1. Chevillères similicuir Bound to You, Fifty Shades of Grey

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      Créez votre propre mise en scène sur le thème Cinquante nuances grâce à ces exquises contraintes pour chevilles !

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      1. Chevillères similicuir Bound to You, Fifty Shades of Grey

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    1. Description du produit

      Créez votre propre mise en scène sur le thème Cinquante nuances grâce à ces exquises contraintes pour chevilles ! Incroyablement confortables à porter, ces contraintes en similicuir doublées d’un somptueux tissu velouté d’une grande douceur, portent des finitions métalliques dorées de style ancien pour vous inspirer des jeux sensuels opulents à la Christian et Ana.

      Doublées d’un tissu velouté tout doux, ces chevillères sont tout aussi agréables à porter qu’à regarder. Similicuir et fermetures à boucle procurent une contrainte fiable dans toute une pléthore de positions, tandis que les mousquetons à dégagement rapide, assortis au style ancien doré des autres finitions métalliques, vous donneront la tranquillité d’esprit nécessaire pour apprécier vos jeux de contrainte sans retenue.

      Portez ces contraintes avec d’autres accessoires de bondage de la collection Bound to You et partez pour de nouvelles aventures érotiques excitantes en leur compagnie ! Il vous suffira de détacher la chaîne et de les relier à la barre d'écartement ou la contrainte hogtie Bound to You pour découvrir de nouveaux jeux BDSM.

      Pour fêter toute une décennie de découvertes érotiques et de satisfaction profonde, la Collection Plaisir Officielle Fifty Shades of Grey vous invite à vous perdre corps et âme dans les plaisirs ô combien sensuels de l’expérience Fifty Shades.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Chevillères en similicuir doux et sensuel pour jeux de bondage de luxe
      • Similicuir noir et finitions en métal doré style ancien pour créer un superbe style sophistiqué
      • Fermetures à boucle 9 crans réglables de 14 à 24 cm et compatibles avec la plupart des tailles de cheville
      • Similicuir respectueux des régimes végans
      • Accompagnées de l’enveloppe-cadeau Fifty Shades of Grey pour le plaisir d’offrir un cadeau sophistiqué

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    1. Infos essentielles

      • Fermeture: Clip
      • Allergènes: Sans nickel
    2. Sensation

      • Matière: Similicuir

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      1. Chevillères similicuir Bound to You, Fifty Shades of Grey
      2. Chevillères similicuir Bound to You, Fifty Shades of Grey

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        59,95 €

    1. I've been bad

      Avis : 21 septembre 2020 par Delboy1991, un Straight Engaged Female

      Who doesn't want these? We got these to go hand in hand with the Fifty Shades spreader bar. As we are into BDSM we have used every type of restraint you could think of but cuffs are by far my favourite, however, the cold metal and the comfort are not always ideal for long periods of use.

      I couldn't wait to take these out of their envelope type packaging. The metal clips came wrapped in brown tissue paper and you could tell care and effort went into making them.

      The leather scent hits you as soon as you open it. Followed by the touch of soft black fur lining the inside of the cuffs. Wow, they looked, felt and smelt amazing. The gold and black design looked sleek and modern.

      My partner took my ankles, or should I say cankles, and places them in the cuffs one at a time. They felt comfy and snug and I had plenty of room inside. They were easy to attach to the bar with a simple quick and easy clip. No matter how much you pulled at the bar, the cuffs were comfy throughout. I could actually wear them all day and I know they wouldn't give me any trouble. The buckles are easy to do up and have multiple holes to fit all sizes. I was all sizes as I'm confident one will for all.

      I also had the idea to try them on my wrists (unlike my ankles, my wrists are really really small) and on the tightest setting, they fit perfectly for your wrists too. I had to tuck one side of the wrap inside the cuff but again comfort was spot on. 2 in 1, what more could you ask for?

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Soft lining, leather outside.
      En bref
      Goes hand in hand with the spreader bar.
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    1. Perfect addition to your bondage collection

      Avis : 20 septembre 2020 par Throbinhood

      I received these from Lovehoney to review in exchange for an honest review.

