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    1. Préservatifs XXL Condomi (boîte de 10)

      Avis moyen des clients 2,5 sur 55 avis

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      1. Préservatifs XXL Condomi (boîte de 10)

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    1. Description du produit

      Préservatifs de plus grande taille pour ceux qui en ont besoin. Longs de 19,5 cm et large de 5,4 cm, mais d'une épaisseur de 0,006 cm seulement. Lubrifiés, pourvus d'une tête tétine et marqués Kitemark pour votre tranquillité.

      Adaptés aux végétariens et garantis sans souffrance animale. Certificat CE.

      Note sur la taille des préservatifs : la taille moyenne des préservatifs est de 17,7 cm de long et de 5 cm de large. Les préservatifs XXL de Condomi font 19,3 cm de long et 5,3 cm de large.

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      Préservatifs XXL Condomi (boîte de 10) 5 2,5 sur 5 2,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Préservatifs XXL Condomi (boîte de 10)
      2. Préservatifs XXL Condomi (boîte de 10)

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    1. Condoms are not all the same!

      Avis : 26 mars 2008 par punkboy

      So, someone bought me these cos I complained that normal condoms are too tight, and I thought what the hell, give them a go. First thing I noticed was that they seem a little lower quality than the usual Durex ones we use, but once I unrolled it and got ready to put it on the size difference was really obvious!

      It is still tight enough to stay in place but gives you that extra bit of room so you don't feel like the blood has stopped flowing haha! There was no horrible texture or smell, it works fine and stands up to some serious rhythmic testing :op

      All in all I think I will have to try some more of the larger size condoms before I choose the best one, but for now these are perfect for the job at hand!

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Bigger condoms fit easier, and feel better!
      not the best quality ever...
      En bref
      Does what it should, can't complain about that!
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    1. Best fit yet

      Avis : 16 août 2009 par mybadx, un Straight Engaged Female

      I bought these for the OH as average size just didn't fit him and I have to say these fit just nicely. The packaging they're in is a little bit hard to get into and they do feel a little thin - as though anything rough would break them. But they seem to stay in place nicely and no breakage.

      I also found that you couldn't tell there was one on when having intercourse, which is an added bonus and the OH has said he gets more feel when using these than others. Well worth the buy and I'd recommend these to anyone who complains that regular ones don't fit.

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      The nice fit but not too tight. And the natural feel when used
      The tough wrapper on it, can take a minute to open
      En bref
      Well worth the buy and have bout 2 more packets of them
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    1. Who ever labels British condoms is an ass

      Avis : 24 octobre 2008 par Stefano, un Straight Going Steady Male

      XXL - my ass! These supposedly extra, extra large condoms are the biggest to carry the XXL title I have so far found - and yet still - I can not even get them on past the head! Why can British condoms not have that little extra room and length that is obviously required by more than a small number of people.

      In conclusion - cheap condoms, for a reason! (but not the worst.)

    2. Note globale :
      4 sur 10
      Biggest to carry the xxl title - and better quality than the others
      Does not fit
      En bref
      Wrongly labeled - should be large, not XXL
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