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    1. Ventouses pour tétons Knopler par Cock Locker

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      1. Ventouses pour tétons Knopler par Cock Locker

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    1. Description du produit

      Ces suceurs de tétons en caoutchouc gélatineux constituent une alternative plus sensuelle aux pinces à tétons. Pincez-les pour créer une petite aspiration, puis pressez-les contre la peau pour obtenir une petite succion qui aspire vos tétons, les rendant durs et augmentant leur sensibilité pendant et après que vous les portez.

      Une paire de suceurs de tétons facile à utiliser qui pince doucement vos tétons pour augmenter la sensation physique. Sans danger et idéal pour les pratiquant de bondage débutants.

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    Offrez-vous des pompes à tétons de qualité et consultez nos guides d'achat dédiés pour en savoir davantage sur les pratiques de bondage.

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      1. Ventouses pour tétons Knopler par Cock Locker
      2. Ventouses pour tétons Knopler par Cock Locker

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    1. My nipples are in heaven

      Avis : 10 janvier 2013 par PrinceGabriel, un Bisexual Going Steady Male

      These are utterly amazing, I am in utter heaven.

      You can have the dull ache of just wearing them, but then you can pull, you can twist. All causing all manners of pain. (It's fun to explore!)

      Not to mention that when you take them off your nipples are so big and sensitive ready for more nipple play!

      It's such a good sensation I am having trouble taking them off I just want to wear them all day!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Really effective and low cost too.
      En bref
      Your nipples need these!
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    1. 5 star

      Avis : 22 décembre 2011 par sexy cook, un Gay Going Steady Male

      Look for this cup. I bought it not expecting much but when I got it today - OMG it was fab. Afterwards your nipples feel BIG.

      This is the cup. I want to tell everyone: if you want your nipples big use this.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Nice, feels good.
      En bref
      5 star.
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    1. My nipples just have to have these every day!

      Avis : 9 septembre 2009 par dooody69, un Straight Married Male

      These are simply awesome for me. My nipples almost beg me to use them every day. They love the deep, deep sensation.

      They are robust and give a very deep suction, which is mild and pleasant when first applied. As your nipple is gently sucked it starts to throb a little, which is a very nice sensation. Pull or tap the ends gently and more sensations course through the nipple and in my case, start diving down to my genitals. Wonderful!

      For me the real deal starts when you start to twist them on the nipple, especially after wearing them for 10-15 minutes. The sensual pain they produce is simply mind-blowing. Too much? Then go more gently. I still have not twisted to release yet, (it produces a high level of pain) but I really want to take myself that far as soon as possible.

      The key to get the best sensations and tightest connection to the nipple is to make sure the area around the nipples is free of hair. Then I find that your own spit is the best lubricant. Plenty around and over the nipple, then lick the rubber hole. Now, with fingers from both hands, squeeze the hard end as hard as you can to collapse it. You will notice that the hole end, although distorted, actually opens like tight lips. Push these lips over the nipple and press in gently, before slowly releasing the other end. Let the pleasure begin!

      I now keep mine on for up to an hour at a time. Flicking, pulling and of course twisting, for the the most amazing additional self-pleasuring sensations ever.

      When they are taken off (pull steadily) my nipples are enormous. Easily as big as any woman's! They are highly sensitized and wonderful to touch and stroke, or even squeeze. I love the feel of a T-shirt rubbing on them for some while after a session, and I have got a few sideways glances on occasion. I am now so proud of my bigger and harder nipples!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Really effective and low cost pleasure. Will last for years.
      Nothing at all.
      En bref
      Simply the best self-pleasure thing I have ever had.
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    1. Fantastic nipple pain!

      Avis : 18 août 2010 par Cheapthrills, un Gay Single Male

      I have had these for really quite some time now, as they came with one of my early orders from Lovehoney - Which of course means I got the legendary Lovehoney delivery, perfect as ever.

