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    1. Kit de moulage pour pénis en chocolat

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      1. Kit de moulage pour pénis en chocolat

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    1. Description du produit

      Fabriquez la réplique de votre pénis (ou de celui de quelqu'un d'autre !) en chocolat, puis croquez-le ! Tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour fabriquer une copie conforme d'un pénis en délicieux chocolat au lait est inclus !

      Votre kit comprend : paillettes de chocolat fondu, tube pour moulage, gel de moulage et instructions détaillées.

      Délicieusement érotique, ce kit vous permet de cloner un pénis. Pensez toutefois à demander l'autorisation du propriétaire !

      Quand vous en avez fabriqué un, achetez votre propre chocolat pour en faire d'autres. Vous pouvez même essayer d'en faire un fourré !

      Ingrédients : sucre, noix de palme, huile de palme partiellement hydrogénée, lactosérum, cacao, lait écrémé, émulsifiants monostéarate de sorbitane et lécithine de soja, vanilline, vanille pure.

      Attention : ce produit contient du blé, du soja et du lait.

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    1. How To Use A Clone-A-Willy Kit

      Create a unique erotic gift for your partner with the Clone-A-Willy Kit. Inside you'll find everything you need to make a cast of your penis and turn it into a vibrator. The non-toxic and body-safe formula are ideal for intimate play.

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      Kit de moulage pour pénis en chocolat 8 3,5 sur 5 3,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Kit de moulage pour pénis en chocolat
      2. Kit de moulage pour pénis en chocolat

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    1. What a gift

      Avis : 9 avril 2017 par Bristolboi, un Gay Going Steady Male

      For some reason, I've been promising a friend a waxy candle replica of my member for some time. Unfortunately, the Clone-A-Willy candle kit is no longer produced. What better replacement than a solid chocolate cock?!

      The item arrived quickly, just had to find a time when my flatmates were out in order to make my masterpiece!

      The instructions were clear and simple, ensuring that whilst I was stood half naked in my kitchen, I didn't need to worry about any potential burns or risks to my manhood whilst melting chocolate on the hob!

      The final piece of art was detailed - more so than I imagined! It's currently sat in my friend's fridge (she doesn't want to eat it) although I'm sure it raises questions and concerns when her family come to stay.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Fun, easy to use.
      Cut the plastic carefully to avoid cuts!
      En bref
      Great product!
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    1. Show him off

      Avis : 3 mai 2007 par Douglas

      My boyfriend and I have enjoyed “cloning” him in the past with the original Clone a Willy but we just had even more fun with this version making centerpieces for a friend’s bachlorette party. It took a lot of persuading to let me make copies of his penis for public display but it turned out to be the most erotic fun we’ve ever had.

      He has a spectacularly well formed appendage and we made seven chocolate replicas that came out looking just as gorgeous at the real thing in every detail. They were a big hit at the party and having all those women admire my man’s erection was an unbelievable turn on. He loves the accolade he’s received since and the seven friends who got to take his chocolate penis home after the party have all shared with him the details of how they enjoyed it.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      It's a chocolate penis
      Timing just be perfect while your guy stays hard
      En bref
      If your guy has a penis worth sharing there's no better way than this
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    1. Awkward, messy, fun

      Avis : 10 août 2015 par themariner13579

      I purchased this for me and the wife to try, but ended up giving to the brother-in-law to make a really awkward centre piece for a family meal (long story).

      I have been told after creating a lot of mess, it made a very accurate copy of their partner's willy and went down a storm at the party to boot.

      The chocolate tasted pretty good, considering it is just a normal milk chocolate.

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      Makes a good replica and chocolate was nice.
      Tad messy and awkward for the non-practical.
      En bref
      It makes an accurate chocolate dong.
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    1. Didn't go quite to plan...

      Avis : 12 juillet 2012 par NaughtyLondonLady, un Bisexual Single Female

      What every girl really needs in life is willy and chocolate so who could resist buying a Clone-A-Willy Chocolate Moulding Kit? Not me for sure!

      Luckily I had a willing volunteer. Well, I say willing volunteer; I mean a man who is tolerant of my whims and mad ideas...

      So, basically to make the mould you have to cut a plastic tube to the length of the penis. Cue step one of unerotic process. The tube needed to be cut in half- not the most flattering thing for a chap to see, but I reassured him the tube had to start out large to hold all the parts of the kit and was not an expectation of willy size.

      You then have to have water at exactly 98 degrees, the kit comes with a handy thermometer. Once you have the right temperature you put the water into a mixing bowl and add the powder that comes with the kit to make a gloopy porridge like consistency. The instructions are very clear that once you have mixed it you only have two minutes to pour it in the tube and insert the willy. The idea is that it creates a mould that you then pour in melted chocolate.

      So I summon the man who is sitting patiently in the lounge with his hard willy. Only it isn't anymore. Clearly me wielding a wooden spoon and giggling about the part of the instructions that tell you what to do if you have a bendy willy is not erotic. Or maybe it was the prospect of putting his manhood into a plastic tube full of warm gunky stuff that wasn't inviting....

      Possibly me looking at it saying 'Why isn't it hard?' didn't help or me staring at Mr Floppy saying 'What's wrong with it?!' wasn't sexy. Or maybe it was me snapping 'Come on, get it hard!' wasn't the foreplay a man enjoys. I tried to mix the batter in an erotic manner, but that didn't seem to work as he stood tossing his bits naked in my kitchen. Oh and then we bickered over using a whisk over a wooden spoon. I think he thought we were making pancakes.

