1. Petit martinet similicuir Bound to You, Fifty Shades of Grey

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      Ajoutez une touche d’érotisme à la Christian et Ana à vos week-ends crapuleux grâce à ce petit martinet Fifty Shades of Grey !

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      1. Petit martinet similicuir Bound to You, Fifty Shades of Grey

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    1. Description du produit

      Ajoutez une touche d’érotisme à la Christian et Ana à vos week-ends crapuleux grâce à ce petit martinet Fifty Shades of Grey ! Avec ses lanières somptueusement souples en similicuir, cet accessoire de bondage polyvalent est idéal pour chatouiller sa peau soumise, et parfait pour démarrer dans les jeux de bondage.

      Terminé par une poignée texturée pour offrir une prise en main assurée, ce martinet en format de poche aisément transportable se manie sans souci pour offrir l’impact désiré.

      Commencez par caresser sa peau en faisant courir les lanières de votre martinet sur son corps aux aguets, puis frappez d’un coup sec pour lui faire sentir son impact (plus ou moins) cinglant !

      Fabriqué en similicuir de luxe respecteux des régimes végans et portant la marque Fifty Shades of Grey en lettres dorées, cet accessoire de bondage exquis apportera une touche d’élégance à vos jeux BDSM.

      Pour fêter toute une décennie de découvertes érotiques et de satisfaction profonde, la Collection Plaisir Officielle Fifty Shades of Grey vous invite à vous perdre corps et âme dans les plaisirs ô combien sensuels de l’expérience Fifty Shades.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Petit martinet en cuir végan pour jeux BDSM inspirés des aventures érotiques de Christian et Ana
      • Poignée texturée pour offrir une prise en main assurée
      • Idéal pour alterner entre les caresses et les coups bien sentis et customiser l’expérience de votre partenaire
      • De petite taille aisément transportable pour accompagner vos séances de bondage à l’extérieur
      • Accompagné de l’enveloppe-cadeau Fifty Shades of Grey pour le plaisir d’offrir un cadeau sophistiqué

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    1. Dimensions

      • Longueur: 11.5 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Matière: Similicuir

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      1. Petit martinet similicuir Bound to You, Fifty Shades of Grey
      2. Petit martinet similicuir Bound to You, Fifty Shades of Grey

        Notre prix
        22,95 €

    1. Feels great

      Avis : 7 octobre 2020 par Lovehoney - BootyQueen

      If you're looking for an environmentally friendly, well-presented bondage gear, the new FSoG range is definitely for you!

      The item's packaging is made out of recyclable card/paper (no plastic bags at all!). 

      The classy satin bag fits the small flogger perfectly. Due to the size it's very easy to store and/or transport discreetly. 

      It makes a great addition to any bondage collection! My partner found it easy to use and it felt great on my skin!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The feel on the skin.
      En bref
      Great addition to any bondage collection.
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    1. A great place to start your BDSM journey

      Avis : 23 septembre 2020 par Joe 90, un Straight Married Male

      When we were chosen to test and review this Fifty Shades of Grey small flogger, we were both excited and apprehensive as this is our first real foray into any real form of BDSM and being a new item to the amazing Lovehoney range, we didn’t know quite what to expect until it arrived.

      However, the fun started before we even opened the package as we’re sure that the Postmistress recognises the postage label and knows exactly what she’s delivering. That knowing look and the little smile as she walks off up the drive says it all!

      No need to waste words on the discreet packaging and quick delivery, that’s a given with anything you order from Lovehoney but once opened, the quality of what we’d just received was obvious with the plain brown sleeve with the Fifty Shades logo on the front and inside there, a classy black Fifty Shades drawstring bag to keep the flogger in when it’s not lying menacingly on the bedside table.

      Again, the first thing you notice when you take it out of its bag is the quality and feel of the flogger. It’s only small, about 30cms in all and not too intimidating but really well made with a short bound handle and 20 soft tails that you just know are going to hit the spot. The handle is finished off nicely with a gold-coloured stud and the same Fifty Shades logo in gold lettering which adds to the quality look.

      My wife seemed a little nervous when she first saw it but gave it a few good swishes across her hand to try it out anyway and her wicked grin told me exactly what was coming my way. I’d forgotten until then that she’d read the books!

      The tails are soft and ideal for just stroking gently across the skin to leave a nice tingling sensation. It feels particularly good across the bottom, nipples and other intimate areas, particularly when used in conjunction with a blindfold so you never quite know where it’s going to land next. Lovehoney has a great range of blindfolds to choose from and the Fifty Shades of Grey No Peeking Soft Twin Blindfold is one of our particular favourites.

      Being small, this flogger is not going to sting too much even when you go a bit harder with it unless you give it a really good flick of the wrist so if you’re more advanced than we are you might need something a bit bigger if pain’s your game while this is perfect for beginners and those less experienced looking for a gentle, fun introduction to BDSM.

      That said, once my wife got into the swing of it, my bottom was left tingling nicely and at least 50 Shades of Red and Pink. I tried to be a bit more gentle once the tables were turned and while this might not be her first choice of foreplay, I could tell she was starting to enjoy it.

      We highly recommend this Fifty Shades of Grey flogger. It’s the perfect size and weight for beginners and whether you’re locked down or just plain old tied down, it’s a great addition to any toy collection and the perfect prop for our next themed night in.

      Thank you, Lovehoney.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Quality look and feel.
      Could benefit from a small loop on the handle for hanging up.
      En bref
      Perfect little flogger for beginners and those looking for a fun introduction to BDSM.
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    1. Whip and tickle

      Avis : 7 octobre 2020 par Colossaloak, un Straight Married Male

      The flogger was delivered in a discreet box, and inside the box was a Fifty Shades of Grey-branded envelope. The envelope contained a cloth pouch which had the flogger inside. So straight away the anticipation is building as you work your way to get your hands on the flogger.

      The handle is about 4 inches long and the tassels are about 6 inches long. The whole thing is made from leather, which gives it a really nice finish and makes it a very tactile addition to our collection of toys. There is very little weight to it, which makes it easy to handle and use.

      The great thing about this flogger is the ability to tease your OH with gentle brush strokes before surprising them with a firm whip. The tassels make a pleasing sound on contact with skin and are capable of leaving red lines. That being said, I would class this as more of a beginners toy as the length of the tassels does limit the pain/pleasure that can be given.

      Overall I think this is a great toy and will be getting a lot of use in our house. And it would be a great introduction to flogging if you have only used paddles before, or into BDSM if you are just starting on your journey.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Well made and versatile in use.
      En bref
      Great flogger for some BDSM fun.
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