1. Masturbateur homme Pleasure Air Smart Silence Arcwave Ion

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      L’Arcwave Ion fait son entrée sur la scène du plaisir pénien, et avec lui, c’est une toute nouvelle génération de masturbateurs masculins qui s’affirme.

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      1. Masturbateur homme Pleasure Air Smart Silence Arcwave Ion

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    1. Description du produit

      L’Arcwave Ion fait son entrée sur la scène du plaisir pénien, et avec lui, c’est une toute nouvelle génération de masturbateurs masculins qui s’affirme. Équipé de la fameuse technologie Pleasure Air brevetée par la marque Womanizer, ce manchon de masturbation moderne cible le frein du prépuce et ses terminaisons nerveuses hyper sensibles. Une satisfaction charnelle inégalée est dorénavant à votre portée.

      L’Arcwave Ion, créé suite à une étude sur le frenulum qui a révélé que ses récepteurs sensuels sont tout aussi sensibles que ceux du clitoris, a recours à des ondes pulsées pour offrir une stimulation sexuelle sans contact. Explorez ses 8 niveaux de puissance différents pour découvrir celui qui vous fait le plus basculer vers l’orgasme !

      Mais ce n’est pas tout ! Pour vous garantir un plaisir au sommet, l’Arcwave Ion a plusieurs technologies à son actif.

      Entièrement étanche et rechargeable USB, l’Ion se démonte en deux pièces séparées pour faciliter son nettoyage. Après quoi, il est prêt à être rangé dans un boîtier tout aussi élégant que discret.

      Ce sex toy ingénieux est idéal à la fois pour sublimer vos séances solo et pour mettre du piment dans vos préliminaires en couple.

      Pour profiter pleinement de votre Arcwave Ion, pensez à le recouvrir de lubrifiant à base d'eau avant usage.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Masturbateur pour homme high-tech équipé de la technologie Pleasure Air pour stimuler le frein du prépuce comme jamais
      • 8 niveaux de puissance pour cibler ces terminaisons nerveuses impossibles à stimuler avec d’autres sex toys
      • Fonction Smart Silence désactivant automatiquement le sex toy lorsqu’il n’est plus en contact avec la peau
      • Silicone Clean Tech et tige Dry Tech pour vous aider à maintenir votre sex toy en parfaite condition
      • Se range et se charge dans son boîtier élégant et discret, équipé de LEDs pour indiquer son niveau de charge

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    1. Dimensions

      • Circonférence: 10 pouces
      • Longueur insérable: 3.5 pouces
      • Longueur: 6 pouces
    2. Performance et vitesse

      • Durée: 65 minutes
      • Actionnement: Rechargeable
    3. Sensation

      • Flexibilité: Flexible
      • Matière: Silicone
    4. Infos essentielles

      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Allergènes: Sans latex
      • Allergènes: Sans phtalates

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      1. Masturbateur homme Pleasure Air Smart Silence Arcwave Ion
      2. Masturbateur homme Pleasure Air Smart Silence Arcwave Ion

        Notre prix
        189,95 €

    1. Very Very Good

      Avis : 14 janvier 2021 par blueyezz1969, un Gay Single Male

      Buying this expensive and relatively untested (as in, a new technology for male sex toys) was not without risk. I was circumcised as a young adult due to phimosis and I was worried that the required nerves were either lost to the surgeon's knife or there has been a progressive loss of sensitivity over the 25 years since the procedure. As it turned out, I had no need to worry. Does it give me a female orgasm? I've no way of knowing, but in terms of a unique and mind-blowing experience, it delivers in spades.

