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Versatile. So much fun. Quality made for an affordable price.
      Nothing! I loved them! Only one or two very very minor issues listed below.
      En bref
      These bring so much fun, games and lots of naughtiness into the bedroom. Perfect!
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    1. Adds a bit of fun

      Avis : 9 janvier 2014 par alanallthetime

      I bought these mainly for partner to wear. We'd joked for some time about having bells attached to her nipples in main of our 'scenarios', and then I spotted these. They are fairly cheaply made to be honest, but for what they are they are perfect. Easy to put on - just put the black tips either side of the nipple, pinch in and slide the metal collar up until she makes the right sound or pulls the right expression - then you know they are on just right!

      Fortunately my partner's 36G's have a habit of swaying about quite a lot no matter what position she is in - I'd hoped these would work well when she was on all fours, but for her they actually work well on her back as well. Getting them ringing like mad during a vigorous session is great fun.

      On a longer session though she forgets one thing - once they've been on for a while, they hurt like hell coming off too! Great surprise to her when blindfolded and I remove them quickly!

      I've worn them too, and while I love the feel of them, they don't ring quite so much when on my nipples, even when I'm the one on all fours.

    2. Note globale :
      7 sur 10
      Lightweight, easy to use.
      Slightly cheap quality, but do the job just fine.
      En bref
      Adds a little extra fun - worth the money.
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    1. Fun with bells on

      Avis : 18 juin 2012 par Joam, un Bisexual Going Steady Male


      These looked so cute (and we needed some new nipple clamps anyway... Well, I say needed...).

      Was really pleased when I opened them up, they looked just like the picture. The ends are soft and coated in some kind of rubber. They can go from fairly gentle up to a fairly firm pressure, but they're not really suitable for people looking for something with a bit more pain. The bell is quite quiet, but it's easy to start it tinkling.

      Would really recommend as an addition to your toybox.


      I was sceptical at first as they looked quite fiddly, and was worried that they'd pinch in a bad way. Out of the box they were really easy to use however, even with one hand.

      The build quality is okay (one of the black ends came off, but easy enough to slip back on) and the bell sounds quite tinny... That said they sound great during sex, and can make for interesting games... (where she has to keep them quiet).

      Having tried them on myself too, they work quite well for blokes too (and can imagine they'd be more 'interesting' elsewhere if you like that kind of thing).

    2. Note globale :
      7 sur 10
      Really good fun, and more than just a novelty.
      Ends can slip off easily.
      En bref
      Good all round clamps, with added bells!
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    1. Not bad

      Avis : 20 mai 2015 par YummyMummy15, un Straight Going Steady Female

      Me and my partner have slowly been getting more and more interested in bondage. We decided on getting the nipple clamps with bells as they looked very simple and were on offer at the time.

      As soon as the packaging was opened, I noticed that the black rubber parts fell off very easily. Underneath them is quite sharp metal that I can't imagine being comfortable, so I am always very vary of making sure I do not loose any of them.

      Another thing I noticed was that the bells make little sound compared to what I expected.

      I came to the conclusion they probably aren't the most well made of products.

      When in use they are comfortable. You are able to control really easily how tight they go, which is great to create a tighter or looser fit.

      I thoroughly enjoy my nipples being stimulated during intercourse, so when we are in positions my partner cannot reach very well it is fantastic.

      It definitely adds some extra kink to the bedroom.

    2. Note globale :
      6 sur 10
      Easy to use.
      Poor quality.
      En bref
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