1. Vibromasseur prostate télécommandé Relentless Vibrations, Fifty Shades of Grey

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      Comme si les plaisirs de l’anal ne se suffisaient pas à eux-mêmes, ce vibromasseur prostatique est accompagné d’une télécommande pour ajouter du piment à vos pratiques sexuelles.

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      1. Vibromasseur prostate télécommandé Relentless Vibrations, Fifty Shades of Grey

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    1. Description du produit

      Comme si les plaisirs de l’anal ne se suffisaient pas à eux-mêmes, ce vibromasseur prostatique est accompagné d’une télécommande pour ajouter du piment à vos pratiques sexuelles. De taille idéale pour pénétrer sans souci à l’intérieur, ce masseur de prostate est équipé de 10 fonctions de vibration profondément satisfaisantes pour sublimer votre expérience en sa compagnie.

      Se lovant parfaitement contre la prostate, ce sex toy puissant vous fera jouir au rythme de ses 10 modes de vibration excitants.

      Aisément transportable et entièrement étanche, ce vibromasseur vous suivra sans souci dans toutes vos petites escapades coquines. Vous pouvez l’utiliser pour vous faire profondément plaisir tout seul comme un grand, ou bien confier sa télécommande à qui vous voulez pour enrichir vos préliminaires et autres rapports sexuels.

      Sublimez votre expérience sexuelle en recouvrant bien votre sex toy de lubrifiant anal à base d'eau !

      Issu de la Collection Plaisir Officielle Fifty Shades of Grey approuvée par l'auteure E. L. James.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Masseur prostatique vibrant télécommandé de luxe en silicone pour jeux de couple excitants en toute discrétion
      • Équipé de 10 fonctions de vibration à contrôler à l’aide de sa télécommande, en solo ou en couple
      • Extrémité incurvée, hampe ondulée et base en T pour cibler la prostate et le périnée en toute sécurité
      • Entièrement étanche pour vous accompagner dans vos plaisirs sous l’eau (la télécommande doit rester au sec)
      • Livré avec une pochette de rangement satinée de luxe pour un rangement discret et le plaisir d’offrir

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    1. Dimensions

      • Circonférence: 3.5 pouces
      • Longueur insérable: 4.5 pouces
      • Longueur: 6 pouces
    2. Performance et vitesse

      • Durée: 45 minutes
      • Actionnement: Rechargeable
      • Vitesses de vibration: Vitesses et modes de vibration
    3. Sensation

      • Flexibilité: Ferme
      • Matière: Silicone
    4. Infos essentielles

      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Allergènes: Sans phtalates
      • Allergènes: Sans latex

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      1. Vibromasseur prostate télécommandé Relentless Vibrations, Fifty Shades of Grey
      2. Vibromasseur prostate télécommandé Relentless Vibrations, Fifty Shades of Grey

        Notre prix
        89,95 €

    1. In Search of 'P'

      Avis : 23 septembre 2020 par Melody., un Bisexual Single Male

      Prostate massage: the theory is simple. The prostate is a couple of inches up inside the front of your bum. Hit it right and it secrets fluids that add to semen during climax. 'Milking' the prostate, draws off these cloudy liquids pre orgasm.

      For the last couple of years, I've been trying but never quite hit this target. From a simple silicone plug, to a long metal rod with a bulbous end which felt great and introduced temperature play into the equation. Then an excellent feat of engineering form Nexus which took me so close but had fiddley little buttons. Too distracting at crucial moments. So here I am now: the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' remote control prostate massager. Will I be finally able to lay back, relax and just let things happen without having to fumble about down there and lose my connection to 'P'?

      The first thing to tumble out of the box is a silky, 'single shade of grey' pouch. We are off to a good start. Then the massager itself, lovely and soft to the touch, a palm sized, battery powered remote and a USB charger. Happily, the main product comes pre charged, I think. Not unique to this product, the tiny red/green light makes it difficult for the 1 in 12 men who are challenged by colour. I flick through the simple instructions and a little buzz confirms we're on.