      I’ve never really taken to strokers but I use "guybrators" like the Hot Octopus Pulse and the Fun Factory Cobre Libre. The Arcwave is closer to the guybrator family of toys, but it doesn’t vibrate, it sort of taps and rumbles, gently, which sounds pretty meh. But it's not, it works really well and I don't understand why. I usually prefer intense stimulation, but unlike the Pulse or Libre which jackhammer you, this toy is a lot more subtle. At first it feels almost boring, it builds slowly, from "whatever" to "oh, I feel something now” to "it feels good" to "there is something painfully just out of reach" to "oh my god!". At some point, I cross a threshold and I'm involuntarily moaning way, way before cumming, which I don't experience with other toys, penile or prostate. The pleasure air technology just feels like little puffs of air against an inserted finger but clearly the nerves in the frenulum are a lot more sensitive and responsive.

      So how does something that starts off so subtle built to something so overwhelming? I have no idea, but I'm over the moon. I usually like to use a P-spot device in tandem with penis toys but not with this as it distracts from the exquisite pinpoint stimulation that slowly starts to radiate and envelop the body. Also, I've experimented with using this as a stroker and it works very well, but the orgasms are not as intense, in my experience. As the marketing blurb recommends you need a few goes for it to reveal itself fully. And its positional. A few millimetres either way can make a big difference to how intense, or not, the stimulation is. You can’t see what you’re doing either, you have to go on what you feel, but once you get the knack, it's easy. There are 8 levels of intensity, I find level 5 to be the sweet-spot, although who knew the frustration of leaving it on 4 could be such a toe-curling lip-biting experience. The buttons are tactile and easy to navigate, even with lubey fingers.

      As others have said, it's quite loud. Nothing that a quilt won’t muffle, but hopefully an Arcwave 2 will find a way to mitigate this. Pressing your penis in the silicone sleeve hard against the air pulse not only exponentially increases the stimulation, it also has the benefit of reducing the noise!

      The toy feels sturdy and well made and is composed of two parts. The top section is a sleeve made of high-quality ribbed silicone. You insert yourself into this section and either use it as a stroker or, as I prefer, go hands-free and let the gizmo work its magic. Men with a wider girth might be concerned about fitting comfortably, but with sufficient water-based lube and the stretchy silicone, I’d imagine you’ll be fine. The base holds the battery and air technology and apparently its submergible for cleaning although I’ve not risked it. Cleanup is easy, twist apart, wash the sleeve with warm soapy water and the battery unit with sex toy cleaner and a damp cloth.

      I'm not loving the docking station. I'd prefer a magnetic charging cable, a cloth bag so I could put it in the toy box after use, which would probably reduce the price. Ultimately, its a sex toy, not a lifestyle choice. I think of myself as sex-positive so the ability to put it away is not about shame, I just don’t like clutter. Also, the charging might be a bit glitchy on mine. Sometimes I'm not sure if its charging or not, lights flashing then going out. I'll have to see how it works out over the next week or so, or it'll be going back to LH - for a replacement, definitely not a refund!

      It's not cheap by any measure but I'm totally satisfied with my purchase. The sensation is unique and doesn't add redundancy to the toys I already own. In fact, it feels like it's opening a whole new vista for me. I wonder what future iterations will bring to the party, its clearly the start of a new genre in male sex toys. I don’t regret being an early adopter. If I get a year's worth of explosive, overwhelming orgasms with a unique twist, I’ve done OK. And with lockdown (and me being redeployed to Critical Care, so getting some unsocial hours additional pay) I thought it was the right time to treat myself. No regrets!

      Bravo Arcwave.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Pleasure Air Technology.
      Docking station.
      En bref
      A new genre for penis owners.
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    1. First Experience with Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker

      Avis : 18 novembre 2020 par JustAnotherAverageGuy, un Straight Married Male

      I was first introduced to this toy by some news articles a couple of months ago, and was immediately intrigued by the concept and desperate to get my hands on one. For those who aren't aware and are sceptical of a new brand, it is from WOW Tech Group, who are the parent company of Womanizer, We-Vibe, Romp and Pjur Lubricant. This toy is currently available on pre-order in the US and sold out until January!

