1. Coffret gode ceinture vibrant double pénétration Double Up, Lovehoney

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      Quoi de plus gratifiant que de donner du plaisir ? En recevoir en même temps ! Redoublez de satisfaction main dans la main grâce à ce coffret gode ceinture 4 pièces ! Accompagné d’un mini vibromasseur, il sublimera vos pratiques sexuelles en profondeur.

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      1. Coffret gode ceinture vibrant double pénétration Double Up, Lovehoney

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    1. Description du produit

      Quoi de plus gratifiant que de donner du plaisir ? En recevoir en même temps ! Redoublez de satisfaction main dans la main grâce à ce coffret gode ceinture 4 pièces ! Accompagné d’un mini vibromasseur, il sublimera vos pratiques sexuelles en profondeur.

      Avec ce coffret double péné, faire la fête du slip est aussi simple que d’enfiler une culotte. Celle-ci est équipée de 2 anneaux en O intégrés, l’un placé sur le devant de la culotte destiné à accueillir le gode rose pétard pour satisfaire la personne pénétrée, et l’autre logé dans le gousset qui maintiendra le mini gode noir entre les cuisses de la personne qui la porte.

      Le gode rose fait 12,7 cm de longueur insérable. Sa circonférence de 7,6 cm est idéale pour les débutants. Le petit gode noir fait 10 cm de longueur insérable et 10 cm de circonférence. Il est équipé d’un emplacement dédié à l’insertion du mini vibromasseur.

      Le mini vibromasseur fonctionne sur 2 vitesses et 5 modes de vibration différents. Il est livré avec 6 piles LFR44 pour vous permettre de débuter les festivités sans plus tarder. Il est également 100 % étanche pour vous permettre de vous faire plaisir sous l’eau.

      Pour profiter pleinement de votre sexfriend, pensez à recouvrir vos deux godes d’une bonne dose de lubrifiant à base d'eau.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Coffret gode-ceinture double pénétration pour enrichir vos pratiques sexuelles à deux
      • Gode vibrant équipé de 7 fonctions de vibration pour donner du plaisir à la personne qui porte la culotte
      • Culotte facile à enfiler et à utiliser pour ne pas avoir à trafiquer avec les sangles d’un harnais et ses anneaux en O

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    1. Sensation

      • Type de tissu: Coton
    2. Infos essentielles

      • Allergènes: Sans phtalates
      • Allergènes: Sans latex
    3. Dimensions

      • Diamètre anneau en O: 1.25 pouces

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      1. Coffret gode ceinture vibrant double pénétration Double Up, Lovehoney
      2. Coffret gode ceinture vibrant double pénétration Double Up, Lovehoney

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        69,95 €
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    1. Double Dip

      Avis : 21 mai 2020 par CoffeeRain

      I'll never stop praising the presentation of this range of products. The packaging always looks so clean and fresh and simple. Inside you'll find the briefs, with the two dildos packaged separately plus the vibe and its spare batteries in an extra package.

      I went with the larger size as I normally wear sort of 12-14 but my weight has been fluctuating with all the time spent at home now during quarantine.

      The O-rings are set up, you just need to slip the vibe into the back dildo and slip it to the inside ring. I had very little struggle with this. Just a little bit of fabric that got trapped but a quick tug freed it. And then slip the pink one in the front. Lube up and slip in!

      The vibe is actually super powerful and has a few little speeds and functions - nothing you won't have seen before. It's a nice fit, too and I found it sort of helped keep the briefs in place during action time.

      Obviously, there's no obligation to be penetrated while you play with these as everything is removable. I also found that the O-ring at the front is the perfect size for the life-like lover from the same range. Just the balls won't come through so you'll have a fun ball bulge, haha.

      As I expected, in use, the fabric does stretch a degree so you'll have more fun if you keep the pink super lubed so there's never too much drag which can happen with longer sessions sometimes.

      Overall I'd say it was super comfy compared to many straps, and maybe better for shorter sessions than longer and more intense. Of course, make sure you clean everything thoroughly before and after.

