1. Vibromasseur baguette magique malléable Soft Feel Supersex, Tracey Cox

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      Envie d’un petit tour de magie ? Abracadabra ! Cette baguette de massage vibrante en silicone liquide se transforme en sex toy malléable !

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      1. Vibromasseur baguette magique malléable Soft Feel Supersex, Tracey Cox

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    1. Description du produit

      Envie d’un petit tour de magie ? Abracadabra ! Cette baguette de massage vibrante en silicone liquide se transforme en sex toy malléable ! Issue de la collection Tracey Cox, elle ne compte pas moins de 10 fonctions de vibration coquines pour vous faire du bien en solo ou en compagnie. Idéale pour pratiquer les massages érotiques, cette baguette magique d’un autre genre est en passe de devenir votre nouveau sex toy préféré.

      « Le vibromasseur baguette magique est mon sex toy de choix pour la stimulation sexuelle en solitaire, parce c’est un sex toy à la fois puissant et portatif. »

      Mais ce qui différencie vraiment ce vibromasseur des autres, c’est la texture en silicone malléable dissimulée sous sa finition en silicone velouté à souhait. Résultat ? Ce sex toy se moule aux contours de l’anatomie féminine comme jamais !

      Sa tête chercheuse lisse et arondie transmet 3 vitesses et 7 modes de vibration différents là où le besoin se fait le plus sentir, que ce soit entre les épaules ou entre les jambes. En prime, ce vibromasseur baguette magique équipé d'un système de verrouillage est également étanche et rechargeable USB.

      Pour booster le plaisir ressenti, pensez à badigeonner votre sex toy de lubrifiant intime à base d’eau.

      Sexperte de renommée internationale, Tracey Cox a publié de nombreux ouvrages sur la sexualité, le langage corporel et les relations humaines. Elle a été l’invitée de nombreuses émissions télévisées aux heures de grande écoute, tant au Royaume Uni qu’aux États-Unis et dans de nombreux autres pays.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Vibromasseur baguette magique à texture malléable, équipé de 10 fonctions de vibration puissantes et rechargeable USB pour vous faire des massages excitants
      • Silicone liquide malléable épousant les contours du corps, revêtu d’un silicone soyeux tout doux au contact de la peau
      • 3 vitesses et 7 modes de vibration puissants
      • Entièrement étanche pour vous permettre de vous faire plaisir dans le bain ou sous la douche
      • Rechargeable USB avec 120 minutes de charge pour 45 minutes de plaisir
      • Équipé d’une fonction de verrouillage pour votre tranquillité d’esprit lors de tous vos déplacements

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    1. Dimensions

      • Circonférence: 6.5 pouces
      • Longueur: 7 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Flexibilité: Flexible
      • Matière: Silicone
    3. Performance et vitesse

      • Actionnement: Rechargeable
      • Vitesses de vibration: Vitesses et modes de vibration
    4. Infos essentielles

      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Allergènes: Sans phtalates
      • Allergènes: Sans latex

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      Vibromasseur baguette magique malléable Soft Feel Supersex, Tracey Cox 21 4,5 sur 5 4,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Vibromasseur baguette magique malléable Soft Feel Supersex, Tracey Cox
      2. Vibromasseur baguette magique malléable Soft Feel Supersex, Tracey Cox

        Notre prix
        79,95 €

    1. My Precious... it’s so squishy

      Avis : 20 novembre 2020 par MsSubExperimenter, un Straight Single Female

      I’d seen this recommended so picked it up when it was on an offer and I’m super glad I did.

      I’ll be honest, the first time I used it I was underwhelmed because the super soft liquid silicone muffled the vibrations, or so I felt. I’m used to and generally prefer, powerful vibrations but this wand just directs them differently.

      It took me a while to motivate myself to try it again, but it was worth it! Perseverance is key!

      I’ve found that because of how soft the head is, you can apply as much pressure as you want to without worrying about chafing or pain. The silicone cushions the area around the direct contact point and the resulting ripples of pleasure are delightful!