      These are not a toy I’d use every day, but I tend to go through spells where I’ll use them a lot for a while, then they’ll re-enter the drawer to come out again some weeks or months later.

      I understand I’m somewhat unusual in my ability, as a man to take quite so much enjoyment from nipple play; I am able, if stimulated sufficiently on my nipples to orgasm without my genitals being touched. Asides these nipple suction cups I have two different sets of nipple clamps but thought I would give these a try in addition to my nipple clamps. I enjoy both sensual sensations on my nipples, and also quite enjoy fairly severe/extreme pain of a BDSM nature.

      I can agree with and confirm many of the other reviews of this item:


      Hair round the nipples can get in the way of a firm attachment (but easy enough to remove that hair which lets face it isn’t very ascetically pleasing there anyhow).

      I find licking the end works best to establish a good solid attachment; I have tried using lube but found it didn’t work as well.

      They’re quite large, not what I’d call ‘pretty’ to look at, perhaps a bit comedic in appearance really.

      In use they’re simplicity itself to use, as others have described; lick the open ends well, then squeeze the ‘body [‘of the cups hard, and put the opening over the nipple, pushing firmly onto the nipple/breast. On releasing your fingers from squeezing the body of the cups, they firmly suck the nipples and some of the surrounding skin area (areola) into the cups.

      I’ve found it difficult to attach them unless you do it with a lot of pressure to get a very strong suction; this suits me perfectly as I very much enjoy pain on my nipples a lot; might be a bit much for some people not so much into the whole BDSM pain thing.

      Once in position I can leave them in place for as long as I like; the initial pain on attaching is quite acute, this then reduces whilst ‘wearing’ them to more of a ‘throbbing’ consistent pain (which is absolutely fantastic!).

      Whilst attached you can twist, turn, pull the cups to increase and alter the severity and nature of the pain/sensations. One thing I particularly enjoy is, after having had them in position for a long while, twisting them, and then twisting and pulling them to produce a wonderful feeling as they twist/pull off the nipples.

      After a long period of wearing them I find my nipples sensitivity has increased and my nipples are very large. With regular use every day over a period of a week or more I find that even between uses my nipples are noticeably larger and more sensitive.

      The only drawback I find, is that, as a man and because my nipples are not very large to begin with, these tend to not only suck on the nipple, but also the areola and so the enlargement of the nipples extends to enlarging and deforming the shape of the areola. I guess a smaller version of the same would be better suited to just affecting the nipples on their own; the result with these can look quite strange as the areola as well as the nipple tends to become enlarged after wearing them for a long while. Having said which, the sensations then, on touching squeezing and pinching the nipples is fantastic, and really its all about the feelings and sensations with these little cups.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Very intense pain/sensations.
      A little bit too large.
      En bref
      Gives fantastic sensations and pain to those who enjoy nipple play.
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    1. Definitely on the S&M side

      Avis : 20 août 2007 par rubjunkie, un Straight Married Male

      I discovered that I had sensitive nipples a few years ago and I thought I'd give these a whirl. They're larger than I had anticipated - I should read the dimensions I guess - the hole is roughly the size of a pound coin. And there is no way that they could be described as discrete.

      Some sort of lube is necessary as when you squeeze them it deforms the opening and it needs to slide over your skin to regain it's shape. I had hoped the knobs on top would allow you to rub your fingernail over the top to cause some extra sensation but these are simply too big and heavy for that.

      You can use them lightly to get a subtle effect but these really beg you to be extreme and they need no persuasion to make you catch your breath. If you like your nipple play rough, these will be just perfect. I'm happy to keep them in my toy collection but I wouldn't use them every time I fancy some nipple play. The instructions recommend a non-water based lube. I've only tried them with a water based one and (thankfully) they fall off with this after a little while leaving your nipples very sensitive :-)

    2. Note globale :
      7 sur 10
      Just the right amount of pain with a rubber/S&M vibe
      Don't stay on your nipples. I would prefer something more delicate.
      En bref
      Great for light S&M
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