1. Cage de chasteté pour hommes par CB-3000

      Avis moyen des clients 4,5 sur 528 avis

      Note : nous ne vendons que les produits de chasteté CB authentiques provenant directement d'AL Enterprises aux États-Unis.

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      1. Cage de chasteté pour hommes par CB-3000

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    1. Description du produit

      Note : nous ne vendons que les produits de chasteté CB authentiques provenant directement d'AL Enterprises aux États-Unis.

      Vous recherchez un dispositif de chasteté que vous pouvez porter pendant une longue période sans inconfort ? Est-ce que vous êtes le dominant à la recherche d'une sécurité absolue et d'une conception inviolable ? Le CB-3000 vous offre la sécurité et le confort dans un ensemble unique.

      Cette cage de chasteté est plus grande que la très prisée CB-2000, vous offrant plus de confort avec votre dispositif de chasteté.

      La CB-3000 est conçue pour épouser les lignes naturelles du pénis et est parfaite à porter pendant de longues périodes. Que vous soyez déjà habitué aux jeux de chasteté et que vous recherchiez un appareil plus confortable à porter plus longtemps ou que vous débutiez, la CB-3000 est ce qu'il vous faut.

      Réalisée en polycarbonate très solide, cette ceinture de chasteté est résistante et conçue pour durer des années si vous en prenez soin.

      Chaque dispositif de chasteté CB-3000 pour hommes est fourni avec un cadenas en cuivre et 3 clés, plus 5 verrous de sécurité en plastique que vous pouvez utiliser si vous pensez qu'un retrait d'urgence peut être requis.

      La CB-3000 est composée de 2 parties :


      L'anneau est disponible en 5 tailles : 3,8 cm, 4,1 cm, 4,5 cm, 4,8 cm et 5,1 cm, qui sont toutes fournies avec le dispositif de chasteté. Cela vous permet de faire des essais et de trouver la taille qui vous convient le mieux.

      Les anneaux peuvent s'ouvrir grâce à un pivot à la base, ce qui vous permet de l'enfiler facilement. Chaque anneau possède deux trous pour des tiges de guidage et un trou en retrait pour le verrouillage. Des écarteurs sont fournis pour vous permettre d'ajuster le dispositif à votre taille. Ces écarteurs se placent par-dessus le trou de verrouillage, entre l'anneau et la cage.


      (longueur interne 7,5 cm - Diamètre interne 3,7 cm). La cage comporte deux tiges de guidage et un trou pour le verrouillage. L'anneau se place derrière les testicules et par-dessus le pénis.

      Installez la tige de verrouillage et les écarteurs, placez la cage au-dessus du pénis, puis alignez la cage avec l'anneau.

      Glissez les tiges de guidage et la tige de verrouillage en place et attachez un verrou au sommet de la tige de verrouillage. Une fois que vous avez trouvé la taille qu'il vous faut exactement, coupez l'extrémité des tiges de guidage avec une paire de pinces coupantes et lissez le bord avec une lime à ongle pour un port entièrement personnalisé.

      Chaque ensemble comprend :

      Cinq verrous numérotés individuellement

      Un cadenas en cuivre avec 3 clés

      Trois tiges de verrouillages de différentes tailles

      Cinq écarteurs de différentes tailles.

    1. Sensation

      • Contient du latex: Non
      • Matière: Plastique
    2. Infos essentielles

      • Fermeture: Serrure avec clé
    3. Dimensions

      • Longueur: 3 pouces

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      Cage de chasteté pour hommes par CB-3000 28 4,5 sur 5 4,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Cage de chasteté pour hommes par CB-3000
      2. Cage de chasteté pour hommes par CB-3000

        Notre prix
        139,95 €

    1. Best Chastity Devices Around

      Avis : 30 mai 2019 par Faptrap, un Straight Single Male

      I'm a straight guy who has been experimenting with self lock-up over the past few months. I have tried a few other, cheaper cages, and they worked alright but they always had downsides such as pinching or improper size. The CB-3000 has none of those issues.

      I have a normal package, around 3.25 inches flaccid and around 7 inches erect. The CB-3000 is the perfect fit for that cock size. It comes packed with 5 rings to experiment with as well as 3 spacers and other accessories. Also there are detailed instructions and pictures included in the package to help with assembling.

      After lubing up and picking the right ring and a hell of a lot of focus, I got my penis into the cage and secured the lock. All the parts of the ring snap together well - this thing is secure!

      As of writing this, I've been wearing for about 2 hours and it's the most comfortable cage I've worn yet. I can get erections without putting strain on my balls, but it's snug enough to stay in place and not slip out when flaccid. I've yet to find a comfortable enough cage to sleep in, but this one may be it!

      A side note, the clear model is fun if you enjoy watching your cock suffer in its confinement. All in all, this cage is worth the money. I wish I hadn't cheapened out a few times before buying a CB-X device!

      Lovehoney was a wonderful store to deal with, shipped discreetly and fast! Will be my go-to for toys and whatnot from now on!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Comfortable, secure and worth the price!
      En bref
      CB-X has the best chastity cages!
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    1. Wow - drives you crazy

      Avis : 21 mars 2019 par Jury91, un Straight Going Steady Male

      My wife and I bought this product three weeks ago and I have been locked up ever since!