      It feels really good being used as a massager anywhere on the body and the soft head really comes into its own again when you use it on knots or sore muscles, it spreads the vibrations over a wider area rather than being pinpointed on a tiny area which can be painful.

      It’s easy to control, you don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong button and it’s pretty quiet which is a definite plus point. I also love the colour!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The versatility and the unique squish.
      En bref
      Quite possibly both my favourite magic wand and pain relieving massager!
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    1. Magic ideal description for a wand

      Avis : 6 novembre 2020 par DV Spice, un Straight Single Female

      I have used it naked, also through pyjama bottoms knickers and a sanitary towel. I suffer from severe migraines and this wand is the best migraine reliever around.

      Also it takes you from horny to finished in no time flat. I use the highest speed, press button 3 times and I'm totally in another headspace after using it.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Simple and easy to use.
      Nothing, it's amazing.
      En bref
      A wand that is truly magic.
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    1. I am addicted to the squish

      Avis : 25 septembre 2020 par Marie Flower, un Bisexual Other Female

      This has quickly become my go-to wand.

      The Tracey Cox Wand arrived quickly and has absolutely blown me away with the deep rumbly vibrations contained in such a small package. Not only does it fit nicely in your hand, but it is waterproof and so quiet! The wand is covered in a sleek, purple, body-safe silicone with a surprisingly soft moldable head. This is from the squishy liquid silicone underneath the surface that absolutely contours to your body in the most delightful way. This is my first wand to have this feature, and I absolutely love it. The squish allows you to apply the firm pressure you need, but with a pillowy soft application. You can start as soft and gentle as you want, but I do not find that it is so soft that it interferes with getting you to where you need to be. It really is the perfect balance.

      The mini wand included an instruction booklet and a USB charger. The instructions were laid out very simply, and easy to navigate. If this is your first wand you will not be disappointed (if this is your 10th wand you will not be disappointed!). After charging your toy, you will quickly be able to jump into 10 super fun functions to enjoy alone or with a partner. With 3 steady speeds, and 7 patterns you won't be bored with your new toy any time soon. It is a great introduction to sex toys in partner play, due to the wand’s lovely royal purple colour, and non-intimidating size.

      My favourite feature has to be that this wand is 100% waterproof. I love this so much because that not only means I can take it into the bath with me worry-free - but it also makes cleaning an absolute cinch. I can suds it up in hot soapy water without any worry what so ever.

      If you want to really spoil yourself you can add a little water-based lubricant. I find this really brings out the squish, and allows me to get the most enjoyment out of my wand time. I also love pairing it with several of my insertables (Tantus Curve is a favourite!) for absolutely mind-blowing blended orgasms.

      I initially bought this wand for the small size and travel lock feature. I had no idea it would be the one I keep reaching for time and time again. This has fully convinced me I need to try more products by Tracey Cox, because I am absolutely addicted to this squish!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The distinctive pillowy feel of the silicone is divine.
      I loved everything, it is absolutely my new favorite wand.
      En bref
      A unique wand that is quiet, waterproof, ergonomic and has a squishy soft head.
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    1. Delightfully Squishy

      Avis : 30 mars 2020 par Mint-Monster, un Straight Going Steady Female

      I'm always on the lookout for innovative toys to add to my collection, so this new squishy wand went straight on my wishlist. I have a few Tracey Cox toys that have been hit and miss, but this is definitely a huge hit for the clit.

      For a wand, the size is very manageable and I think it would make a great travel companion. There's a bit of weight to it and the quality is superb. The wand head is just the right size for sweet broad stimulation while not getting in the way of another toy or person. I can also use this wand quite comfortably while laying on my back or front. Along with the compact size, that lovely pastel purple shade adds to the cute but sexy feel of this toy.