      I test out the remote, cycling through the ten options and varying the intensities. I am suitably impressed with the range. I can't do the maths but it feels like there's an 'infinite' number of variations. A spindly receiver wire protruding from the base of the main unit impacts on the aesthetics but I'm not going to be looking down there, so meh! I hope I don't damage it though, as it looks a little fragile.

      Leaving the unit on its lowest setting, time to apply some lube. As the massager isn't supplied with any, a little tip. Because of its super smooth surface, my first lube just skidded straight off but with a thicker brand, I was able to spread it around and the prostate probe slipped in perfectly. It feels so comfortable and what's more, it stays in. Not a butt plug, a problem I've had with previous P-spot massagers is them popping straight back out, inevitably on the carpet, needing a complete clean. Passion killer. And not only does it stay in but it feels like the tip is resting right on the 'spot'.

      The unit is fairly standard design, the lower two sections are solid whist the final section flexes nicely. I can feel the benefit of this inside me now. Gradually increasing the vibrations the remote sits comfortably in my hand and with just three buttons, there's no need to look. Lay back, relax and cycle through the patterns. My favourites are the intermittent waves. Brr, Brr, Brr ..., Brr, Brr, Brr and surprisingly low intensity vibrations feel really good too.

      With my right hand free to play, not only can I gently stroke myself but I discover that applying some firm pressure to the forward facing part of the base rocks the P Spot from the other side, squeezing it between the two, the internal and external parts. The outside bit of the unit is also very bendy to assist. I'm starting to ooze some lovely sticky clear precum not only sooner but more volume than normal, and oh my, it's starting to turn a little cloudy, milky if you will, not gushing but absolutely there.

      In contrast, the massager itself feels like it is starting to dry out, it seems to need a lot of lube so I coat liberally and now really start to have some fun. Pumping, banging, circling, I found the vibration that's driving my P-spot crazy. Sitting up, I drop the remote and rock back and forward. Fear about the fragility of the receiving unit seem unfounded. Hands free fun. Standing, I start clenching on the wonderful fun inside my bum. Close to the Holy Grail of hands-free orgasm, my body is ready but my mind just somehow won't let go. By now everything is a blur. Scr*w you mind. I pump the massager, still buzzing away with one hand, pump myself with the other and oh the relief! Then, "please make it stop". I press and hold the button in the base of the unit. It shuts down. I lie down. My scrambled brain is still going brrr, brr, brr. I ease the massager out. There's no resistance, so thankfully not the slightest painful moment as I'm done.

      Cleaning is easy, it's so smooth then leave to dry before popping into the silky pouch I mentioned earlier.

      Final thoughts: I have no doubt that experienced 'P' players will have little trouble getting off with this great little product. I also think it is ideal for beginners as it is so much easier to hit the 'spot' and stay focused on it than the many other similar products I've tried. It is also fairly slim so not too daunting if you are new to this game. For myself, my search for P is over - at least in respect of finding the perfect toy. I just need to teach my brain to let go.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Variety and intensity of the vibrations.
      The spindly wire receiver.
      En bref
      P-spot perfect.
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    1. Easy anal orgasms

      Avis : 22 octobre 2020 par PhilJones, un Straight Going Steady Male

      This is a great prostate massager. I was lucky enough to be selected by Lovehoney to test and review it, and it did not disappoint. I put myself forward to review this toy because I have not done any anal play for a little while and wanted to start small again, and because I know I have a preference for vibrating prostate stimulation, over ‘thrusting stimulation’. It has certainly already built up my confidence to use anal toys again, and as such, I would recommend this prostate massager to anybody who enjoys anal play, prostate specific stimulation, but particularly, due to its non-threatening size, people who do not enjoy large anal toys or ‘stretching’.

      As always with Lovehoney, this arrived in record time in discreet packaging. My order was placed by the Lovehoney tester team late on in the afternoon and it arrived first thing in the morning the two days after; great service.

