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    1. Gode épais graduel

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      1. Gode épais graduel

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    1. Description du produit

      Attention, voilà un plug impressionnant ! Avec sa circonférence de 30 cm, ce gros gode effet tonneau est l'un de nos plus grands plugs anaux. Il a seulement besoin qu’on l’accueille. Pourquoi pas vous ?

      Attention : Le gode graduel est vraiment très gros. Vraiment. Alors ne soyez pas surpris si la vue de ce compagnon bien portant vous fasse couler une larme, et vous fasse esquisser un sourire.

      En raison du poids de ce produit, il n'est livrable qu'au Royaume Uni.

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      1. Gode épais graduel
      2. Gode épais graduel

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    1. Butt plugs can get a bit addictive

      Avis : 6 septembre 2013 par Quiet ones are worse!, un Straight Married Male

      I chose this instead of the TitanMen Large Ass Servant. It's big but if you are reading this you will already be used to large plugs.

      It does take some time to work in but then it's not too hard to slide up and down. I use a mirror to see what it looks like. I have not been able to sit down fully yet but I'm nearly there and it does leave you open for a few hours. I had never thought I would be able to get this far (I'm quite slim). It starts to get a challenge to see how far you can go. Now up to 4 inches!

      It's soft an squishy so you can squeeze it through gaps harder ones will not go through. I stick it on the edge of the bath then bob on it. You go from nothing to very wide in no time, then even wider. It leaves my bum a but sore but it's worth it.

      If you like Two Shots etc then try this one. I've now got all the barrel series, enjoy.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Size, squishiness, that fact it's short,
      It's a lot to fit inside, maybe shorter to the neck.
      En bref
      If you like large you just have to try it don't you.
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    1. The big plug with a beer gut

      Avis : 20 juin 2011 par HotWings, un Straight Going Steady Male

      I've had this plug for a few years now. I haven't got round to writing a review before now because it's only in the last year or so that my bum has managed to become properly acquainted with this monster. But now it has, so it's only fair that it gets a proper review!

      First up - It's a biggun:

      This is a toy not designed for anal newbies. Until you hold this weighty plug in your hands you may underestimate its size, as I did at first. Don't even consider this plug unless you already have some rather chunky toys in your cupboard that you can comfortably accommodate.

      I got out the tape measure to check out the specs:

      The "head" of the Fat Man is 10.25" in circumference - slightly larger even than the widest bit in the middle of the normal Man In A Barrel.

      The fat barrel part of the Fat Man is a full 12" in circumference, and it swells to about 12.5" as soon as you put a bit of weight on it (as you'll need to...).

      So, I'd suggest you hold off buying this toy unless you can comfortably take something like the (10") normal Man In A Barrel plug, or the (11") Two Shots In The Dark. That is unless you just want to stare at it to spur you on, or are short of a doorstop maybe.

      The insertable length of the toy, from the tip to the middle of the thin neck at the base is 5.5". This is not a long toy, in fact, it is slightly shorter than the normal Man In A Barrel. If you can get anywhere near the girth, I'm sure the length will be the least of your worries.

      Right, now the warning is out of the way, time to discuss the toy itself!

      Construction and appearance:

      This is very similar to most toys from TSX - a rubbery sort of jelly material that is rather soft. The surface is smooth, with a kind of tacky feel to it. (So thoroughly lube it up! You know that already right?) No filled casings here, which is a definite plus. The material is durable, and doesn't seem to be affected by any of the lubes I have used, including silicone ones.

      The softness of the material makes it a bit squishy. As mentioned, when you put some weight on it to bare down on it, it does get a bit fatter. And the very round head makes it a bit trickier to aim than most tapered butt plugs. Expect to have to carefully hold it in place as you put weight on it. Especially when lubed up (as it very well should be), it has a tendency to jump out of the way at first.

      When I first got it out of the packet, the head was quite pink, and the toy smelt like a kind of fruity rubber. Not unpleasant, but quite noticeable. Both of these features have faded over the years. The head is the same colour as the body and the smell is much less noticeable now.

      Prep and stuff:

      For a session on the Fat Man, you probably need to warm up first on a smaller toy, or series of smaller toys, to get things loosened up.

      You'll also need to arm yourself with a good lube, as mentioned. Anything this size will need some careful coaxing into place, and the more lube the better.

      I would suggest evenly coating the dry toy in a silicone lube, then smear a thick water-based lube like Lubrifist on top. This dual layer approach seems to work nicely to ensure everything stays nice and slippy for a long time. I have found that the thicker the lube, the better it is at staying in place.

      How it feels:

      Once you pop over the first head, you can have a little breather, but if you relax at all it will jump straight out. Unlike the smaller Man In A Barrel, the neck here is not indented enough to get much purchase on.