      The wand charges easily with the self-sealing silicone port and prong inserted into the base. The button light will let you know when it's ready to go. This light also pulses to the rhythm of the setting you have it on during use, but surprisingly, it isn't bright or irritating at all. In spite of the instructions suggesting that the power lasts about 45 minutes, this toy seems to last longer than all my other vibes that state the same time (unless it's just really efficient at making me climax).

      It only has a single button to keep things simple. However, this button is pretty flat to the surface of the toy so it can be tricky to find when you're feeling around for it. I've also mixed it up with the CE markings on the other side a few times as it's another textured stamp/indentation. This could be a challenge to turn off quickly if the situation called for it. The light from the button helps a little when fumbling around in the dark, though. Even when I'm not looking for the button, I have accidentally pressed it a few times during use. I often have to make sure my hand is gripping the handle in a certain way to avoid this. Basically, I don't trust it very much and I think the placement or design could be better for it.

      So how squishy is this wand? Well... I'd say it's delightfully squishy, but quite tricky to describe in words - you'd just have to feel for yourself. The head is made of liquid silicone with a harder core that dishes out the vibes. I suppose the closest thing I can compare it to is like squeezing your face/cheeks and being able to feel your bones underneath. It's super soft to the touch and I love cupping it in my hands. This softness also makes it so comfortable during use (especially when it's warm). Another great thing about the squishy head is that nasty pinches against other things are not a worry.

      There's a nice selection of settings for the vibes that include constants, rhythms and pulses. There's only two irregular or "2-in-1" patterns; this is great for me because I can't stand them in general so it gives me more to work with. The lowest speed doesn't do much for me, but the one after that seems to be my kryptonite. For the first few times I used it, I couldn't help myself but to just climax on that setting. It was like I was stuck at level 2 on a video game (and a blissful level 2 at that). It's pretty powerful for its size and I actually managed to orgasm on every setting apart for the three I already mentioned.

      The vibes are more rumbly than buzzy and go well with the soft wand head. However, the noise from the toy is quite noticeable. Having some background noise helps, but you won't need to blur your speakers to cover it up. A big plus about this wand is that it doesn't "rattleR against your body or other toys when you hold it close - once it has a noise level, it will keep it that way. This is one of the issues I have with my other wand, so I'm really happy the squishy wand does away with this problem.

      This waterproof wonder wand is super simple to clean with some toy spray and water. Effortless! Especially when you compare it to trying to clean a mains wand (oh, the horror). I like to heat up my toys before use and for this, I'll balance it upside-down in my half-filled sink so the head gets warm. This makes for a more pleasant session, but that's just my personal preference. You can also easily warm it up in your hands like a ball of putty or just keep it cool if that's your thing.

      Overall, I think this a fantastic addition to the wand world and it has quickly risen to be one of my favourite toys. The vibes feel great and the small size gives you a lot of freedom compared to other wands. Oh! But the squishy head is the reason you will buy this thing - everything else is just a nice bonus thrown in. If you love broad stimulation (and squishy stuff), then it's a must-have.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Squishy head. Compact size. Battery life. Quality. Vibes are great.
      The button. A bit noisy.
      En bref
      This wand made me believe in magic.
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    1. Squishy cloud

      Avis : 10 mars 2020 par angel_butts69, un Bisexual Engaged Female

      I only bought this because it was heavily discounted and I'm easily influenced, and I could not be happier I did!

      I wasn't particularly in the market for a wand as I primarily use a small vibe and insertable toy, and prefer intense and targeted vibrations.

      BOY did this change my mind. The pillowy double-layered head (which I could not stop stroking), combined with powerful rumbly vibrations, has added a whole new dimension to my play-time!

      Probably not best suited for dual-use with another toy, but the size and softness of the head make it perfect for partner play.

      Also genuinely strong enough for power-users, thank god!

      I recommend this wand! I'll be telling my friends about this one.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Soft head, really well made, good packaging, strong vibrations, unique design.
      Proprietary cable. I don't like having unique cables for multiple devices.
      En bref
      Soft and cute cloud of multiple orgasms. Go girl!
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