1. Body Captivate noir or, Fifty Shades of Grey

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      Grâce à ce splendide body doré sur fond noir, vous vaudrez tout simplement votre pesant d’or en matière de sex-appeal !

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      1. Body Captivate noir or, Fifty Shades of Grey

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    1. Description du produit

      Grâce à ce splendide body doré sur fond noir, vous vaudrez tout simplement votre pesant d’or en matière de sex-appeal ! En dentelle florale sophistiquée, ce body minimaliste terminé par de larges bretelles noires dessine une silhouette féminine enviable dans un esprit d’élégance fétichiste encore inégalé.

      Tandis que l’empiècement central en dentelle dorée sculpte une silhouette sablier magnifique, des lanières de style fétichiste et des découpes de peau nue laissent l’épiderme à portée de tentation...

      Au dos, les lanières ajustables contrastent avec la dentelle dorée du string ficelle intégré, attirant le regard émerveillé sur vos fesses rebondies.

      Quatre jarretelles amovibles permettent d’ajouter la paire de bas de votre choix à cet ensemble ultra sexy. Mais ce n’est pas tout ! Ce body dissimule un entrejambe fendu qui lui ouvrira directement la porte sur votre roseraie secrète.

      Le modèle mesure 1,71 m, fait un 36 de taille et un 8OG de poitrine. Elle porte la taille One Size.

      Issu de la Collection Plaisir Officielle Fifty Shades of Grey approuvée par l'auteure E. L. James.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Body à découpes brodé de roses couleur or et terminé par un ras-de-cou assorti pour séduire façon Anastasia Steele
      • Broderie florale couleur or pour attirer le regard sur vos courbes féminines
      • Bretelles réglables pour obtenir une taille sur mesure
      • 4 jarretelles ajustables pour ajouter la paire de bas de votre choix à l’ensemble
      • Lanières et anneaux en O pour ajouter une touche fétichiste à l’ensemble

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    1. Infos essentielles

      • Fermeture: Crochet et boucle
    2. Sensation

      • Type de tissu: Transparent

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      1. Body Captivate noir or, Fifty Shades of Grey
      2. Body Captivate noir or, Fifty Shades of Grey

        Notre prix
        64,95 €
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    1. Golden

      Avis : 2 décembre 2020 par For Your Eyes Only x, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      After a few wears of this body, I really am well and truly captivated.

      To begin, I’m a size 10 on top, 12 on bottom and 5ft6. This is a 'One Size' piece.

      I took it out of its packaging and it’s safe to say I was absolutely bamboozled. Straps everywhere. I laid it out, had a fiddle with the straps and clambered (really is the most suited word.) into it, making sure my legs, arms, waist and neck went through the correct straps, otherwise I’d have had the thong in my armpit.

      After a few wears and knowing what goes where, I can jump into it with far less hassle. If you’re wearing it for the first time for your partner, maybe wear it underneath clothing you can strip off rather than (un)sexily trying to get into it in front of them. Unless you like a laugh, of course.

      Once on, you can play around with the straps, which are all adjustable and all have a good amount of stretch. They’re what make this piece so versatile for size as the main body doesn’t stretch!

      Now, admire yourself. You look like an absolute dream. The underwired cups sat comfortably around my boobs while the mesh and gold detailing made them look like royalty. A very sexy and desirable royalty. The gold trim that frames the boobs is beautiful.

      The bodysuit slips down the centre of the body to the waist and sits over the hips. It frames the torso wonderfully before slipping down to the crotch. The gold detailing is just enough to tease but hide what’s going on underneath. It’s absolutely sultry. The thong adds a lovely pop of gold colour to the back of the piece, with the rest of the back just being straps!

      An addition, I particularly like is the collar. I often find them uncomfortable, but I really enjoy this one. It’s a little fiddly to undo, but the entire thing is detachable if it’s not to your liking.

      The entire bodysuit is faultless. It is comfortable, it fits my size perfectly, it has a great finish with no loose threads or snags, and it looks incredibly sexy. I’m looking forward to pairing it with a black pair of stockings and heels.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Sizing, colours, design.
      En bref
      Sexy, elegant and faultless.
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    1. Gold star for this beauty

      Avis : 1 décembre 2020 par Skitty, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was very kindly sent this item to test and review - thank you, Lovehoney! In usual Lovehoney style, it arrived in discreet packaging and by a tracked delivery method so I knew when to expect it.

      When the garment arrived I was very pleasantly surprised - I'd only seen one product image and it didn't include the item being worn so it was hard to know what to expect, but it was much prettier and more luxurious-feeling in person.

      I'm a UK size 12 and around 5'8 tall, and sometimes getting bodysuits that fit can be a real pain. Fortunately, this one is extremely adjustable - probably the most adjustable I've ever seen. It's really quite innovative since you have a slider to adjust the length of the strap between the neck and bust, the straps around the back and waist, the shoulder straps and even the straps on the hip adjust too! I was really blown away by this because it's not something I've ever seen even on one-size items, and I think it does make it much more likely that you'll be able to get a comfortable and flattering fit regardless of your size. I never realised that the length between the neck and bust could be important, but wow, I can actually stand tall in this bodysuit without hurting my neck!

      The only bit that isn't adjustable is the length of the actual body bit, like from bust to crotch, but even then the crotchless thong string bit of the underwear is made from really soft elastic so it has way more give and is more forgiving for taller people who need it to stretch a little further!