      Knowing time was ticking on I thought I had better take the matter in hand and got to my knees to give him a little um... assistance! Happily that seemed to work and I got up to pour the mixture into the tube. But alas! It has already stated to set and my mixture was not a runny consistency anymore, more like a grey jelly. I bashed it about with a spoon (the mixture, not the penis) to no avail,

      I decided to pop it in the microwave to see if that would melt it back to a pouring consistency again. 'Don't put it in for too long!' he said, nervously clutching his penis! After removing from microwave all I had was warm lumpy mess so, sadly I am still chocolate willy-less. I do however have the chocolate left so I may just eat that to console myself with.

      I will buy another one though and try again!

    2. Note globale :
      7 sur 10
      Clear instructions and fun!
      It didn't work for us, but that's my fault, not the product!
      En bref
      Good fun!
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    1. Willy Chomping Goodness

      Avis : 26 mai 2012 par RedCheeks, un Bisexual Single Female

      Having recently had the pleasure to mould a copy of my partner’s penis using the Clone-A-Willy dildo kit, I was excited to be getting the chance to try out the delicious sounding edible version, The Clone-A-Willy Chocolate Kit.

      Like the Clone-A-Willy Dildo Kit, the Chocolate kit arrives packaged in a sturdy cylindrical plastic tube which not only protects the contents of the kit but also means that there is no extra bulk to the product, with all the contents fitting perfectly in the tube. In fact, the tube isn’t just packaging and is later used in the actual moulding of the product. With the amount of sex toys and sex toy packaging that I have around, it is definitely a bonus to notice that there is no excess packaging involved with Clone-A-Willy.

      Rolled within the tube is a spread out sheet, covering one side of this sheet is what you see while the kit is still packaged. Predominantly pink in colour, it features a cartoon couple looking pleased with their moulded chocolate Willy along with some product information and shortened instructions (full instructions are on the back of the sheet). Even nutritional information is included.

      Once out of the packaging the Kit includes:

      - Easy to Follow Directions

      -Melt and Mould Chocolate Flavoured Chips (10.5 oz)

      - Specially Timed Moulding Powder (3 oz)

      - Moulding Tube

      - Stir Stick

      - Thermometer

      And now for the practical bit, the making of the chocolate willy. Thanks to my partner for writing up this section.

      My hubby's practical guide to cloning a chocolate willy:

      Having had previous experience with the “Clone A Willy” vibrator I had a fair idea of what to expect from the moulding process. The kit comes with moulding powder, instructions, milk chocolate flavour buttons, a thermometer and a wooden stick. What you will need in addition to this is warm water, a container with measurements on it, a large mixing bowl, a mixing implement (wooden spoon, spatula etc), a microwave safe bowl and a plate.

      The casting process is identical to the kit I used before. There are detailed instructions on each step but they are basically as follows,

      *Measure erect penis against the side of tube and cut off excess.

      *Mix 425ml of water that is 37C (98F) with the entire bag of moulding gel.

      *Stir for around one minute and pour into tube.

      *Insert erect penis into gel and allow two minutes to set.

      *Leave gel mould in fridge for around twenty minutes, turned upside down to drain on plate.

      *Melt chocolate in microwave and pour into mould.

      *Return to fridge and allow to set.

      *Remove and enjoy!

      And there you have it, though there are much more detailed instructions included with the kit. As far as actual experience goes I found it to be easier the second time around. I had more of an idea what to expect when it came to mixing up the mould. The gel does set quickly so make sure you press the penis into it quickly.

      My one problem with the process came when I had the mould made. The instructions say leave the mould upside down on a plate in a fridge, this should help it harden as well as drain excess water. When I put the mould in upside down it began to slip out of the plastic tube, the result was the top of it (where the base of my penis had been) was squashed down a little by the weight of the mould pressing down.

      The chocolate melting is very straightforward. If you have ever worked with cooking chocolate you will know what to expect. You put it in the microwave on a medium heat for thirty seconds, stir and repeat around 4-5 times. Once you have no lumps of chocolate left you pour it into the mould and stir it a little with the wooden stick to make sure it is distributed evenly.

      Place the stick into the chocolate to use as a handle and leave to set. The instructions tell you to leave it for five minutes in the fridge to harden but I left it longer as I didn’t think the five minutes would be long enough for the amount of chocolate to solidify.

      After about an hour I removed it from the fridge and began to extract the chocolate from the gel mould. Ours slid out with ease but you might need to run water on the base of the plastic to loosen it up. Once the entire mould is out of the plastic, you carefully peel away the gel mould. The substance is quite easy to work with and comes away easily. Once out of the mould the chocolate was covered in water from the gel. We carefully dabbed it with napkins to get rid of this and once dry it was ready to eat.

      The end Result:

      So after moulding and waiting for the chocolate to set (I was surprised at how little time this actually took), our delicious looking (and smelling) solid chocolate Willy was ready for the moment of truth- the taste test. To the smell, the chocolate Willy immediately reminded me of chocolate rice crispy cakes that are made using cooking chocolate so when I had the pleasure of taking the first bite I was pleased to report to my husband that it did indeed also taste like cooking chocolate.

      Having recently tried a few ready made erotic chocolate treats in the shapes of breasts and such, I can easily say that this is the best tasting chocolate body part we’ve had the pleasure of nibbling on! And there’s great fun to be had when you have a life sized chocolate replica of your partner’s penis on a stick. With me being the Domme, I certainly enjoyed taking those first few bites into the head of our chocolate Willy, all for my partner to watch.

    2. Note globale :
      6 sur 10
      Fun and easy to make, comes with thorough instructions, makes a very accurate replica.
      The cooking chocolate flavour might not be to everyone’s taste.
      En bref
      Easy to mould and quick to set, ours turned out great. Highly recommended experience.
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