1. Jeu de couple Sex Marks The Spot

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      Sex Marks The Spot est une chasse au trésor sexuelle pour couple, le but du jeu étant de “sexplorer”, de se faire plaisir l’un(e) l’autre et de faire grimper le niveau d’excitation à son comble pour atteindre l’orgasme comme jamais.

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      1. Jeu de couple Sex Marks The Spot

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    1. Description du produit

      Sex Marks The Spot est une chasse au trésor sexuelle pour couple, le but du jeu étant de “sexplorer”, de se faire plaisir l’un(e) l’autre et de faire grimper le niveau d’excitation à son comble pour atteindre l’orgasme comme jamais. Faites avancer votre pion sur le plateau de jeu pour découvrir des challenges érotiques et des scénarios super sexy !

      Pour commencer, les joueurs doivent noter sur un papier leurs fantasmes préférés ou les petits plaisirs que leur “adversaire” devra satisfaire s’il/elle perd en leur faveur.

      Les joueurs doivent ensuite jeter les dés et déplacer leurs pions sur un plateau de jeu spécial plaisir, puis suivre les instructions érotiques et les scénarios sexy des cases sur lesquelles ils tomberont.

      Avec 6 catégories et 180 challenges différents au total, il y a de quoi faire grimper l’excitation à chaque coup de dés et atteindre le sommet de l’orgasme sans souci au final.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Jeu de sexiété pour couple pour atteindre le trésor de l’orgasme au final
      • 30 cartes de gage et 30 cartes sexuelles pour varier les scénarios sexy
      • Fun et excitant pour mettre du piment dans vos soirées crapuleuses

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      1. Jeu de couple Sex Marks The Spot
      2. Jeu de couple Sex Marks The Spot

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        22,95 €

    1. Incredibly Fun to Play and Definitely Spiced Things Up a bit!

      Avis : 6 janvier 2021 par Duttyslutty, un Straight Going Steady Male

      I decided to purchase this game as I was looking for something new to try with my OH to spice things up a bit as we have several toys already and I was browsing through the Lovehoney website for something a bit different when I came across this, and oh boy did it work! I purchased it as a surprise for my OH and when it came and she opened the box she was instantly excited!

      It was a Saturday night and we both had plans but we said we'd play 1 quick game before we went out to see how it works. 5 minutes into the game and we'd both cancelled our plans and gone to the shop to get a couple of bottles of vino, we were hooked! (And both extremely turned on.)

      What I like about this game is you can choose the time span on it as you can choose to play first person to collect 2, 4 or 6 X's (This is how the game is scored and won) but like I said, as soon as you start this game, even if you have the intention of playing first to 2 X's, you'll want to play for longer! The game itself just teases you both with the questions/instructions and rewards both players throughout the game.

      I particularly liked how both players write down a fantasy to act out before playing if they win, it makes the game a whole lot more competitive, fun and sexy. My OH was over the moon when she won and we acted out the fantasy she'd written down! Fortunately for me, we then ended up acting out my fantasy as the game had got us thinking and talking about our fantasies and we both wanted to try each other's.

      This game started off a long night of passionate, kinky and euphoric sex and I cannot wait to get it out and play again!

      I would strongly recommend this for any/every couple as it is incredibly fun to play, and amazingly rewarding, even for the loser!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Kinky. Rewarding. Teasing. Fun!
      Literally nothing!
      En bref
      Perfect to heat things up on a night in!
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    1. Very pleasantly surprised

      Avis : 30 décembre 2020 par Gabriellajack, un Straight Going Steady Male

      We decided to give this game a go after seeing it in the leadup to Christmas. We have a very adventurous sex life and often find many of these games are a little tame.

      We have played Monogamy, Nookii and a few smaller card-based games and whilst we have had a lot of fun, we find they can be a little slow.

      We decided to have a few glasses of wine before starting this game and made sure we had a few things to hand such as lube, a vibrator, blindfold and a paddle as we knew there was an S&M option on the cards. We would definitely recommend having these things to hand as they were all required during the game!

      The game has a really nice pace to it and its different to the others in that there isn't really a buildup from tame to steamy as its completely random based on the numbers you roll. Rather than working your way across a board each turn essentially wipes the slate clean and the only measurable progress is from landing on the 'x' squares. If you play the full game you need to collect 6 of these to complete the game. Before starting you each write down a fantasy or act you can claim if you win and the first person to collect their 6 'x' gets their chosen fantasy!

      One thing we really liked is you each get a veto card to avoid a particular task. Really helpful for all those guys who dread a striptease card!

      All in all, we spent around 2 hours playing this game and it absolutely flew by. There was plenty of kissing, dirty talk, mutual masturbation and oral.

      We ended the game absolutely rampant and it led to some explosive sex.

      If you have a filthy night planned or just fancy some lockdown fun and something a bit different then we would highly recommend this game. Definitely good value for money and there are so many cards and challenges that this will get used plenty of times and still feel fresh and new.

      We can't wait to play again!

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Fun, flirty, sexy.
      Some cards a little cringeworthy.
      En bref
      Excellent purchase, good value for money and lots of fun.
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