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    1. Double anneau pénien réglable par Helix

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      1. Double anneau pénien réglable par Helix

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    1. Description du produit

      Prolongez votre érection et intensifiez vos orgasmes avec cet anneau pénien double facile à utiliser et à retirer. Ajustez-les à la taille désirée, cliquez-les ensemble et vous êtes prêt à agir !

      Diamètre intérieur maximum du grand anneau : 5,75 cm

      Diamètre intérieur minimum du grand anneau : 3 cm

      Diamètre intérieur maximum du petit anneau : 4,5 cm

      Diamètre intérieur minimum du petit anneau : 2 cm

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      1. Double anneau pénien réglable par Helix
      2. Double anneau pénien réglable par Helix

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    1. Great one-time-adjustable ring!

      Avis : 25 août 2008 par Oliber

      This is a lovely ring for those of you who don't fit into the pre-prescribed sizes (that's... everyone?)

      These are cut to adjust and provide a really nice support when you've cut them down to size. I fell asleep while I was wearing mine, so they're comfortable too!

      The split shown in the ring is hardly noticeable if the ring is cut correctly, and the split provides the quick release in the form of a plug holding the rubber tube together.

      Very simple, very effective!

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      Effective, easy, quick!
      A little expensive
      En bref
      Exactly what I was after!
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    1. Complex simplicity

      Avis : 23 décembre 2011 par Rowan, un Straight Married Female

      My partner and I have had several cock rings and while I want to approve of this one I just can't.

      It can be made to fit different sizes but I advise against attempting this if sleep deprived as it is not a guaranteed success otherwise.

      I didn't actually like the feel of the material. It is in essence a glorified elastic band (like many cock rings).

      It just seems to have not suited my partner at all, and after a few attempts on different occasions we had to give up on it. Once it fits (if you can do it correctly) the use SHOULD be uncomplicated and easy to put on.

      If it's on deal this is probably worth trying. Full price and I'd give it a miss, spend the pennies on a nicer one that attracts less dust :)

    2. Note globale :
      4 sur 10
      The colour? The idea behind the product.
      The texture of material, its failure to give us any pleasure.
      En bref
      Efficient design, unpretentious, it looked promising but disappointed me in practice.
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