      After much research of which chastity cage to buy and which size et cetera, we decided on the CB-3000 as I have an average-sized penis when flaccid. When the product arrived (discreet as always) my wife couldn't wait to get it out and fit me in it. Lube is definitely needed here guys, and you need to focus on something else as it's very easy to get hard and then it's not going in at all!

      After some gentle persuasion, my cock slid in the main cage with no problems at all and my helmet sits nicely filling the bulbous end with the hole directly on my tip, making it easy to urinate (or drip with cum). This is a great product as it comes with numerous sizes in rings, spacers and bars, so you will need to play around to find yourself a snug fit.

      Once on my wife loves the power she has over me. I've been locked for three weeks now and am forced to pleasure her however she sees fit. She then teases me by stroking and licking the cage, which leaves me with a feeling of pure constriction as the cage fights my erection!

      The only pleasure I receive now and again is anal play, but who knows when I’ll be let out to orgasm properly! If any woman is looking to have complete control over their man then this is for you!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Find the right fit easily and the constriction feels amazing.
      En bref
      A must-buy for any relationship!
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    1. Does the job nicely

      Avis : 12 février 2018 par stigg21, un Bisexual Single Male

      I recently bought this cage for myself after trying a few cheaper alternatives. I originally requested the longer CB Curve cage but was allowed to switch to this after the original was out of stock. This was the best decision made by far as this fits just right!

      The plastic locks provided work great for anyone experiencing long-distance lock up situations.

      I needed to purchase a larger ring direct from the manufacturer, so the only suggestion I have is for Lovehoney to supply these separately also.

      Definitely a place to go for your frustrating needs.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Comfort. Plenty of options. Easy to clean.
      Nothing, has all been great.
      En bref
      The place to go for your denial and frustration needs.
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    1. Solid, confortable chastity cage.

      Avis : 11 janvier 2018 par DavePlankton

      Bought this a while back but have really only recently got round to using it frequently.

      The kit arrives in a black, vinyl case and includes a number of different sized rings and spacers to ensure the right fit. Snug but not constricting is what you're aiming for on that front.

      It's a solid construction that won't fall apart with use. It traps the balls between the ring and the cage for the shaft, so there's no getting out once it's locked.

      The hole at the front allows you to urinate and the holes at the side mean you can clean your cock in the shower or bath if you're wearing the cage for more than a day or two.

      Putting it on takes a little practice. Definitely easier if you shave your pubes and use lube, otherwise it could be quite painful.

      The lock is quite substantial and not something you can open with a paper-clip or a hair grip, so be careful not to lose the keys!

      I find that the cage stimulates my glans while I'm wearing it, which makes me constantly horny and unable to do anything about it - my wife takes the key with her when she goes to work knowing I'll do anything she wants to get the cage removed when she gets back.

      Another unexpected benefit is that it makes my cock shrink and look quite tiny, so when my wife is 'entertaining' another man in my presence, she will often make me wear it so my cock looks even smaller compared with the one she's enjoying. Kinky yes, but I get a kick out of her telling me how much bigger his cock is than mine, and that's why she's f*cking it in the first place.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Secure, solid, easy to clean.
      Nothing. It's exactly what we wanted.
      En bref
      A great toy if chastity and teasing is your thing.
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    1. The perfect beginner's cage

      Avis : 12 décembre 2017 par Neatntrim, un Bisexual Married Male

      If you're ready this review then you are probably trying to decide about the CB-6000, CB-6000S, or the CB-3000.

      I have been there. The more you read the more confused you become. If it is too small, will hurt my little guy. If it too big it can hurt your little guy and not only that your piss will go everywhere. So what do you decide?

      I have an average-size penis when flaccid. When trying to measure for fitting I came up with 3.8"-4.0" across the top of the penis to the tip. If I measure underneath I get closer to 3", but then you are supposed to take 1/2" off for sizing. Who knows what to choose?

      I spent weeks reading as much as I could. Eventually I decided on the CB-3000 and it is perfect.

      It is easy to put on after the first few times (after you get over having a hard on every time you try and put it on). I would strongly use silicone lube as this really helps. Definitely shave or epilate your pubes or you will get terrible pinching.

      The multiple base rings are very helpful. I started with the largest and after a day of wearing the largest ring only I dropped to the next size down. I have tried the middle ring, but I tend to turn a little purple, so at this stage I will stay on the second largest. The spacers are also helpful, and I am currently on the second size after starting on the largest.

      Take your time and get used to it before showing your significant other. It is very comfortable and no one can tell you are wearing it. I have had it on at work and no one would know. Be aware that overnight you will wake several times with your nocturnal erections. Your penis will try and pull it over your balls. Yes it can be a little painful (annoying), but it is also a great feeling have it try and contain your erection.

      My circumcised penis almost sits right to the end of the cage. This is great for pissing and I can pretty much stand up if I want to. Not once have I felt my penis being to restricted.

      As with anything new there is a getting used to stage. If you can't decide on and you think you are average-plus. (My penis comfortably hangs past my balls when flaccid - must be all the Bathmate sessions.) Then I think this is perfect for you. Don't go cheap Chinese copies around your manhood. Buy the real thing! Who knows eventually you may upgrade to a made to order steel cage. Meanwhile you won't be disappointed.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Great to wear. Quality.
      Could escape if you were really keen.
      En bref
      Won't disappoint.
    3. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes