1. Anneau cockring luxe rechargeable silicone, Lovehoney

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      Invitez un cockring à votre fête du sexe, vous ne le regretterez pas ! Composé d’un double anneau en silicone soyeux qui compresse le sexe avec délicatesse, cet anneau pénien équipé de 12 fonctions est terminé par de petits picots taquins...

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      1. Anneau cockring luxe rechargeable silicone, Lovehoney

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    1. Description du produit

      Invitez un cockring à votre fête du sexe, vous ne le regretterez pas ! Composé d’un double anneau en silicone soyeux qui compresse le sexe avec délicatesse, cet anneau pénien équipé de 12 fonctions est terminé par de petits picots taquins pour lui titiller le clitoris lors de vos festivités sexuelles. C’est le sex toy idéal pour vos soirées intimes.

      En silicone tout doux, cet anneau cockring stretch s’adapte en prime à la plupart des tailles de sexe. S’étirant de 3,2 à 5,7 cm, le plus petit des deux anneaux se place autour de la verge, tandis que le deuxième anneau, qui s’étire de 5 à 8,9 cm, se porte à la fois autour de la verge et des testicules.

      Appuyez sur son bouton de commande unique pour naviguer entre ses 12 fonctions de vibration puissante, et trouvez celui qui vous fait le plus vibrer à tous les deux !

      Pensez à recouvrir votre sex toy d’une bonne dose de lubrifiant à base d'eau pour connaître le summum du plaisir en sa compagnie !

      Les résultats sont susceptibles de varier d’une personne à l’autre.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Double anneau cockring de luxe avec stimulateur texturé pour plaisir sexuel à deux
      • Idéal pour sublimer le plaisir clitoridien ou périnéal lors de vos rapports de pénétration
      • Fonction de verrouillage pour un transport aisé en week-ends et vacances
      • Rechargeable USB (plus besoin de chercher frénétiquement à remplacer les piles)
      • Double anneau stretch convenant à la plupart des tailles

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    1. Sensation

      • Matière: Silicone
    2. Performance et vitesse

      • Actionnement: Rechargeable
      • Vitesses de vibration: Vitesses et modes de vibration
    3. Infos essentielles

      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Allergènes: Sans latex
      • Allergènes: Sans phtalates

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      1. Anneau cockring luxe rechargeable silicone, Lovehoney
      2. Anneau cockring luxe rechargeable silicone, Lovehoney

        Notre prix
        39,95 €

    1. Worked superbly - added a whole other dimension

      Avis : 28 décembre 2020 par Amante, un Straight Going Steady Male

      This is great.

      Being rechargeable is a great boon as you don't have to fuss with batteries. It fits comfortably on a largish guy and adds an intense effect with the vibration on the woman's clitoris. Seems really well designed.

      It took a while to get used to putting the larger ring around both penis and testicles, fortunately, it stretches a lot but it was a nervous experience putting that on at first but it's been problem-free. It's helped maintain a very strong erection and my partner loves it - her kind of ring!

      I bought four to see which one we preferred and this was head and shoulders above the rest.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Comfortable, superb design, great functionality for the female and male.
      Only dislike when I forget to charge it.
      En bref
      Does the job better than the rest for me.
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    1. Goodness gracious, great balls and power

      Avis : 9 septembre 2020 par MightyMunchkin, un Straight Married Female

      We’ve used a fair amount of cock rings in our time but this was our first foray into the world of the double cock ring. Hubby was a little apprehensive of the thought of stretching the modest-sized looking larger ring around his balls at first but having had quite a lot of ring letdowns in the past we both agreed that this one was a hit.

      This Love Ring comes in its own Lovehoney presentation box – the front panel of the box is magnetic so you can ‘open’ this part of the box to reveal a transparent window and the Love Ring nestled behind adding a ‘gift’ experience for your partner to receive.

      The powerful bullet is integrated into the top of the silicone ring which makes charging really easy - just plug the charging jack into the end of the bullet. Cleaning was easy and the ring air dries well considering the rings are fairly close together. The power button is on the back of the ring nearest the charging side which meant it was easy to find during playtime to cycle up through the settings and patterns. The button was relatively easy to get to during use and there were no unexpected changes by accidental knockings.

      The rings may look a little snug but the silicone wrapping the ring is lovely and soft so I found after warming them in my hands the rings became pleasantly pliable and stretchy. It does require a fair bit of lube and a helping hand from me to get this on but once in place, the larger ring accommodates his balls with no issue and the smaller ring stretches well enough to fit over his girthier than the average shaft. He’s a fan of gentle ball play so the ‘upgrade’ to the tight testicle sensation the ring provides is a great addition to play. The constriction at the base of his shaft ensures a rigid erection throughout wear. We’ve often found in the past that love rings can ‘wander’ by either moving to the side or wanting to squeeze off - the ball loop provides an added bonus of keeping the ring perfectly placed throughout use.

