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    1. Contrainte pour poignet verrouillable en caoutchouc par Spartacus

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      1. Contrainte pour poignet verrouillable en caoutchouc par Spartacus

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    1. Description du produit

      Une paire de menottes en caoutchouc solide dotées d'une fermeture à boucle réglable et d'anneaux circulaires et en D. Il vous suffit de glisser votre cadenas favori dans les goupilles de verrouillage et elles sont totalement sûres.

      Superbement réalisées et absolument lisses : la qualité à laquelle on s'attend chez Spartacus.

      Les menottes ne sont pas reliées entre elles et vous pouvez ainsi les lier facilement à toutes sortes d'attaches, chaînes et laisses.

      Réglables à une circonférence comprise entre 12,5 et 22,5 cm.

      Les boucles comportent un bout arrondi que l'on appelle une « goupille de verrouillage ». Elle vous permet d'y glisser un cadenas et de d'attacher les menottes : malin !

      Une fois que vous aurez essayé le caoutchouc, vous allez adorer !

      Note : les cadenas ne sont pas compris, mais vous en trouverez plusieurs dans notre magnifique gamme d'objets de bondage.

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      Contrainte pour poignet verrouillable en caoutchouc par Spartacus 5 5 sur 5 5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Contrainte pour poignet verrouillable en caoutchouc par Spartacus
      2. Contrainte pour poignet verrouillable en caoutchouc par Spartacus

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    1. No way out

      Avis : 10 mai 2013 par Nikki23, un Bisexual Single Female

      My BF got these cuffs a while back and we have used them a few times. They are comfy to wear and don't cut in no matter how you struggle.

      I like edge play, either pain or pleasure, without safe words to the point I really am trying to escape. There is no way out of these even when you become desperate or panic. I had my wrists in these connected above my head with my legs tied spread. Struggling while being caned at full strength to the point of thinking you're about to pass out, I can promise there is no escape. I always reach a point I really do want it to stop and try to get free but could not. You have no choice unless you are released.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Very secure leaves you totally helpless.
      En bref
      Professional standard cuffs that leave you totally helpless.
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    1. My favourite things

      Avis : 10 juin 2012 par laceandglitter

      When I thought about the items I'd really like to own when building a collection of toys and equipment, a pair of quality handcuffs was top of my list. I felt that this was the most important aspect to get right, and my expectations were therefore quite high. I spent quite literally hours searching for the perfect pair, and eventually I decided to take the leap. I had my eye on this particular set for quite a while but, as they were ever so slightly more pricey than I had intended, I kept looking. But I kept coming back. Because they're gorgeous. And I'm glad I chose these rather than the cheaper, probably worse quality cuffs I'd considered in materials like Velcro and PVC. See, I wanted to avoid leather, if I could help it, but wanted a pair that were a quality alternative. And a lot of the other cuffs available looked... dare I say, a little tame? They looked easy to break out of, and not really much of a restraint.

      These handcuffs, I chose because I liked the sound of rubber. It sounded strong, for one thing, and as though it would also be quite comfortable. The aesthetics of the cuffs is exactly what I was going for. Buckled, with an O ring, and the studs are also a really nice touch. I admit, I like items like handcuffs to look like the bondage equipment that there are; no fluffy pink faux fur for me. And I decided that if they were as good as they looked, they would be worth the price. I was right, too.

      When my box from Lovehoney arrived with several new purchases, these were the items I was most excited about. I took them from the packaging. I inspected them. I tried them on. It was like Christmas! I hadn't even used them yet and already they were my new favourite toy. I had been concerned, because I have fairly slender wrists, that they might be big on me, but they're an absolutely perfect fit. They're tight, but not too tight; they're comfortable, but there's no way I can wriggle out of them.

      I also love the fact that they're lockable, for that extra feeling of submission. Simply slip a small padlock through the specially designed buckles and find yourself fully locked up. They're strong too; the description described them as heavy duty, and I would completely agree with that; you can pull on them, be dragged around by them, be held in place by them... If that's what you're into, then they're absolutely perfect. And, while being purely objective... they're brilliant, and you should buy some!

      One minor issue I had with them (and this is purely because I can't think of anything else to say negatively about them but felt I should, y'know, give a balanced review) is that they don't come with any kind of clip to secure them together. It's true that this means that you can use the attachment of your choice, but it would be nice to supply something so that they can be used straightaway. If you don't already own a clip of some kind, it means you have to pay extra to get one. However, this is only a very small issue, and as I had foreseen this problem and ordered a trigger clip as well, all was fine. Just make sure that, if you don't already own anything like that, you buy a clip or a chain or whatever you want, because they don't come with anything to attach them together.

      In the end, how you feel about these handcuffs will depend entirely on what kind of restraints you're looking for. For me, they're the best kinky purchase I've ever made, and I'm glad I took a risk with spending a bit more money; they're worth it. They're strong and comfortable; I wore them for at least an hour and was so completely used to them that it felt odd to have them taken off! Also, despite the tightness and tugging on them etc, I only had some very minor redness on my wrists that faded almost immediately. I chose these handcuffs because I didn't want leather, and I can't really give a comparison of them to a similar pair made of leather, but personally, I think everybody would enjoy them, whether a newcomer to kink or a bondage aficionado. One of the previous reviews mentioned that they might not be suitable for beginners due to the locking mechanism, but it is always possible to wear them without locking them up and, as a relative beginner myself, I am personally very very happy with my choice of these cuffs as my first proper restraints.

      There isn't much more I can say, other than that I urge you to consider these cuffs. I love them. They're lovely.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The material is brilliant and they fit perfectly.
      No attachments supplied.
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      Comfortable, well made cuffs with a real kink factor.
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    1. Taming the beast

      Avis : 20 octobre 2010 par SexynCute247, un Bisexual Engaged Female

      Restraints by Spartacus are best used to restraining a person during sexual performances. These real leather restraints can be worn around the wrists or ankles. These are more for the advanced user or a person who is deeply into bondage. I would not recommend them to a beginner due to the design of these restraints. Which I would explain later.

      The design is advanced because of the ring in the center of the restraints. I had to place handcuffs through the hoops to restrain my partner. I received the medium size restraints. Which would fit a person between 7"-10" (18-25cm) around the wrists or ankles.

      Unfortunately, my partner's wrists and ankles are really petite. She basically slid right out of them. We had to pretend she couldn't get her hands and ankles out to be able review them. On the other hand my ankles and wrists are on the larger side, so we couldn't force try them on me. I really liked that they were real leather. The restraints are very durable and sturdy. Which means they can handle a lot of pressure on them.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The idea of imagination.
      En bref
      If you're looking to restrain your man or lady I recommend these.
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