1. Vibromasseur rechargeable de luxe Iris par Lelo

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      1. Vibromasseur rechargeable de luxe Iris par Lelo

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    1. Description du produit

      Féminin et élégant, le vibromasseur Iris dispose de deux moteurs vibrants fonctionnant de concert, ce qui rend les vibrations plus profondes et puissantes.

      Les commandes sensibles et intuitives vous offrent un contrôle précis sur votre plaisir, tandis que la tête en silicone ergonomique courbée assure le contact avec les zones à stimuler. Et cerise sur le gâteau, vous pouvez verrouiller le cadran de commande pour éviter toute activation accidentelle. Idéal pour voyager !

      5 programmes distincts sont disponibles, chacun d'eux pouvant être exécutés avec des vibrations douces ou plus puissantes selon vos envies. Les deux moteurs vous permettent de contrôler les vibrations au niveau de l'extrémité et de la base pour un plus grand contrôle de votre plaisir.

      Vous serez ravi de le pendre en main, et encore plus de l'utiliser. L'Iris est rechargeable : une seule charge complète offre 4 heures d'autonomie.

      Ce vibromasseur est livré dans un coffret-cadeau discret accompagné d'une pochette de transport en satin, d'un chargeur, d'un manuel d'utilisation et de la garantie d'un an Lelo.

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      Vibromasseur rechargeable de luxe Iris par Lelo 13 4,5 sur 5 4,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Vibromasseur rechargeable de luxe Iris par Lelo
      2. Vibromasseur rechargeable de luxe Iris par Lelo

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    1. A great gift and much appreciated

      Avis : 19 avril 2013 par pleasureIsland, un Straight Married Male

      This was a present to my wife and she loves it.

      It's easy to charge, use and clean.

      Most of all its noise level is very low, making it ideal when others are in the house.

      The varied modes and strength of vibration give her a range of sensations and she can select which one she wants according to her needs.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      It works and is quiet.
      The price but it was worth it.
      En bref
      A great gift for my lady.
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    1. Pleasure blooms once again from Lelo

      Avis : 20 octobre 2012 par Cara Sutra, un Bisexual Engaged Female

      The Lelo Iris is a beautiful vibrator, obviously an upscale, elegant design piece from the first look, typical of the exquisite Lelo brand.

      Supplied in the familiar Lelo outer packaging with bright purple theme contrasting the clean white, the Lelo Iris is safely nestled within the black Lelo lidded box, following the trend yet again of the rest of the range.

      As a buyer this gives me a sense of reliability of the brand and that I can depend on them, I know what I'm going to get - and based on my past experiences with Lelo, what I'm going to get is good.

      Inside the box with the star attraction you also receive the following:

      Charging Lead

      10 Year Lelo Warranty

      User Manual (which incidentally is the same instructions as for the Lelo Elise)

      Do's and Don'ts checklist

      Sachet of Lelo Personal Moisturising Lube

      Black Satin Drawstring Storage Bag

      The Lelo Iris is 8 inches long with 5 inches insertable and a 1 1/2 inch diameter.

      The vibrator itself is instantly tangible. Made from a medical grade silicone the shaft has an almost velvet feel. Coupled with the seductive petal-like contours, you can't help but run your hands over it and imagine from the first instance how it is going to feel inside.

      A silver band separates the shaft area from the controls at the handle end, which is clinically clean white and features a control fascia. The circle to the front has a four way control system, with up and down to scroll through the functions and side to side to scroll through the speeds and eventually turn off.

      The Lelo Iris has two motors within, one at the base and one at the tip. This is a very thoughtful measure as you can play with the functions to find which one suits you or even both pulsing at the same time for max stimulation.

      The 5 functions are as follows (I'll explain as best I can!):

      Continual vibration at the tip of the toy

      Continual vibration in both top and base of the toy

      Short pulsing vibration

      Harder longer pulsing vibes

      Continuous vibration

      Before your first use you must charge up the Lelo, which is easily done by inserting the lead into the hole found under the lift up rubber flap at the end of the vibe, until it clicks in. Plug in and leave for 3 hours to fully charge upon the first use. In future you can charge for 2 hours to give a 4 hour play time!

      Once fully charged up I couldn't wait to get started. Well I couldnt wait to get started from the moment I had my hands on the box! I have the Lelo Elise too as well as the PicoBong Moka, so I was interested in seeing how this similarly shaped sex toy would compare.

