1. Martinet similicuir Bound to You, Fifty Shades of Grey

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      Ajoutez une touche d’érotisme sophistiquée à la Christian et Ana à vos jeux de chambre grâce à ce martinet Fifty Shades of Grey !

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      1. Martinet similicuir Bound to You, Fifty Shades of Grey

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    1. Description du produit

      Ajoutez une touche d’érotisme sophistiquée à la Christian et Ana à vos jeux de chambre grâce à ce martinet Fifty Shades of Grey ! Avec ses lanières somptueusement souples en similicuir, cet accessoire de bondage polyvalent est idéal pour chatouiller sa peau soumise, de même que pour lui donner une bonne fessée.

      Terminé par une poignée texturée et une dragonne pour offrir une prise en main assurée, ce martinet se manie sans souci pour offrir l’impact désiré.

      Commencez par caresser sa peau en faisant courir les lanières de votre martinet sur son corps aux aguets, puis frappez d’un coup sec pour lui faire sentir son impact (plus ou moins) cinglant !

      Fabriqué en similicuir de luxe respecteux des régimes végans et portant la marque Fifty Shades of Grey en lettres dorées, cet accessoire de bondage exquis apportera une touche d’élégance à vos jeux BDSM.

      Pour fêter toute une décennie de découvertes érotiques et de satisfaction profonde, la Collection Plaisir Officielle Fifty Shades of Grey vous invite à vous perdre corps et âme dans les plaisirs ô combien sensuels de l’expérience Fifty Shades.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Martinet en cuir végan pour jeux BDSM inspirés des aventures érotiques de Christian et Ana
      • Idéal pour alterner entre caresses sensuelles et coups bien marqués et customiser l’expérience de votre partenaire
      • Accompagné de l’enveloppe-cadeau Fifty Shades of Grey pour le plaisir d’offrir un cadeau sophistiqué

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    1. Dimensions

      • Longueur: 25 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Type de tissu: Similicuir

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      1. Martinet similicuir Bound to You, Fifty Shades of Grey
      2. Martinet similicuir Bound to You, Fifty Shades of Grey

        Notre prix
        49,95 €

    1. Delicious sensations

      Avis : 28 septembre 2020 par MsSubExperimenter, un Straight Single Female

      I was really impressed with the quality of this. It comes in a FSOG branded black silk bag, which is handy for storage.

      The handle is a good size for getting a firm grip and it feels solid and sturdy. It’s comfortable to wield. There is also a wrist strap for convenience.

      The sensations it delivers while being run gently over the skin are delicious, leaving goosebumps in its wake. I couldn’t get enough!

      It also provides a nice sting when used with a little force.

      I have only used it on myself, so can’t apply as much power as a partner would but can easily imagine how incredible it would feel based on how it feels with what I can do to myself.

      I know it will definitely be something I reach for on a regular basis for sensation play!

      I genuinely believe this can be used equally effectively by those new to floggers and also those more experienced.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      En bref
      Delicious and fun.
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    1. Fifty Shades Flogged

      Avis : 22 septembre 2020 par DreamsOfChi, un Straight Married Female

      As a sub, I don't usually have much of a say in what I get punished with. My husband enjoys a crop and a paddle and sometimes even a cane but, until getting his hands on this, we didn't own a really good flogger. His eyes actually lit up when this arrived because it was exactly the sort of piece he'd been looking for. I only made it partway through the second Fifty Shades book so I don't really know if this flogger is an iconic piece in terms of the source text but just as a stand-alone sex toy it's certainly pretty impressive.

      The flogger arrives in a long brown manilla type envelope which in itself feels clandestine and a little bit naughty. Inside this is a black satin drawstring bag embossed with the Fifty Shades of Grey logo. Inside this resides the flogger. And what a beast it is. Chunky is a word that springs to mind. The handle is covered in woven leather-look straps and is stamped with the Fifty Shades name once again (there's no forgetting what range this is from). It feels hefty in the hand, though almost deceptively light. I don't know what the centre of the handle is made from but it's not going to tire you out using it. A thick wrist strap means that whoever wields this will also be able to keep a good grip on the piece, however frenetic the thrashing.

      Moving to the fronds (?) of the flogger, there are about 30 pieces of faux leather with which to lash your subject. Again, they are light and soft but still hefty enough that you will absolutely feel their impact. They move well, though a couple were still attached at the very ends but they were easily prised apart with no ill-effects. Overall I think the piece is well made, it looks and feels like it could take (and give!) some significant hammer without expiring. My only mild concern is that, where the straps are wound round the bottom of the handle, they could do with a bit of extra adhesive as they can easily move and repeated snagging might lead to unravelling.

      I enjoyed the feel of the flogger on my skin both when used to tease and to torment. My Husband said it was easy to gauge and modify the force of the lashes and to control the area of impact. I did not find this flogger to be as 'stingy' as some of the smaller versions we have but I enjoyed the power of the smacks, as well as the noise it made (dat leather creak though!). Either way, we both ended up with glowing cheeks and satisfied smiles at the end of the session so this flogger is an absolute winner. Definitely my Husband's new favourite toy.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Packs a punch but not too heavy to hold.
      Mildly unfinished at the bottom of the handle.
      En bref
      Great piece of kit that will have your sub on their knees in an instant.
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    1. Lite Version

      Avis : 28 septembre 2020 par VanillaWithSprinkles, un Straight Single Female

      I'm writing this review as someone who very much enjoys a slap to the arse hard enough to make a thunderous cracking noise and leave a mark (potentially even a bruise). For this purpose the Fifty Shades flogger falls short. If you're after something hardcore do not read on, this is not the toy for you. However, if you want something more beginner-friendly, or to use to tease your partner this would be a fine addition to your toybox!

      Size wise, the flogger is hefty. As a woman, I can stack both fists on top of each other on the shaft. Each strand is about 40cm long and half a cm thick.

      The aesthetic design is very nice. There are plentiful strands so it doesn't look cheap at all. The criss-cross design on the shaft is a nice touch and the stitching on the wrist strap is neat. I also like the Fifty Shades stamp on the bottom - subtle for something in this line. The flogger comes in a satin drawstring baggy too, though the 50SOG branding on this is much more stand out.

      The build is good too. The strands and wrist strap are attached securely, this won't be unravelling easily.

      Using this, I miss the smell, cut and weight of real leather. You cannot fake it unfortunately, this is definitely the lite version of a flogger. Bear this in mind when purchasing, it might be worth shelling out more for the real deal.

      The sensation when used is light and sharp. It stings if you really give it some welly but this fades almost immediately. A little tip: I knotted the end of each strand to give them a little more punch on impact. Didn't mark me at all. Draping this over someone's body and teasing them with the dangling strands would be a great move with this toy. It does tickle when brushed across sensitive areas.

      All in all, I do like this toy I just wish it were weightier but that's my personal preference!

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      Size, design, build.
      Too light for me.
      En bref
      A big tease with little bite.
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