      However, you can sit on the head happily, bouncing on the wider bit for some time to work up to the full thickness. It took me many goes at this before the final gasp as I felt it slide in that inch further, meaning I had stretched to the full 12".

      The feeling is quite special. It really is a milestone to know that you've managed to get something that fat in place. Once you are over that initial shock, though, it's time to slide down and take the rest of it. When your bum closes around the neck at the bottom, it is amazing.

      The feeling of utter fullness, and the pressure around the prostrate and other sensitive areas down there is intense.

      Even though now I can take the Fat Man with relative ease compared to the first few goes, holding the plug in for some time is still tricky. A minute or two is usually about the limit and then the pressure forces it out. Usually, this is accompanied by quite a strong physical reaction, and I can't help but cum all over the place. Sorry for the graphicness, but it really is amazing!

      Afterwards, my ass is ruined for a few hours. Tightness returns to normal overnight, though, I'm glad to say.


      So, this plug is a fat boy and not for the faint of heart. It's suitable only for those who are hell bent on stretching out and after the most intense feelings.

      For those of us that fit in that group, though, this is a remarkable toy. It's perfectly designed, if you ask me, and it certainly gets the reaction I crave.

      It's not used as regularly as some of my other 'smaller' toys, but when I do get it in, it is special, and the ultimate pleasure ride.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Sheer girth, sturdy construction, not too long.
      Bit hard to cram in as it squashes a bit when sitting on it.
      En bref
      The ultimate Man In A Barrel plug for those who can handle it.
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    1. Sorry we were unable to deliver..........!!!!!!!

      Avis : 10 septembre 2006 par tallboy247, un Bisexual Married Male

      You don't say, if they had been able to slip this monster through the letterbox I would have been asking for my money back... ha ha.

      I had ordered Fat Man in a Barrel after working myself into a right old state with Three Bangs. Over a period of time I, a practised anal practitioner of some standing, had managed to accomodate all but the outer lip of the third head in my capacious arse.

      Frustrating to be sure and no mistake, but it did arouse amongst other things, my desire for a full arse experience where l would be able to fully accomodate a monster of 12" circumference..... I was ready and willing.

      The failed delivery slip on the carpet when I arrived home entailed a trip down to the sorting office in E18, thoughts ran through my head as l drove down there... would the packaging have come undone... would there be a crowd of postal workers curious to see what an arse looked like that could take this honey.

      I need not have feared Lovehoney's packaging had stood the test of the postal service handling ordeal, and l placed both Fat man and Three Bangs in my boot, no not that, I mean the boot of my car.....!!

      It was all I could think about all day, was the free sachet of anal lubricant upto the task, was it enough!! Finally l arrived home........ cock already half erect, approaching maximum tumescence even before I stepped through the door.

      Swiftly disrobing and lubing up in the relevant area, I unpacked Three Bangs. and Fat Man. .... love the smell... quite unique, keep them in bedside cabinet, and very evocative is the smell as it drifts through the room all hours... no chance of my forgetting it is there.

      I had bought a new Three Bangs as my current one had started to split at the necks, not that l would have minded two heads breaking off inside me, but l might not have got any work done.

      Then I lubed up Fat Man and my arse, poking a finger or two up to prepare the way. Reaching for an incredibly sexy Ninn Workz DP DVD I switched on the player and bore down on Three Bangs.

      I soon accomodated the monster, the smallest head opening my cave for the rest to follow, but again stopped short of total insertion - this was why I had bought Fat Man !!! this time the answer was at hand.

      Removing Three Bangs I again lubed up Fat Man and placed the head at the mouth of my aperture. The scene on the screen in front of me was horny as hell, a tip tilted sex goddess was being buggered by her male partner with the female third party driving a monstrous dildo deep inside her.

      Certain parallels there then immediately obvious!!! The Fat Man slipped incrementally but relentlessly into my arse as I bore down on it. A degree of rigidity, but not too much enabled the awesome digit to part me until finally the remorseless monolith stretched me fully tight, a unique sexual experience for me and slipped home. I sat on the base plate as I enjoyed the exquisite sensation of fullness I had been unable to achieve with Three Bangs.

      I came an incredible amount, the spurt arched through the air onto the screen several feet to my front. So great a feeling l enjoyed that I left it there for some time, finally extracting the plug I washed up and am looking forward immensely to my next encounter..... tomorrow.

      The body length of this gadget is perfect for me, and I will unhesitatingly award it maximum points. Yes it can only be taken by experienced practitioners, but I well remember the first time l penetrated myself with something relatively small and the agonising experience that it was, but no pain no gain as they say, and there is hope for us all folks just keep at it.

      Great product Lovehoney.... keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The short length cf Three Bangs, means l can totally accomodate this plug.
      Several body lengths would be fun, it would allow for fuller and fuller sensations l think.
      En bref
      Words fail me, the most awesome experience in that zone for me ever.
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