1. Vaginette texturée Ana Foxxx Silk, Fleshlight Girls

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      Laissez-vous "envelouter" par la texture Silk super soyeuse de ce Fleshlight ! Mesurant 23 cm de profondeur, ce masturbateur vaginette aux couleurs de la star du porno Ana Foxxx vous accueillera à lèvres ouvertes dans un canal au relief stimulant.

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      1. Vaginette texturée Ana Foxxx Silk, Fleshlight Girls

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    1. Description du produit

      Laissez-vous "envelouter" par la texture Silk super soyeuse de ce Fleshlight ! Mesurant 23 cm de profondeur, ce masturbateur vaginette aux couleurs de la star du porno Ana Foxxx vous accueillera à lèvres ouvertes dans un canal au relief stimulant. Invitant vos ardeurs à franchir des lèvres labiales directement moulées sur l’entrejambe d’Ana, ce sex toy réaliste au toucher ne demande qu’à vous donner beaucoup, beaucoup de plaisir.

      Dissimulé dans un boîtier discret offrant une prise en main aisé, le manchon de masturbation regorge de passages stimulants pour vous mener en crescendo jusqu’au bouquet final. Retirez tout simplement le manchon du boîtier pour le nettoyer après usage !

      Vos fantasmes vous paraîtront d’autant plus réalistes si vous retirez votre manchon de masturbation de son boîtier pour le faire tremper dans de l’eau chaude avant de vous précipiter à l’intérieur. L’addition de lubrifiant à base d'eau est un must pour vivre une sexpérience glissante à souhait.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Manchon de masturbation Fleshlight Girls à l’orifice directement moulé sur les lèvres labiales de l’actrice X Ana Foxxx, texture signature Silk
      • Masturbateur pour homme bestseller de la marque Fleshlight pour prendre du plaisir comme si vous y étiez avec une actrice de films porno
      • Manchon réaliste au toucher directement moulé sur les lèvres labiales d’Ana Foxxx pour faire de vos fantasmes une douce réalité
      • Manchon texturé Silk au relief varié pour vous offrir une stimulation sexuelle intense
      • 23 cm de profondeur pour permettre une immersion totale de la plupart des tailles d’érection
      • Boîtier nacré offrant une prise en main facile et un contrôle total sur son système de succion, idéal pour votre plaisir de mâle et un rangement discret de votre sex toy

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    1. Dimensions

      • Profondeur: 9 inches
      • Ouverture: Vagin
    2. Sensation

      • Matière: Plastique souple
    3. Infos essentielles

      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Allergènes: Sans phtalates

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      1. Vaginette texturée Ana Foxxx Silk, Fleshlight Girls
      2. Vaginette texturée Ana Foxxx Silk, Fleshlight Girls

        Notre prix
        79,95 €

    1. Great feel, very realistic and wonderful to use with a partner

      Avis : 28 février 2020 par Slow & Steady, un Straight Going Steady Male

      First things first we have to acknowledge the wonderful Ana Foxxx whom this toy is designed on. My partner and I both adore her, so her Fleshlight was a natural extension to our lovemaking.

      It was my partner's idea to buy this for me. I had bought her some toys and she wanted to reciprocate. As she offered, I accepted, but hadn't had the idea to buy it myself.

      What I will say is it feels great. It's very realistic and I'm so pleased that she was so generous.

      Whether you use it alone or with a partner, I can highly recommend. It really comes into its own though, when incorporated into foreplay with my partner. It's very sensual when she uses it on me and adds a totally new dimension and sensations. I can only describe it as adding another layer to foreplay, closer to the real thing.

      Some reviewers of some models have described reaching climax quickly because of the lifelike feeling, but for me, it has actually enhanced the amount of time taken before climax. The feeling is so good, and the overall pressure very surrounding, it allows one to get used to strong sensations and manage it better. That has translated to making love to my partner for longer as wonderful sensations become more normal, and one is able to sit in and enjoy the good feeling rather than rush it.

      It's worth googling how people and couples use Fleshlights. Some articles say you can mimic a threesome with the fleshlight, and that's certainly true with a little imagination and a partner who wants to do the same.

      In terms of other products that support the Fleshlight, the heater allows it to be warm when you enter it, but it does not maintain the heat very long, it just helps initial entry feel more realistic, which is worth it. I used Lovehoney's own water-based lubricant and it works just as well as the Fleshlight branded lubricant, but lubricate you must.

      This is a Rolls Royce toy, and you get what you pay for, accessories are not cheap, but the experience is worth paying for, and it's important to treat it well for longevity.

      A male masturbating aid is very much seen as a single man's domain, but I can only emphasise how well this toy works and enhances lovemaking with a partner, and I highly recommend for couples who are happy to use toys together.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      It's Ana Foxxx! Great sensations, very realistic, helps longer lasting lovemaking.
      Not cheap but you really get what you pay for.
      En bref
      Great on your own, even better as foreplay with a partner.
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    1. Ana Foxxx fantasy Fleshlight

      Avis : 14 novembre 2019 par bondagegod, un Straight Married Male

      The realism that Fleshlight masturbators hold as they are moulded on several different girls antimony does play its part in them being the best male masturbators on the market.

      My newest Fleshlight certainly is no exception as I received the Fleshlight Girls Ana Foxxx Silk Texture from Lovehoney newest collection that they are now stocking.

      The masturbator arrived in the standard packaging that Fleshlight provides with all their toys, yet each time you get a sense of the luxury that awaits. While sexually I feel this is the beginning of the pleasure as there are images of the particular Fleshlight Girl to which the sleeve has been moulded on.

      The 9-inch body-safe TPE sleeve is held inside a gorgeous pearlescent case which has a removable cap either end. Beginning with the larger front cap which lies in wait underneath is a perfect mould of Ana's sexually pleasing vaginal lips that look a delight to penetrate.

      Beginning play with the Fleshlight I do prefer to warm the sleeve first as this adds to the realism of the masturbator. A light application of water-based lube to the inner sleeve and tip of my penis helps to provide a smooth thrusting during play.

      Penetration into the sleeve did set the tone for the sexual pleasure that I experienced throughout the session, as there was an ideal tight feel as my erect penis slowly slipped through Anna vagina. As this allowed for an instant stimulation that was further raised as I slipped myself inside the sleeve as the range of different textures that surround the inner sleeve could quite clearly be felt.

      This became further evident during thrusting as I took full advantage of the 9-inch sleeve and worked and thrust it slowly over the length of my erection. As the combination of the vaginal entry and the textures build up my sensitivity and pleasures, alongside the visual side which creates a fantasy element, this perfectly stimulates me that does result in an enjoyable climax to reach a level of stunning sexual satisfaction.

      The second smaller cap which is positioned at the end of the sleeve allows you to manage the level of suction control. I do find that just a slight release of the cap creates an ideal amount of suction while allows you to enjoy a smoother movement of the sleeve during thrusting.

      Due to the open-ended nature of the sleeve, this does aid you in the cleaning of the masturbator after use, as it easily allows you to rinse out any lube or body fluid. Before cleaning the sleeve with a sex toy cleaner. To dry I do prefer to leave it to dry naturally overnight to dry before applying a renewal powder the following day to help maintain the quality of the sleeve.

      Overall the Fleshlight Girls Ana Foxxx Silk Texture is a masturbator that has made fantasies come true during solo and couple play. As it ideally has made me enjoy a masturbation session of pure epic pleasures.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Ana moulded vagina does create a sexy appealing masturbator.
      En bref
      Stunning realistic masturbator to enjoy alongside the stimulating textures.
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