      Also, not impossible for use with solo play. If you're a transguy or enby, and okay with penetration, you might find it an interesting way to play with yourself as the dildo on the front is well lined up for some friction.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Comfy and easy to set up/get on.
      Pink dildo a little small.
      En bref
      Fun for something a little different.
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    1. Comfy for both

      Avis : 18 mai 2020 par PHJH, un Straight Married Male

      We were lucky to receive this as a test product. Upon opening the discreet packaging the white Lovehoney boxing was revealed showing the product itself, nothing wrong with that! Instructions were basic, it took a little faffing to get the two dildos orientated, but once in they both felt sturdy.

      Starting with the harness, soft to touch, comfy for my wife to wear and the fit was good. Stretchy fabric that hugged her 8/10 build. All good so far. The dildo with bullet insert for her was a little small in length and girth for her liking, but the vibrations added extra pizazz. The thinner external dildo was narrow in girth but great for a beginner, for me, perfect for pegging, I prefer the sensation of her being dominant and not the sensation of stretching. So I thought it was perfect in size, others may prefer a larger dildo to receive.

      The O-rings could possibly accept a large dildo of you have them, but not massive!

      My overall experience with this kit was great, my wife also loved it, the only drawback for us was the briefs could be sexier, maybe lace detailing or sheer panels would add to the sexy look. Others may prefer larger inserts but it was great for us. We really enjoyed testing and using this product, in fact, we have already used it a few times, it's becoming a go-to kit!

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Fit of briefs, size of external dildo.
      Internal dildo could be bigger and briefs could be sexier.
      En bref
      Great kit to push boundaries and switch up control.
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    1. Cute, practical, excellent for beginners

      Avis : 23 mai 2020 par Smultron, un Bisexual Other Female

      I live in Sweden and all mail is being delayed due to the pandemic, so I received the usual discreet box from Lovehoney about a week after it was shipped.

      The box this strap-on set comes in has a photo in the front, information and use instructions on the sides. Inside, each item is packaged separately.

      I love the design and colour combination on these briefs. They look boy-ish, but still feminine. They are well made, the materials feel soft and are elastic but sturdy. I'm a dress size 14-16 and got the briefs in L-XL. I'd say they comfortably fit a size 12 because, although, I could put them on, they were a very tight fit.

      Both dildos feel very nice and smooth to the touch and are somewhat flexible, especially the pink one. This makes it perfect for beginners, particularly for pegging! The black one is curved in such a way that it directly hits my G-spot and feels amazing when I move my pelvis. However, I would have liked if it was girthier. I can definitely see me wearing these briefs outside under my clothes, only with the inner dildo in place.

      The bottom of the black dildo is hollow, so that the bullet vibrator can be inserted in it for additional fun! The vibrations can be felt throughout the dildo. Going through the speeds and patterns is super easy, at the push of the button on the bottom of the vibrator. The bullet can also be used on its own for intense clitoral orgasms!

      Personally I find it easier to slide in both dildos before slipping into the briefs. The diameter of the black dildo fits exactly the O-ring on the inside of the briefs. The pink dildo is thinner than the O-ring on the outside, but doesn't pop out thanks to its wide base. The tight fit of the briefs holds it securely in place and it wasn't flopping around during play. I think it's great that the O-ring on the outside is larger so that it's compatible with larger dildos. I'd like it if the one on the inside was larger as well.

      I covered both dildos with water-based lube and pulled up the briefs. The pink was great for warm-up! When my partner was ready, we switched to a regular-sized dildo so I could really go to town on him.

      Compared to classic strap harnesses, briefs are easier to use since there's no fiddling with straps and buckles. Additionally, you avoid chaffing because of the straps.

      Cleaning is easy-peasy. Wash the dildos with fragrance-free soap, throw the briefs in the laundry along my other underwear, then let everything air-dry.

      All in all, this briefs strap-on set is a great alternative to strap harnesses. It's great for beginners, especially if you're trying pegging for the first time. Looks cute, works well, and a bigger dildo can be used on the outside. Love the curve of the black dildo and the strong vibrations. However, the briefs were a tight fit on me and I would have liked a larger O-ring on the inside.

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      Cute, quality materials, strong vibrations, G-spot stimulation, compatible with larger dildo on the outside.
      Briefs very tight on me, O-ring on the inside could be bigger.
      En bref
      Lovely set overall and excellent for pegging beginners.
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