      The Womanizer part is important here as Arcwave make some quite bold claims in their marketing about the Ion being able to deliver something akin to a female orgasm, for men. It achieves this by stimulating the frenulum with the same type of air pulses used in the Womanizer and other female air pulse toys.

      Having kept and eye on the Arcwave website waiting for pre-orders to become available, I had found out that Lovehoney had some stock coming in before Christmas but they couldn't tell me exactly when. Either way, this was fantastic news as it meant I'd be able to take advantage of their Sex Toy Happiness Promise (if needed) after play and the current 20% off offer I get as a member of another adult site.

      Saturday morning I awoke to find the Arcwave had been added to the Australian store, so I quickly placed an order at 4:30am in the morning and received notification that my order had been packed and was ready to ship via free Express Post on Monday.

      Today I got the notification that my package was ready for collection at the post office, so headed in to collect it and rushed home to unbox it.

      On opening the discreet brown cardboard box I was presented with a the premium packaging of the Arcwave. The box has a nice slip cover and is hinged and the toy is well laid out inside. Almost giving you the same feeling as when you unbox your new mobile phone.

      In the box you get your usual bits and bobs - instruction manual, sample lube (pjur brand - no surprises there), charging base and cable, and the toy itself. For those who can't wait to play with a new toy it comes fully pre-charged so you can slide right in.

      The charging base is a dark metallic grey and black and certainly doesn't look like it contains a sex toy. It could be easily mistaken for an air purifier.

      Before jumping right in, I decided to turn it on and get familiar with the device and its controls. It's definitely a quality product, but the first thing that really jumped out to me is the noise. Compared to a female air pulse toy, it seems to be about 2 or 3 times louder when not making contact with the intended area, so if you are living with other family members this may be an issue for you.

      The sleeve itself is made from a super soft and stretchy silicone and separates from the motor assembly for easy cleaning by simply twisting it. Being silicone, it's 100% body safe and you don't need anything special, just antibacterial soap and water. Give it a wash, towel dry and place in the charging dock after use. The charging dock lid is vented and there is a drier stick that removes excess moisture, so no need to leave it lying around for other family members or visitors to stumble across. (They do sell replacement drier sachets on the Arcwave website, but you can also just bang them in the microwave to dry them out again once it stops being effective.)

      The toy also has 'Smart Silence', so it won't fire up until your gear is in the intended position. This can be turned off if you prefer by holding down the 'Smart Silence' button on the control panel.

      So, I lubed up both the toy and myself with a small amount of water-based lube and slid on in. The first time around it brought me to the edge of orgasm very quickly. I wasn't expecting that, so I removed myself from the toy, waited a few minutes and started again. Not moving off the first of the 8 intensity levels, I was came very quickly. While it was pleasurable,ncertainly not what the claims make it out to be. Not to be discouraged, Arcwave themselves recommend using the toy at least 5 times to get a feel for the sensations it provides.

      After a quick rinse and clean up I decided to give it another go. I was able to slide myself into the sleeve and it helped me to quickly get rock hard. This time around the pleasure took a lot longer to build and I was able to take my time to feel and concentrate on the sensations that it was generating on my frenulum. Needless, to say after a few minutes, I turned the level up a notch, and took my time some more.

      I found that very slight stroking was all I needed for the sensations to build to something very pleasurable, and my breathing had definitely gotten heavier. Another few levels, I think I got to 4, so half way, and it felt like a very prolonged edging. Concentrating on the feeling, my legs started softly shaking and I found myself not having to move the toy at all to cause orgasm number 2. The cum (not precum!) was literally leaking from the tip of my penis.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Excellent quality and presentation. Produces an entirely different sensation, and result.
      Much noisier than expected considering how quiet the female toys have gotten.
      En bref
      Recommend for something different to the norm that may just milk you dry.
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    1. Scratches a different itch altogether

      Avis : 9 novembre 2020 par Henri E

      Yes it's noisy, yes it takes some getting used to, but this is different for sure.

