1. Gaine extension pénis 2,5 cm supp 23 cm fluorescente, Firefly

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      Si, à l’image de beaucoup, vous rêvez d’en avoir une qui ne peut être décrite que comme phénoménale, nous avons la gaine pénienne qu’il vous faut !

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      32,95 €

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      1. Gaine extension pénis 2,5 cm supp 23 cm fluorescente, Firefly

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    1. Description du produit

      Si, à l’image de beaucoup, vous rêvez d’en avoir une qui ne peut être décrite que comme phénoménale, nous avons la gaine pénienne qu’il vous faut ! Glissez le sexe à l’intérieur de ce manchon tout lisse, éteignez la lumière et admirez la taille géantifiée de votre trique fluorescente !

      Permettant d’accroître la taille naturelle de votre sexe jusqu’à 2,5 cm supplémentaires, cette gaine pour extension pénienne de forme réaliste mesure 23 cm de long de bout en bout, avec un espace de 16,5 cm de long à l’intérieur.

      De couleur bleu fluo, cette gaine pénienne a plus d’un tour dans son manchon ! Non seulement elle éclaire vos mille et une nuits de ses talents fluorescents, mais elle peut également contribuer à faire de vous un amant plus performant et à retarder votre éjaculation. En prime, elle est terminée par un solide anneau pour testicules qui résistera aux activités physiques les plus énergiques.

      Pour reproduire la lubrification naturelle d'un bon rapport sexuel, pensez à lubrifier l’intérieur et l’extérieur de votre gaine de lubrifiant à base d'eau avant usage.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Gaine pénienne allongeante fluorescente de forme réaliste pour rapports sexuels hauts en couleur
      • Augmente la taille du sexe masculin jusqu’à 2,5 cm de long
      • Idéale pour assouvir ses fantasmes les plus fous
      • Peut contribuer à vous faire durer plus longtemps et à retarder votre éjaculation (résultats variables)

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    1. Dimensions

      • Circonférence: 6.75 pouces
      • Longueur insérable: 6.5 pouces
      • Longueur: 9 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Flexibilité: Flexible
      • Matière: Plastique souple
    3. Infos essentielles

      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Allergènes: Sans phtalates
      • Allergènes: Sans latex

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      Gaine extension pénis 2,5 cm supp 23 cm fluorescente, Firefly 2 4 sur 5 4 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Gaine extension pénis 2,5 cm supp 23 cm fluorescente, Firefly
      2. Gaine extension pénis 2,5 cm supp 23 cm fluorescente, Firefly

        Notre prix
        32,95 €

    1. Smurf Penis

      Avis : 18 janvier 2021 par NibbleNob, un Straight Married Male

      On receiving an email from Brenna to say I had been selected to test this extension, my thoughts immediately turned to a fun running race a couple of years ago.

      A group of lads and a brave lady had dressed up as Smurfs and Smurfette for the race, head to toe in blue tights, tops and make-up. I'm not saying that any of them longed for a bright blue penis, but if they did we now know that they would be covered...

      Moving on this extension sleeve is on the large side of average. Not quite as long as the Mega Mighty extra three inches version or as girthy as the mega thick extra two inches. It's also not as rigid as either of those two models, which we use quite regularly. It has some flex in it, which means that fitting the sleeve is more critical. If you don't fill the sleeve well ,I can see it flexing in use. A good size would be around 5.5 to 6 inches, anything less and there would be empty space at the end of the toy.

      In use, the toy needs plenty of lube like most extenders, a small amount inside to slide inside after squeezing all of the air out, and plenty on the outside to prevent rubbing. My very own Smurfette always responds well to an extender and this proved to be the case again here, coming to a big climax quickly when combined with a clit vibe.

      The main USP of this sleeve over others is the glow-in-the-dark feature. It's not the sort of thing that you can leave lying around in the open and I think it needs this for the glow in the dark to really work. With it stored in a drawer and removed for use only, there was a bit of a glow and definitely enough to see it in a dark room. I will look forward to testing this aspect again when lockdown is over, and there's more chance of leaving it in the light without family around to see it!

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Fun glow in the dark concept, big orgasm for her.
      Not much!
      En bref
      A good fun orgasm intensifier for her.
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    1. It's blue, it's shiny, it's a long-lasting penis

      Avis : 8 décembre 2020 par Gosig, un Straight Married Female

      Once you get over the thoroughly misleading title length (more on that later), there is a lot to like about this extender. As for the main USP of this product, yes it does indeed illuminate with a fairly quick burst of light (say, 15 minutes) from either a bedside lamp or natural sunlight (natural light yielded more glow, not surprisingly).

      And whilst it wasn't the kind of glow to light your way through Mordor, you definitely could easily spot the phantom penis in an otherwise pitch-black room. This is the kind of supernatural night-time experience I will happily entertain. What would complement this product perfectly would be similarly glowing body paint for the receiver of the penis to strategically adorn for the full 'close encounters of the third kind' experience.

      The other major plus with this product would be for anyone experiencing premature ejaculation. This sleeve is properly chunky (it's over 5mm thick on the shaft), and husband reported that he could feel very little indeed. Given how much it dampened sensation, I would think it almost certain to improve performance time for anyone wanting to do so.

      In terms of being on the receiving end, I'm still waiting to find a sleeve that feels almost realistic at the tip. Through it feels reasonably pliable and soft to the touch, the sensations internally where still that of a lump of hard plastic between me and my husband. I guess the thickness of the material, especially at the tip, renders it somewhat inflexible. This thickness also means that cleaning the inside of the sleeve is quite a challenge as well, as it is virtually impossible to turn it inside out.

      My major grumble isn't with the product itself, but the label of '9 inch' isn't massively helpful. Yes, the whole sleeve, including ball hoop, measures that, but unless you are planning on taking the scrotal sack internally as well (I'm not), this measurement is entirely obsolete. Far more helpful in the title would be the total length of the insertable shaft (about 6.5 inches).

      On that note, I was a tiny bit optimistic about how well this would fit my husband, as he is about 7 inches long, but he did manage to get the sleeve on, albeit with some inches left exposed at the bottom. Even with this being the case, he still found the ball loop reasonably comfortable. There is a degree of stretch possible with such sturdy material, but what you gain in length you tighten in regards to girth, so I would say this size suits nothing larger than a 5.5-6 inch length and a 4.5 inch girth.

      Overall, it is a good bit of fun with it's glowing qualities and definitely worth a try for anyone with a penis hoping to last longer, but I would strongly advise checking the measurements to ensure you get the best fit possible.

    2. Note globale :
      6 sur 10
      Beautiful glow.
      Unrealistic feel in the tip.
      En bref
      Fun, useful for lasting longer, but check your measurements!
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