      My package came in the usual plain brown box but was different this time around because of its oblong shape. (I love the fact they don't put Lovehoney anywhere on the box either, as in this case I was at work and it was delivered to my neighbour's house instead.)

      On opening the box I was presented by a long vinyl type bag with drawstrings at the top. On opening this, I emptied the contents, which were two ankle cuffs and a separate chain with clips either end. The ankle cuffs had the Fifty Shades of Grey writing on one outside end, a gold buckle and 7 position holes. A soft velvet material was on the inside of the cuffs which made it feel very soft indeed. The gold chain was approx. 9 inches long with the clips and were easy to attach to the cuffs by a simple press of a lever.

      Putting these on your ankles is a breeze and I can't believe how comfortable they are, you can either use the enclosed chain or attach your own additional rope (from Lovehoney of course which I had previously purchased) to the cuff buckles for various bondage play. The possibility with these is endless.

      I've only had these a few days but have already used them a few times in the bedroom department and it's such a turn on being restrained while being teased. These are really well made and strong so see no issues with them for the long term!

      These are a perfect choice for any bondage session.

      I just love the Fifty Shades stuff and I have never had a bad purchase from this range!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Comfortable, strong.
      En bref
      Five stars.
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    1. Comfortably Bound

      Avis : 26 septembre 2020 par Mint-Monster, un Straight Going Steady Female

      Due to the long paper envelope these cuffs come in, I thought Lovehoney had sent me a novelty greetings card to review or something. Upon opening it up, the cuffs are stored in a lovely lengthy satin bag - it looks like a sleeping bag for a snake. All the metal parts are wrapped in paper to keep them safe in transit. I love the simple eco-friendly packaging and wish more items I bought came like this.

      The sexy black and gold colour scheme goes nicely with most lingerie if that's what you like to wear (or simply nothing at all). The metal parts have more of an old-timey brass look to them which is classy. The Fifty Shades stamp on the strap tip is also a subtle touch.

      The inner fuzzy parts of the cuffs are super soft and even the padding underneath has some bounce to it. This makes them very comfortable to wear around your ankles. It's easy to forget you're wearing them at times until you move. The fur also keeps my ankles warm - just in time for the chilly weather. Sometimes it creates a little sweat, but I can just quickly go over everything with a wet wipe. The outer faux leather part isn't stiff and has a great texture. The stitching is mighty fine, too. Excellent overall quality!

      Even though I have narrow-ish ankles, the cuffs fit well on me. The straps have 7 notches and my limit is 4, so this gives you plenty of wiggle room if you have smaller/larger ankles or just want to adjust the tightness. It doesn't feel like I can get out of the cuffs without undoing them. The one thing I don't like is the excess straps. They just hang out and looks a bit sloppy. It doesn't really matter what way you wear them; you have a choice of having the "69" or the "chicken spur" way. The tighter you have the cuffs on, the longer the excess straps will be. I wish there was loop that held them in place to keep things neat and prevent catching on sheets. However, they don't stick out much on notches 1-3.

      Despite the short-chain, I can still carefully teeter around. It can limit some positions during sex/masturbation, but that's the point. I like having that sense of restriction and not being able to open my legs properly makes me feel a little tighter. I love how heavy and sturdy the chain is. The rattling sound it makes is also pretty hot! While the clasps attach securely to the rings, they're still able to be removed quickly in a pinch - even in the dark. The chain has two clasps allowing you to remove it completely unlike some cuffs. You can take it off and leave the cuffs on so you can walk around safely and rattle free. What a great feature.

      Overall, these are a lovely set of cuffs. My partner and I found them exciting. They spiced up some of our standard positions and I even enjoyed using them alone for my own sessions. The only thing I didn't like is how the excess straps made things a little untidy. Loved the guilt-free packaging and the heavy-duty vintage chain. The cuffs do the job well and it doesn't feel like I can break free or weasel out of them (not that I'd want to, anyway). Sexy and sturdy - I like it.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Overall quality. Restrains well. Simple packaging. Satin bag. Comfort.
      Hanging excess straps don't look very neat and can catch on things.
      En bref
      A quality set of cuffs. Classy fun for solo sex and partner sex.
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