      Compared to other rings we’ve tried in the past the LH Ring boasts a generous amount of power. It literally turned hubby’s whole penis into a vibrator which he could feel along his shaft, in around his balls and of course I could enjoy the benefit too. Despite its power the ring it’s also pretty quiet. I’d say it’s on the rumblier side of the rumble-vs-buzz coin but would think it would suit fans of both depending on position and how you use it.

      I like to grind so the power and size/ shape of the bullet part suited me well - the powerhouse is about 6cm wide and 3cm deep so it fits between us well without compromising on penetration. The lack of bulk was also great comfort-wise during me on top positions and being able to bounce onto the pattern of choice, providing quick stimulation and climax for me (which is most unusual as I’m not normally a power chaser but this mixed with the frequency really did it for me!). We’ve also tried the ring flipped upside down which added extra stimulation for me from behind making this lovely ring a versatile piece of kit for any couple.

      Although hubby thoroughly enjoys wearing this Love Ring, the constriction and power does mean he has to take the ring off to enjoy his own finish (and the instruction booklet advises wear of no more than 30 mins), but with that in mind, this ring could be a be an addition if you’re looking to extend your pleasure penis playtime.

      Overall this a is a great addition to any toybox; I’m very happy that it’s in ours!

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      Strong vibrations for everyone.
      A bit of a knack to getting the ring on but worth it.
      En bref
      Great toy for couples.
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    1. Lovehoney Luxury Rechargeable Vibrating Love Ring Purple

      Avis : 3 septembre 2020 par Justthe2ofus2007, un Straight Married Female

      I received this Lovehoney Luxury Rechargeable Vibrating Love Ring in purple in exchange for an honest review.

      I won’t bore you packaging info, as we all know how good Lovehoney packaging is.

      The double love ring is designed to attach over the penis and to cup the balls, it’s well made from silicone and is latex-free. The silicone is very smooth and feels very luxurious. The rings are stretchy, my husband found the smallest ring to tight too use, so we used it with just 1 ring.

      Being rechargeable is a huge bonus for us, and when it arrived it was semi charged, so we had a good play with the 12 settings before giving it a test ride. I charged up the love ring for 3/4 hours before use, it has a flashy light to indicate it's charging. The charge lasts for ages, we’ve used it 3 times without charging with no problems.

      Before using, we lubed my hubby up, the smallest ring didn’t fit, so we used it with 1 ring, with the vibrating part at the top, so it would reach my clit, we clicked through to our desired pattern and I lubed the top of the nobbly part ready to hit the right spot.

      My husband was impressed with the ever-rolling orgasms it gave me, but it was too intense for him to finish, so we removed it for him to finish.

      All in all, this is a great bit of kit and it did it purpose, it delayed him cumming and kept him hard, the only downside was the size of the smaller ring, but it didn’t hinder our play. A must for any couple.

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      12 patterns of pure pleasure.
      Smaller ring was too tight to fit.
      En bref
      Perfect staple for any couple.
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    1. Talking about good vibrations

      Avis : 1 septembre 2020 par handbanana, un Straight Engaged Male

      Male perspective:

      This is our third investment in a vibrating cock ring but the first that includes a loop over the balls. This does mean you require a lot of lube to put in place and it is a bit uncomfortable to fit over the scrotum but once it's in place it sits very comfortably (again, use lots of lube and do it when you're soft or you're in for a bad time!) and this ensures it's the most stable of any we've tried and it doesn't shift!

      It's got a wife top so seems to hit the right spots and the vibrations do indeed feel good along the length of myself. There's a wide variety of patterns and 3 speeds allowing for a bit of experimenting to find which works best for you both. And the vibrations are by no means soft!

      All in all, I'd say its a very solid investment and certainly the best vibrating cock ring I've had the pleasure of using.

      Female perspective:

      I cannot comment on the feel of this for a man. But for a woman-wow. The shape of the cock ring is secure so that it always stays present on your clit and the mixed variety of vibrations and patterns means you can enjoy a slow tease to complement a fast pace from your man or you can set the vibrations to match his thrust. A wonderful cock ring for an all-encompassing and intense orgasm. Would thoroughly recommend.

      P.S. It's suitable to fit on your finger for solo play.

    2. Note globale :
      7 sur 10
      Doesn't shift when in use and offers equal pleasure to both.
      Hard to get on when fully erect.
      En bref
      Good, high range cock ring.
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