      As I'd hoped, the shaft contours of the Lelo Iris makes this stand head and shoulders above those vibrators. I love intense stimulation therefore using the tip against clit and labia first of all and feeling the protruding petals from the shaft there, combined with some water based lube, made all the difference.

      Sliding the Iris deep within, as the flesh folds slowly envelop the petalled shaft, the addition of the vibration pattern chosen brings you to the edge almost straight away. I chose the continual vibration in both tip and base of the toy so I could feel the impact. It worked.

      The Lelo Iris is both a stunner, aesthetically and a winner in the powerful sexual stimulation department. Not only is it a statement design piece, it confidently explores your body with you and grabs you by the nerve endings as it takes you without mercy to the brink of your orgasm and cascading over into a deep well of powerful, physical sensation.

      I love the Lelo Iris and personally like to use it with a clitoral bullet vibrator (such as the Rocks Off RO-80mm), like I have the habit of doing with all my phallic, shaft style dildos and vibes. The combination of penetrative, internal stimulation and vibration and the clitoral pleasure just sends me over the edge.

      I heartily rate and recommend this product. It is perfect as a gift to a loved one or a treat for yourself. Just remember to use water based lube, not silicone... and you have no worries about phthalates, as like the rest of the Lelo range, the Iris is phthalate free.

      The controls are easy to figure out and also the dial lights up during charging and also when you press the buttons so that you always know what's going on with your toy.

      It isn't waterproof but you can clean it under the tap or use some spray on sex toy cleaner... just close up the charging flap and cleanse thoroughly after use.

      I would have loved the Iris to be waterproof but I guess you can't have everything... even with Lelo. It gives enough pleasure as it is for this not to be a worry, though!

      Definitely full marks for the gorgeous vibe from Lelo. Highly recommended.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The shape, the size, the functions... and especially the petal contours.
      Nothing to actively dislike, could have been waterproof.
      En bref
      Beautiful, creative and powerful vibrator that you need to own.
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    1. Vibrator heaven

      Avis : 29 mai 2010 par Wizzie86, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I love Lelo products! The Iris is artistic perfection. The sculpting on the shaft not only looks beautiful but creates fabulous sensation when it is inserted. The high-quality silicone is deliciously warm, soft and smooth against the skin. The contour of the shaft makes the Iris ideal for G-spot massage. I like using mine as a clit vibe before I insert it. The five stimulation modes are amazing. The last setting is my favourite, as it pulses between the two motors and it feels like you are getting an internal massage.

      The Iris is easy to use with plus/minus buttons to control the vibration settings, which vary from mild to powerful. The two arrow buttons control the stimulation modes. By holding two buttons down you can travel-lock the Iris making it the perfect travel vibrator. It comes with its own satin pouch for travel and storage. Like other Lelo vibrators, it is mains rechargeable, so you don't have to worry about batteries anymore! This really is vibrator heaven and because of the gorgeous, classy packaging it would make the ideal gift for someone very special.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The design, the silicone material, the pulsation modes… Everything!
      I cannot fault it.
      En bref
      Vibrator heaven!
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    1. Totally worth the money

      Avis : 17 mai 2007 par Angelfish

      This vibrator is absolutely the best one I've ever bought, and I've had several. It's also the prettiest. The quality is exceptional, and the design is perfect for hitting all the right spots, and it's also great for external stimulation. The button is a little fiddly to operate at first but you get used to it. And it's pretty quiet except at high speed.

      This vibe starts at a nice low hum to get you in the mood, and gradually builds up to a very powerful top end, and the pulse settings are wonderful. The twin vibes in the tip and the shaft mean that it can be set so that the two alternate and with the vibe sitting in place it feels like it's thrusting in and out. There's also a function that if used externally feels just like oral sex.

      The only downside is that, being rechargable, when it runs out of juice it just stops. Apparently the button lights up red as a warning, but it only does this about 5 seconds before it cuts out, and if you're lying back with a pillow over your head trying like hell not to wake the neighbours, that little light isn't much good. Talk about a mood killer. So it's good to have another back-up vibe on standby. Personally I've just bought a second one of these; it's just that good!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      It's never been this good!
      Can cut out at inconvenient moments
      En bref
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    1. Ultimate Vibrator

      Avis : 5 septembre 2006 par Sexy Sue

      Wow....what can I say? 0 to orgasim in 60 seconds...The best vibrator I've ever had!

      Great shape & feel but also quiet....Oh & very powerfull.... never needed more than half power to achieve the desired results!

      I can recommend to anyone.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      power, shape lack of noise
      En bref
      the best!
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