1. Embouts unipolaires ElectraLoops par ElectraStim (boîte de 2)

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      1. Embouts unipolaires ElectraLoops par ElectraStim (boîte de 2)

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    1. Description du produit

      Une paire de boucles unipolaires réglables qui transmettent des charges électriques depuis une unité Electrastim directement sur le pénis et les testicules. Placez un anneau pénien électro-stimulant autour du pénis et l'autre autour du scrotum pour une expérience de masturbation électrifiante.

      Ces boucles électro stimulantes très conductrices sont l'idéal pour découvrir les plaisirs des orgasmes sans les mains avec l'unité d'alimentation ElectraStim. Confectionnées en caoutchouc très conducteur, elles mènent la puissance titillante directement sur vos organes les plus sensibles pour une expérience unique.

      L'adaptateur vous permet d'en régler la taille pour un confort optimal et, une fois réglées, le curseur les maintient fermement en place. Réalisées en caoutchouc, elles sont extensibles et peuvent s'étendre si besoin pour plus de confort lors de leur utilisation.

      Portez une boucle à la base du pénis et l'autre autour du scrotum, ou placez-les toutes les deux autour du scrotum ou du pénis. Ajoutez une noix de gel conducteur (non fourni) sur chaque boucle là où elles entrent en contact avec la peau, puis allumez l'unité.

      Augmentez doucement la puissance et essayez différents modes pour une aventure érotique incomparable.

      Le réglage antidérapant permet d'élargir le diamètre des boucles électriques jusqu'à 70 mm pour un port ferme et confortable.

      Compatible avec toutes les unités d'alimentation ElectraStim, ces boucles ont des prises adaptées aux broches standard de 2 mm.

      Note: les deux boucles doivent être portées afin de fermer le circuit électrique. Vous pouvez aussi choisir d'utiliser une boucle et un autre sex toy unipolaire.

      Vous devez aussi utiliser une unité d'alimentation ElectraStim pour faire fonctionner les boucles. Celle-ci est vendue séparément. Vous devrez brancher les deux boucles ou une boucle et une autre sex toy unipolaire et les placer contre votre corps pour ressentir la charge.

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      1. Embouts unipolaires ElectraLoops par ElectraStim (boîte de 2)
      2. Embouts unipolaires ElectraLoops par ElectraStim (boîte de 2)

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    1. A fantastic hands-free orgasm

      Avis : 14 octobre 2012 par modnar, un Straight Going Steady Male

      I originally had some of the ElectrabBands, but felt like they weren't quite doing the trick for me, so decided that I would get something that had better surface cover (as the ElectraBands have one point of contact - these are all the way round).

      It takes some time to find the right place to put these, but once you've found that sweet spot, it's such a unique experience (For me, behind the balls, and just after the balls - there's so many places to try this though).

      If you're a first timer, don't expect to see any results the first time. Make sure you use some gel so that you don't end up "burning" yourself. It's not a pleasant feeling when these loops touch you when there's none present.

      When trying to achieve your HFO, the trick is to just relax, and let the electricity do the hard work. :)

      I use these along side the Electrastim EM140 Sensavox. I made the mistake of thinking that level 20 was going to be enough, but as I found out a couple of times later, I was needing a level 40 to get where I needed to be.

      You know when the magic is about to happen, you get the most amazing feeling at the tip, and then before you know it the juices start to flow.

      I was a bit curious when I had brought this and nothing happened, but was very determined to get my HFO. I'm happy I purchased this now.

      The quality of the item is very good. You don't get the box as pictured, but it comes in the packaging as in the video. Once again, don't forget your conductive gel. A definite must have.

      Don't delay, buy today!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The feeling.
      A little bit pricey.
      En bref
      Can't wait to get them out again.
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    1. A unique experience

      Avis : 25 novembre 2009 par Private_member, un Straight Married Male

      Never used anything like this before, curiosity led me to using some pads, came very quickly and very powerfully so wanted to use something purpose-built for a hands-free orgasm.

      Loops duly arrived (not in a box as shown in the photo) so tried them on immediately. Initially I did not really get the desired level of arousal but I think this was down to the contact the loops made. The harder you are the more intense the feeling, and once they get you aroused you will get very hard and come very powerfully (not to say you can’t leave them at a lower setting and just stimulate gently for as long as you want).

      The first time I came using them it was like the most exciting oral sex I had ever had, just far more intense.

      Well worth a try but they are expensive for what you get so you might want to shop around to see if you can get something similar for less money.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The most powerful orgasm ever.
      The price.
      En bref
      With some experimentation they will give you a very intense orgasm.
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    1. Now we're cooking

      Avis : 24 septembre 2015 par Stevie, hetro sub curious male, un Straight Married Male

      Paired with the EM60 these are great for cock stimulation. They are very effective if you wear one loop under your balls and over the penis.

      The second loop I find best just under the ridge at the top of the penis. I could only manage six and a half lights. The stimulation is felt deep along the centre of the cock. Really amazing!

      Use the conductive lube they mention. Just brilliant. Never felt sensations like it.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      En bref
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    1. Very good - wouldn't e-stim without them

      Avis : 9 juin 2014 par allthefunofthefair, un Straight Going Steady Male

      I bought these with my EM-140 that I also got from Lovehoney. I wanted to achieve a HFO (hands free orgasm) and these had been recommended on some of the e-stimming forums. I was totally new to e-stimulation and was a little nervous about using them at first.

      I need not have been.

      Make sure you coat these in some electro conductive lube as this will prevent hot spots and also will give tiny movements of your penis in the loop right at the tip and that is a part of what makes the magic HFO possible in my opinion.

      These work really well although personally, I prefer to use one loop on the tip of the penis and an adjustable electra-band around the scrotum.

      Some users have had great success achieving a HFO with these, but it wasn’t until I coupled their use with an anal probe that happened for me.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Easy to adjust and use.
      When using around the scrotum it's easy to get hair caught around a loop.
      En bref
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    1. Good Fitting

      Avis : 4 janvier 2009 par BullsPrincess, un Bisexual Married Female

      Recently bought these to go with our Electrastim equipment.

      There is really not a lot to say about these as they simply do what they are supposed to!

      They fit around most body parts (even my nipples)and have a nice soft feel.

      Remember they do need some conductive gel to improve the feeling.

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      Could conduct better
      En bref
      Overall Good.
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