      As is always the case, it arrived in the standard, inconspicuous and unassuming brown cardboard box, along with a few other goodies. No one would have a clue what is inside, which is good news as this is only intended for the eyes of myself and my girlfriend.

      The packaging, though not overly luxurious, was pretty and attractive. It featured a silver and black colour scheme, and the box it came in had a picture of the prostate massager on it, the products’ name and some basic instructions. There was absolutely nothing tacky or garish on it, which is always good news, but at the same time you know you're not buying a top of the range, luxury product. Saying that, I've bought a lot of more expensive products with less aesthetically pleasing packaging, so good job to the manufacturer!

      In use, this was really easy to use. Controlled by an attractive, ergonomic, and easy to use remote control, with good size buttons that even lube covered fingers can operate, I found this toy much easier to use than several other similar products. by It has a number of possible vibrating patterns including 2 continuous ones and a number of pulsing ones. After putting lashings of lube on my myself and the massager, I slipped it in. It didn't go in too easily but that's because I hadn't warmed up first, on later uses it slid in effortlessly. Once it was in, I relaxed and enjoyed the sensations, which were amazing! The toy is designed to target the prostate directly, and its shape did just that - I felt the vibrations intensely directly on my prostate, and by moving my hips, the base of the toy, and by clenching my bum, the vibrations directly on my prostate were enough to

      tip me over the edge. After a lot of very pleasurable experimenting I eventually bought myself to orgasm and it was one of the most powerful ever, leaving me breathless!

      Appearance wise, this massager is a deep, attractive black colour, with the insertable length about the length of my middle finger. It is slightly less girthy than other toys I've used, but that was the whole point in me putting myself forward to test this massager; it’s not large enough to feel like you are being ‘stretched’, but you are definitely aware that it is in there. Probably not so great if you're advanced with anal play, because it might not fill you up enough, but for a beginner or intermediate person to anal play, this would be perfect. The toy is relatively bendy and flexible, with a little give, so is very forgiving, which is a big reassurance for beginners. There is a very large T-bar on the base, about an inch in each direction, and this is what really drew me to the massager - I have a fear of anal toys travelling, but rest assured that won't be happening with this massager. The toy was luxuriously soft to touch with no horrible new sex toy smell.

      After care for this needs antibacterial sex toy cleanser as there is a risk it's got some nasty stuff on. Unfortunately, it's not waterproof, so can't clean it under a tap, but, due to its sleek design, cleaning is pretty easy!

      Overall, I recommend to those people moving on from beginner anal toys.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Strong vibrations, good intermediate anal toy.
      En bref
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    1. Good remote function, poor overall design

      Avis : 23 septembre 2020 par rockstar, un Straight Married Male

      I enjoy anal and prostate stimulation so I was looking forward to testing this toy. Unfortunately, it was not what I had hoped for.

      It arrived in a smart black box along with a storage bag, a charging lead and a small instruction booklet. It is powered by a removable and rechargeable remote-controlled bullet vibrator which fits into the base of the massager. The bullet has a number of speeds and patterns all controllable directly or via the remote control. The remote function has a decent range and functions well.

      The problem arises because the silicone plug, even at it's largest point, has a relatively small diameter and the neck (the narrowest section) is relatively wide because the bullet has to fit inside this section. Consequently, the toy would not stay in place. Being small, it was easy to insert but slid out again straight away. The only way to keep it in place was to sit on it and this was awkward too as the bullet protrudes significantly from the base of the toy.

      Once I had found a comfortable seated position to hold it in, I started up the bullet. The vibrations are powerful but buzzy rather than rumbly. Unfortunately, they are also in the wrong place. The bullet is located in the neck of the toy so the vibrations are concentrated around the anal sphincter rather than higher up at the prostate. The sensations were nice but there was little or no prostate stimulation. One or two of the pulse patterns were quite stimulating but overall the toy is disappointing.

    2. Note globale :
      6 sur 10
      The bullet and remote control work well.
      Wouldn't stay in place.
      En bref
      Not a good piece of design.
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