      I was really impressed by how flattering the cut of this bodysuit is too, it emphasises all the right places and makes me feel so confident in it. I usually find that lingerie with underwiring but no padding can make for an odd shape or feel uncomfortable but this one does things perfectly - I didn't know it was possible, but this bodysuit manages to be comfortable and supportive!

      It's comfortable, pretty, and way more elegant than I thought it would be. I find that sometimes gold detailing can look a little tacky but this manages to pull it off with style. The only little thing I'm not really a fan of on the detailing is that there's a little disc attached to one of the shoulder straps engraved with Fifty Shades of Grey(tm) which just makes me cringe a bit because I don't like logos and I don't like Fifty Shades of Grey (great lingerie, great sex toys, but I don't really want to be wearing an endorsement of a series I think is trash - can't it be my dirty little secret that I have drawers full of FSOG toys and not have to explain. I don't like the book or the movie or agree with its portrayal of BDSM, relationships, or anything, but they happen to make really great sexy things for sexy times! When someone sees the logo emblazoned on my collection?!). Fortunately, this one is small enough you'd really have to try hard to read it, and if you really wanted to, you could just snip the threads to remove it I think.

      Another thing I love about this item is that the suspender straps are all removable by just sliding them out of the slots. They're really high-quality sturdy straps but I don't often wear stockings so it's always a relief when they're detachable, and when the outfit looks just as good without them.

      I love this bodysuit and think I'll be wearing it a whole lot since it's so comfortable and confidence-boosting - I'd hugely recommend it.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Comfortable, adjustable, very flattering, detachable suspender straps.
      Little logo is a little annoying but not end of the world.
      En bref
      Really special, hugely recommend.
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    1. Stunningly sexy

      Avis : 8 décembre 2020 par Lovehoney - Pangolin

      This is not the type of lingerie my wife usually likes. My wife likes cute, full-coverage kind of lingerie that shapes her while helping her feel attractive and sexy.

      This body is a complete departure from all that, and we both loved it.

      The black and gold combination feels very luxurious, and the lacy, sheer cups are extremely sexy. My wife did feel that the darting detracted from the cups, but they did fit well (her size is around 34FF). The open back is ridiculously tempting and impossible to look away from.

      But the real winner for us was the collar. Not only is it detachable, for convenience and adjustment depending on how we feel, but it also helps to emphasize my wife's cleavage, which often gets lost in cups that don't fit quite right.

      We're completely in love with this piece for raunchy, raucous nights.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Straps and collar.
      Darting on the cups.
      En bref
      Ridiculously sexy.
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    1. Scintillating and sexy

      Avis : 2 décembre 2020 par hampshirecouple, un Bisexual Married Male

      Arrived in plain packaging. Nothing to give away the saucy secret inside.

      This body is simply beautiful. The sheer material in the bra shows of a ladies assets at their best, and it's crotchless, so no need to take it off, which is great as it needs admiring.

      Starting at the top, it has a detachable gold trim lace choker that has an elasticated adjustable strap that attaches at the bra cleavage. It has a hook clasp at the back. It can be a bit fiddly to get it through the material.

      The underwired bra cups are sheer gold trim lace. The strap is elastic with a bikini-style hook fastening and has a slider size adjuster, as do the shoulder straps.

      The front panels are the same sheer gold trim material as the bra, with black trim down the sides. It has a black elastic waist strap with that bikini clasp fastening again.

      The panties part yet again is sheer gold trim, with a cotton gusset. As I said earlier, they are crotchless, so easy to play with it on. Tiny little triangle of material just above the bum. It has two waist straps that are adjustable, and finally it has four removable suspenders to finish it off.

      Seduce your man, or lady (or both) with this terrifically sexy outfit.

      It's well put together, very stylish and we recommend it.

      Oh, it's hand-wash only, don't throw in in the machine.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      The fit is great, and will fit various sized ladies well.
      Fiddly hooks can be bit awkward to hook together.
      En bref
      Stylish, sexy and add stockings... very naughty.
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    1. A well made and nice looking piece of lingerie.

      Avis : 21 novembre 2020 par rockstar, un Straight Married Male

      We received this lingerie as a test sample. It is part of the Fifty Shades range and, as such, it is a well-made, high-quality item. Initially I was a little unsure about the extensive gold decoration, but that is purely my personal taste.

      Initially the outfit seemed a little complex with a plethora of straps and buckles, but we laid it out on the bed and sorted out what was what. In fact it is quite easy to put on.

      Once the bra and waist straps are undone, it can be put on like a pair of knickers. then the bra and waist straps are fastened and finally the collar. All the straps are adjustable as the item is One Size fits all. Unfortunately, no matter how we adjusted the straps, we could not get it to quite fit on my Size 12 wife. The tummy section was always baggy and the underwired cups were not quite in the right place. Obviously this is an individual body shape issue and it may well fit other people perfectly.

      The overall appearance (including the gold decoration) was actually very nice and the collar was a particularly nice touch, giving a slight 'slave' vibe to the outfit. It is easily removable, though, should you prefer it without this feature. The suspender straps are also easily removable, which is a feature we particularly like. The leg apertures are cut very high, which I loved, but my wife was not so keen. Again, personal taste.

      Overall, this is a quality item. It looks and feels well made and, even though the fit is not perfect for my wife, it does look really good on her.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Looked great and was well made. Removable suspender straps and collar.
      Didn't quite fit properly.
      En bref
      A very nice and sexy piece of lingerie.
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