1. Vibromasseur point G 10 fonctions Awaken, Lovehoney

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      De forme courbe, tout lisse et flexible, le vibromasseur Awaken est parfaitement sculpté pour exacerber le point G.

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      1. Vibromasseur point G 10 fonctions Awaken, Lovehoney

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    1. Description du produit

      De forme courbe, tout lisse et flexible, le vibromasseur Awaken est parfaitement sculpté pour exacerber le point G. Équipé de 3 vitesses et 7 modes de vibration différents, il s’accommode tout autant des séances de plaisir solo que des rapports sexuels en couple (et plus si affinités).

      Si le point G peut s’avérer difficile à cibler (mais c’est le top du top quand on met le doigt dessus !), pas de souci, ce sex toy est spécialement étudié pour le traquer.

      En prime, ce vibromasseur spécial point G peut être utilisé pour taquiner simultanément vos zones érogènes internes et externes et vous donner des orgasmes mixtes à volonté si tel est votre souhait.

      Et pour celles qui aiment à exprimer toute la portée de leur extase sous la douche, sachez que ce vibromasseur est également étanche.

      Mettez du beurre dans votre assiette sexuelle en recouvrant votre sex toy de lubrifiant à base d’eau afin de donner davantage de saveur à vos délices érotiques.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Vibromasseur courbé pour une stimulation ciblée du point G
      • 3 vitesses et 7 modes de vibration offrant tout un menu de sensations fortes
      • Petit et discret pour faciliter vos escapades coquines
      • De proportions non intimidantes idéales pour débuter
      • Entièrement étanche pour vous permettre de jouer sous l'eau

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    1. Performance et vitesse

      • Info piles: 2 x piles AAA
      • Actionnement: Piles (non incluses)
      • Vitesses de vibration: Plusieurs vitesses
    2. Dimensions

      • Circonférence: 5 pouces
      • Longueur insérable: 6 pouces
      • Longueur: 7 pouces
    3. Sensation

      • Flexibilité: Flexible
      • Matière: Plastique souple
    4. Infos essentielles

      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Allergènes: Sans phtalates

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      1. Vibromasseur point G 10 fonctions Awaken, Lovehoney
      2. Vibromasseur point G 10 fonctions Awaken, Lovehoney

        Notre prix
        22,95 €

    1. Has potential to be amazing

      Avis : 29 septembre 2019 par Antonio Stark, un Straight Married Male

      So we were lucky enough to receive this as a test product from Lovehoney. Thanks, guys and girls! We're very grateful.

      The G-spot vibrator as the title suggests, has potential to be a bedroom favourite. It arrives in the usual discreet packaging. Upon unboxing, it's inside a plastic wrapper. I'm not too keen on this as it takes away from the excitement and makes it feel less sexy if you like.

      The vibrator is bright pink, pretty cool colour, but not discreet if that's what you're after. The silicone that it's made from is the type that isn't soft, it's glossy and again we don't find the material sexy. It's also slightly tacky that even a wash won't get rid of. This is personal preference though. We prefer the soft silicone that you get with more expensive products.

      The vibrator uses two AAA batteries. Whilst this is the norm, we prefer paying extra for a rechargeable one. The cap where the button is isn't the best design. If you're playing with your partner and the vibe is inside, if you try to change the speed you end up pushing in further inside them as it's difficult to press. However, it's not huge as it's a G-spot vibrator, so won't be uncomfortable.

      On the whole it feels slightly cheap.

      How did it work? Well this is the winner. It worked amazingly! I partnered it with oral and my wife had an orgasm within minutes. She also squirted, which hasn't happened before. So it definitely does the job it's intended for. It has about 10 patterns to go through of varying intensities and patterns, but you'll know what works for you. The vibrations are pretty intense, which is really good, but, it is on the loud side. You also have to hold the button to turn it off.

      If you're looking for a cheaper product then this in fairness is probably it! Move past the cheaper feel of it and focus on the job at hand. It delivers pleasure with a punch.

      Aside from the initial feel, it's a great product that does what it's designed to do perfectly. Plus as above, it made her squirt!

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Intense vibrations lead to great G-spot stimulation.
      Cheap feel.
      En bref
      Good product that could lead to squirting.
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    1. Simple and effective

      Avis : 4 octobre 2019 par RosyCheek, un Straight Married Female

      The G-spot orgasm is by far my favourite, so I am always on the lookout for something new to assist me.

      The packaging is so refreshing as with all Lovehoney branded products. It is strictly no nonsense, no hardcore images and no smut. Love it.

      The vibrator is beautiful to look at. The pink is so bright and shiny, it is almost mesmerising! The material itself has a bit of a stick to it, but with a slick of water-based lube and it glides with ease.

      The vibrator, although ridged, has a slight flex to it. The flex makes it easier to manoeuvre but gives less pressure onto that sweet spot. You have to take the pros with the cons!

      For being battery-operated, this has great rumbles to it. Usually vibrations as strong are found with rechargeables. There are a great range of speeds and patterns, and with a decent branded set of batteries play can last as long as you can handle. It isn't too noisy either. When used under the covers it is almost muffled to silence. Perfect when needing to be discreet, as long as you cover your mouth!

      This gave me good orgasms, not as strong as a more rigid C-shaped G-spot vibrator, but still good.

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      The colour, light weight, variety of speeds and patterns.
      The curve isn't as prominent as what I need.
      En bref
      Perfect start to search for that sweet spot.
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    1. Awoken

      Avis : 25 septembre 2019 par For Your Eyes Only x, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Ah Lovehoney, providing me with another wonderful toy that’s both aesthetically and physically pleasing! Even the box it’s packaged in satisfies the perfectionist in me.

      The toy itself a beautiful vibrant pink and stands out amongst my collection. It’s a strong, sturdy toy and curves perfectly to sit comfortably against the G-spot. It’s smooth and sleek and the build quality is faultless. The design of it is fool-proof with just one button operating the power and setting changes, and coupled with its non-intimidating size I’d recommend this for beginners.

      The first setting is a lovely steady buzz, which is what I’d happily use all the time, while the next is a slightly stronger buzz, which still hits all the right spots. However, the next is quite an intense, heavy vibration which is a little too much for me (and probably the beginners I previously recommended this for.) Even holding it in the palm of my hand on that intensity makes my hand go numb super quickly! If you get off on strong G-spot stimulation then this is the setting for you. The proceeding settings are a mix of various patterns and speeds. Flicking through them and finding what suits your body best is lots of fun and there’s bound to be a few that take your fancy.

      With the stronger vibrations comes quite a lot of noise. Let’s say it wouldn’t be a toy I’d use if I wanted to be subtle. On my own though? Let’s go to town.

      My only other qualm is the faff that’s involved with battery operated toys, fiddling to get the batteries in (and half the time having to do it again because you’ve put them in the wrong way just me?) and removing them to keep them tip-top once the deed has been done. It’s only a small hitch and wouldn’t put me off purchasing this product. I’d just keep my supply of AAA’s topped up and I’d be good to go.

      Overall a great toy to own, whether it’s your first or one of many in your collection. It’s great for beginners but has qualities that would please a lady who’s a little more experienced in the G-spot stimulation and intense vibration department!

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      Design, quality, variety of settings.
      A few of the speeds, noise.
      En bref
      Great toy, pleasing in many ways for novices and pros.
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