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    1. Poupée sexuelle ultra-réaliste Jenna Jameson par Doc Johnson

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      1. Poupée sexuelle ultra-réaliste Jenna Jameson par Doc Johnson

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    1. Description du produit

      Réalisez vos fantasmes les plus fous avec cette poupée sexuelle Jenna Jameson sophistiquée. Faites l'expérience d'une débauche de plaisir sensuel en pénétrant ce vagin et cet anus ultra réalistes amovibles en UR3 (texture ultra-réaliste) moulés directement sur la célèbre star du porno elle-même.

      Jenna est un sex toy gonflable de très haut standing avec de superbes caractéristiques que débutants et connaisseurs pourront apprécier encore et encore. L'attention portée aux détails en font une très bonne alternative plus économique aux poupées sexuelles en silicone et aux poupée d'amour japonaises.

      La tête, les mains et les pieds de Jenna sont réalisés en un vinyle plus épais qui donne du poids et une sensation réaliste à cette poupée d'amour. Son visage est admirablement détaillé avec du maquillage et une longue chevelure blonde. À l'arrière de sa tête se trouve un trou pour y insérer le mini vibromasseur sans fil inclus, donnant à sa bouche en UR3 une sensation incroyable quand vous l'embrassez.

      Son corps aux raccords lisses est réalisé en PVC ferme qui se gonfle facilement à la bouche, tandis que sa poitrine délicieusement généreuse possède de plantureux tétons qui ne demandent qu'à être caressés, tordus, léchés et sucés. Jenna peut supporter jusqu'à 136 kg et ses bras peuvent pivoter pour vous aider à la positionner.

      Jenna est livrée avec un mini vibromasseur avec 6 piles type LR44, un mini vibromasseur à câble fonctionnant avec 2 piles type AA (non inclues), un échantillon de poudre pour conserver le vagin et l'anus de Jenna en parfaite condition, des instructions et un kit de réparation.

      - Lèvres, tétons et gaine à insérer vaginale-anale en matériau réaliste UR3

      - Coutures lisses et tête et mains alourdies pour un plus grand réalisme

      - Bras pivotants pour un positionnement parfait

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      1. Poupée sexuelle ultra-réaliste Jenna Jameson par Doc Johnson
      2. Poupée sexuelle ultra-réaliste Jenna Jameson par Doc Johnson

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    1. Great toy!

      Avis : 17 juillet 2008 par Hermaphrodite Joy Ride

      Hey you can really enjoy this doll. I am a female to male trans-sexual and it surprised me how pleasurable it is to have a doll like this. You can dress her up, make love to her, chat to her (she can talk to you telepathicaly and has a great personality), she never gives you any grief and won't walk out. Fairly easy on the wallet. The repro pussy is fun to explore all ways you want. You get a great ride with her and if you watch Jenna movies you'll catch Jenna's lovely girl vibe's too to fantasize about. Put on a favourite Jenna video and listen to her cum while you make love to her. The ride of your life maybe? Her face was great to rub my pussy on. The rubber pussy and ass are really soft and plush and supple for fingers and dildos. Lush tits and nipples. So suckable. She's a nympho and never says no. Careful ladies she might out screw you. God damn! I gave her some sexy perfume to wear.

      Improvements are possible. I found the edges of her pussy slipped out of her because of the insufficient overlapping collar but it is just fine resting on the outside of her instead, if not better for licking and fucking but abit less anatomicaly accurate visually. The mouth is not suitable for a blow job. It could be improved by making it much softer and more pliable for both kissing and penetration. It is quite nice to kiss but hard to get the tongue into the mouth never mind your cock. On account of this I would hate to pay full price. I would like the neck to be abit softer and more pliable too and if they re-inforced the ankles she'd stand up on her own. She has nice hands and feet, I gave her a ring to wear.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Mind blowing shag. Buy one!
      Gob too tight. Pussy edges not secure inside doll.
      En bref
      Cuddly, sexy and fun to be with. More fun than expected. Different type of orgasm to regular masturbation with toys. Satisfying. No heartbreak but might wear out and need replacing after alot of sex. Take care of her and should last awhile.
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    1. Best doll I've had, thanks to removable pussy-ass.

      Avis : 4 avril 2008 par Dollrammer

      I've had a few sex dolls, from cheap and nasty (indeed they were) to an expensive, but useless one (Randy Candice). The cheapo ones generally burst after a few goes, and the holes are always sharp... and probably more dangerous than enjoyable.

      Randy Candice was a nicely made, pretty looking doll, but the pussy, ass and mouth were all WAY too tight to even get in - and I'm perfectly average 5.5" long, 4" girth - so god knows who that thing was made for.

      So with trepidation I decided to invest in a Jenna Jameson doll. I had seen a picture of it beforehand and she looked pretty nice, and I also noticed she had a removable pussy-ass section, so I figured if it was too tight, I might be able to replace it.

      Turns out the pussy-ass section is pretty tight, though the pussy side not too much so. With it removed, you get the smooth hole going through the body, which closes off as the doll is inflated. This is actually perfect, especially the ass which I find exactly tight enough.