      Every time I've used it the climax has been very powerful; you can definitely go for the double. There's something different about stimulating the frenulum, it does the job but you're scratching an itch you never knew you had. The most recent attempt resulted in a more or less constant orgasm which lasted way longer than normal; there's something about the stimulation that takes you to the top and holds you there, no sudden peak and waves, you reach the peak and plateau for ages. Easy to clean but be prepared to shoot for the stars! Enjoy!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Totally new sensation.
      A bit noisy!
      En bref
      Well thought out and very pleasurable.
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    1. Man Tech

      Avis : 14 septembre 2020 par Melody., un Bisexual Single Male

      The famous Lovehoney brown box is irrelevant as I part the equally bland packing paper. Like the parting of grey clouds, it reveals a bright light shining out at me off the glossy Arcwave box. An accompanying fanfare goes off inside my head with a voice declaring 'you lucky man'. Already I'm in no doubt that this is a classy product, so much thought has gone into the design of the packaging. I note the Pleasure AirTM.. Hailing from Wow-Tech, this is the science behind the infamous Womaniser which many say is the pinnacle of clitoral stimulation. Rather than direct contact, it uses air pulses to create the stimulus. I wonder how it will translate to the male anatomy. I skim the rest of the information before slipping it aside to reveal a more minimalist but equally effective main box. Reassuringly heavy, I caress the embossed product name, slit the security seals and open the hinged lid. Again, I’m impressed.

      Everything fits so snugly in individual compartments with clear instructions on the inner lid. This product is so plush.

      Happily, the Ion battery is pre-charged, so it’s show time. The Arcwave comes with a small bottle of the renowned Pjur water-based lubricant. A couple of drops around the sleeve and on yourself is all you’ll need. I am impressed by the soft feel of the high-grade silicone stroker and its internal ridges. The diameter is small but push on in and it stretches around you, keeping a nice tight fit

      Two things to bear in mind:

      Number one: Smart SilenceTM is a misnomer. Something has been lost in translation. The Arcwave Ion is not even quiet. Personally, I like noisy toys, it adds to the experience but obviously, this may be an issue for some.

      Secondly, don’t expect instant gratification. The Ion is a ground-breaking piece of German engineering, a whole new game and it takes a while to learn the way to get the best out of it. Trust me: patience will be rewarded.

      In silent mode, the Ion only operates when it detects full body contact over the air pulse opening, so I quickly decided to hold this feature as it was distracting when the Ion kept turning itself off. The first time was a little fumbling around trying to work out how to do it right. Sound familiar? Hit the spot though and the sensation was fantastic. The challenge was to keep the Ion running smoothly working around the sweet spot as the intensity could change significantly with just small movements. It did the job, though, enabling me to climax just when I wanted... and then... I couldn’t stop. I have never experienced anything like this before. The ejaculation reflex went on and on until eventually I had to pull the Ion off. This is where silent mode comes into its own because the Ion gets really noisy when removed without this feature active.

      Cleaning is easy as the Arcwave comes apart with a simple twist to separate the motor from the sleeve. Just remember to so this though! In my sex addled state my brain has on occasion forgotten. Leave to dry, then place back on the stand and plug into a usb-socket to charge. A large packet of silica gel is even included to ensure the sleeve dries fully. Wow-Tech think of everything.

      The charging unit is nicely styled. A smart looking piece of tech with lights to indicate battery status. It doesn’t look out of place next to a laptop on a desk, or in my case on the bedside table making use of a power point in my clock. Battery life is good. I reckon I had three to four hours fun before the power noticeably started to drop and the little light on the base of the stroker started to flash. At this point, I realised that by separating from the base I could use the sleeve ‘stand-alone’ for a genuinely silent experience. It felt really good.