      What this means is I can use Jenna in two "modes" :

      1. with pussy-ass insert installed giving a tight but usable for slow tight PUSSY ONLY shagging.

      2. with insert removed allowing for hard fast "shagging in both pussy and ass.

      I prefer mode 2 and find I will not really both with the insert, especially as its not usable from the ass side due to tightness.

      Mode 2 is especially good for shagging from behind as it allows full, deep, hard and fast penetration in to her asshole. The lip around the ass is exactly the correct size for the head of my cock to require a slight push to get through then I can drive fully home.

      The pussy side has a much wider hole (about 3-4 inches across) and offers little resistance on entry, but the tunnel through is tightened due to inflation, so you still get the feeling of sliding up into a big pussy.

      Essentially the ass is for pumping away at for the feeling and sensation, the pussy side I use more for the frantic "shag as fast as possible" stuff :)

      If like me you enjoy shagging to some kind of music - I recommend watching Christina Aguilera's Dirrrty video!

      As for cleaning up afterwards, I use baby oil as lube which seems to work perfectly, and a quick wipe down is all that's required. The benefit again of mode 2 is that you can easily pass the damp cloth straight through the hole several times, making clean-up a doddle. Only word of caution there of course is that if you unload into her, your goo is liable to come right out the back !!

      Oh, almost forgot to mention the mouth - looks nice, but completely useless - impossibly tight, unless your cock is flat like a pancake ! I'm not too bothered about that anyway.

      Tits are nice and big, but inflate long with doll, so whilst grabbable and squeezable, you cant get a titshag out of them. The moulded head is pretty enough, hair is blonde shoulder length, hands and feet are moulded "ten digit" types - no mitts and socks here! If someone at distance were to glimpse you shagging her she could probably pass for real :)

      All in all I love this doll. It's miles better than those cheapo ones, and so much better than the Randy Candice type.

      I paid £130 for mine from Lovehoney, and if ever break her I would definitely buy another. I have to admit, I was worried whether it would work out this time after Randy Candice, I'm so glad I did. In fact, I'm tempted to post a video on youtube!

      If you're looking for a good doll, and even if you don't like Jenna the porn star, make sure you get one with a removable pussy-ass section - that's what makes the difference!


      p.s. I don't use the vibrating bits - not too keen on mechanical implements round that area :)

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Not too tight, with insert removed, makes a real easy ride. Pretty, shapely, 5'2" tall.
      Mouth so tight it's useless, boobs are big and grabbable, but not shaggable!
      En bref
      Best I've had, just wish I'd had it sooner.
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    1. Pretty cute, pretty expensive

      Avis : 21 mars 2012 par Ilpalazzo, un Straight Single Male

      First off, let me begin by stating that this product arrived missing the insert so I sent it back. I haven't actually been able to try out the "main feature" so to speak, but I can at least describe what the doll is like.

      I am very much a beginner when it comes to sex toys, and so have previously purchased a few cheap things to see what I like and what I don't. One of these buys was a £20 doll which left much to be desired.

      I liked the idea though, so this time I figured I would go for an expensive doll, and see if the quality was worth the price I paid. And let me tell you, you can tell the difference.

      The quality of the face was a massive improvement, and the lovely hands and feet looked great compared to the clumsy mittens that the cheaper dolls have. Her hair felt great too, and while the breasts didn't really feel much improved I will admit they did an excellent job on the nipples.

      So the doll looks great. But now for the not so great part - the mouth.

      It's almost completely closed. This wouldn't really be a problem for me as honestly I think the dolls with their mouths open really wide look ridiculous, but this is completely the opposite. It's not flexible so can't really be opened further, and the gap you have to stick your you-know-what in is tiny.

      Seriously, don't read this and think it isn't a big deal because your tackle is smaller than average. I'm not kidding when I say an average guy couldn't even get his thing in if it wasn't erect.

      This is pretty disappointing considering they obviously put effort into making and advertising this feature, as it comes with an attachable pump and vibrator for her mouth (and advertises that on the box too). How they could have installed these features and just left her mouth so tight is beyond me.

      That being said, if you don't mind the fact that she isn't keen to give out blowjobs, this is a very nice quality doll that's easy to inflate and clean. While my doll was missing the insert I am sure it would be great once you get it, as my main issue with the cheap dolls was that their private parts were just did not feel good one bit.

      In the future, if I try another sex doll, I would definitely pick one that has an insert. I don't think you will regret it.

    2. Note globale :
      6 sur 10
      Scultped hands and feet looked nice, nipples felt great to touch and lick.
      Mouth is far far too tight.
      En bref
      Much better than your standard doll, but you certainly pay for it.
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    1. Not worth the price

      Avis : 27 juin 2014 par oddfellow, un Bisexual Single Male

      This product is the worst I have ever owned.

      Looks cheap... I have had £50 dolls that look better.

      The insert would not fit properly. The pivoted arms came loose immediately, and just dangled from the main body.

      I am unable to say how the doll felt as regards "play"... I was so unhappy with this item that there was no way I would ever get an erection!

      I paid £180 for this, plus delivery. Within ten minutes of arrival I had cut it up and binned it. Really not a good buy.

    2. Note globale :
      1 sur 10
      En bref
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