      Onto day two, inserting from either end, and I know what to expect so it’s all a lot more satisfying. My whole being writhes to the beat of the Arcwave. By day three I’ve worked out that holding the stoker still and pumping with my body is the ultimate. This way I can put myself exactly where I need to be to enjoy the best sensations. The smallest of movements gave incredible pleasure… and did I mention the climax. If day one was good, day three is off the charts.

      Top Tips:

      Direct the air pulse at all parts. If you are big enough to pop out of the top, so much the better. Fun to watch and again felt fantastic as the lip of the sleeve flicked back and forth across the rim of my head. Weirdly, I found the side of my shaft to be incredibly sensitive. Who would have thought it?

      Final Thought:

      Is the Ion a match for the Womaniser? Obviously it is impossible to tell, but I’m guessing for this first iteration maybe not quite. But that’s a stellar bar to match. What the Arcwave Ion does offer is an incredible experience, unique to the product, not matched anywhere else in the male market. I can absolutely recommend.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The genuine feeling of quality in the materials, design and styling.
      Not a problem for me but maybe too noisy for some.
      En bref
      Welcome to the next generation. This is not a sex toy, it’s high-tech engineering.
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    1. A new breed of male sex toy

      Avis : 13 septembre 2020 par PermanentlyAroused

      Oddly, for a review of a sex toy, I’m going to start with the packaging! The box the ArcWave Ion comes in screams quality. It’s akin to opening a new iPhone, even down to the little card packet containing the instructions - no sticker though! It’s a fairly sizeable box, but once you’ve unpacked everything, the actual ArcWave Ion is reasonably compact.

      It comes with a charging container which is both stylish (in two-tone grey/charcoal) and discreet. Inside there is a hollow stick into which you can insert a gel-pack to help with drying out the toy (note - to do this you need to pull the stick straight up. The instructions don’t make this clear, and I did worry, unnecessarily, about breaking it!), and there are charging points at the bottom. Simply sit the ArcWave on the stick and it’s ready to charge, with the included micro-USB-USB-A cable. It takes about an hour and a half for a full charge, and indicator lights show how full the battery is.

      So onto the ArcWave itself! It’s a two-piece construction, which twists apart. It is fully waterproof, though I haven’t yet had a chance to try it in the bath! The bottom half is hard plastic, and contains the ‘clever stuff’ and the control buttons (up, down and Smart Silence). The top half is a sleeve made of smooth silicone with a ribbed internal canal. The whole unit sits very comfortably in the hand.

      To use it, you simply lube up and slide your penis in. The aim is to get your frenulum sitting over the hole inside which leads to the suction. By default, Smart Silence is enabled, so the ArcWave will sense when you’re in the right area and turn on automatically. This sounds great but can have the downside that if you move slightly off-line, it’ll turn off. Equally however it’s excellent for edging because you can easily switch it off to relieve the pleasure! The flexible silicone sleeve allows you to apply pressure to keep your shaft in contact with the suction or release to stop the suction.

      This is basically a scaled-up version of the popular clitoral suction toys, and the sound is similarly scaled-up. When it’s got a good seal, it’s quite quiet, but as soon as it starts to suck air, it’s considerably noisier. I compared it to our Desire clitoral suction toy and the difference is not just noticeable but considerable! There are 8 levels of power and no patterns - which is good for me as I never use them!

      So what’s it like? Really good. I mean, _really_ good. First try and I was done in just a couple of minutes! Second try, about the same. Third lasted a bit longer because I left Smart Silence on (turned it off for the first two tries) and was therefore able to edge myself, leading to a very good orgasm! The ArcWave Ion feels a bit like a very rumbly vibrator, but without that feeling of numbness after extended use. It’s easy to hold too as it’s not actually vibrating.

      Cleanup is simple. Just twist the two halves apart, and wash under the tap. Dry the silicone with just a towel, and put it in the charging case for storage/recharge.

      The ArcWave Ion is a quality product. Easy to use, very easy to clean, and with extremely good orgasmic results, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending it.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Exceptional orgasms, easy to use.
      En bref
      It's a brave new world!
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