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    1. Gants latex noirs, Rubber Girl

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      Bien plus fun qu'une paire de gants Mappa, ces gants en latex moulant mettent la touche finale à votre tenue fétichiste et donnent instantanément le ton à une soirée intime aux accents kinky.

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      1. Gants latex noirs, Rubber Girl

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    1. Description du produit

      Bien plus fun qu'une paire de gants Mappa, ces gants en latex moulant mettent la touche finale à votre tenue fétichiste et donnent instantanément le ton à une soirée intime aux accents kinky. Vous avez déjà envisagé de vous laisser caresser par une main gantée de latex ? Non ? Eh bien c'est l'occasion rêvée !

      Attention ! À leur arrivée, les tenues en latex ne présentent pas l'aspect brillant qu'on leur connaît et paraissent de bien plus petite taille qu'elles ne le sont en réalité.

      Pour enfiler vos gants, pensez à vous procurer un flacon de lubrifiant au silicone ou un produit d'aide à l'enfilage du latex. Faites bien briller le tout et brillez à votre tour !

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Gants en latex noir pour accessoiriser vos tenues de soirée d'une touche fétichiste
      • Latex stretch et robuste pour mouler de près
      • Faites briller le latex avec un produit spécial latex qui lui redonnera tout son brillant
      • À enfiler avec une poudre, un lubrifiant ou un produit conçu pour l'enfilage des tenues en latex
      • Fabriqués en latex respectueux du véganisme
    1. Sensation

      • Contient du latex: Yes
      • Matière: Latex

    Rubber Girl Latex Guide des tailles


      Rubber Girl Size Bust Waist Hip
      Small 30 - 33" 26 - 28" 32 - 35"
      Medium 34 - 37" 29 - 31" 36 - 40"
      Large 38 - 41" 32 - 35" 40 - 43"
      Extra Large 42 - 45" 36 - 39" 44 - 47"

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      1. Gants latex noirs, Rubber Girl
      2. Gants latex noirs, Rubber Girl

        Notre prix
        12,95 €
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    1. SLAY-tex

      Avis : 18 août 2018 par DreamsOfChi, un Straight Married Female

      So pleased to be able to test these Rubber Girl Latex Black Gloves for Lovehoney. As, indeed, was my husband when, in exchange for his honest opinion, I promised him a super slippy glove-clad handjob - how helpful and selfless of him!

      I opted for the size Large because, even though my dress size is more 14-16 than 12-14, I have fairly slender hands/arms. In retrospect I actually think that the 10-12 would have been a better fit for me as, when worn, these gloves do look more like sexed-up rubber gloves than the sort of figure-hugging dominatrix vibe I was expecting.

      Getting them on was really easy, possibly because they were on the large side for me. There was lots of room in the gloves, most noticeably around the cuffs, they don’t cling to your wrists and, given the design, I don’t think they would even with the much smaller sizes. The gloves didn’t sit tight on my skin - there was at least half an inch room left at the tip of each finger, and my fingers are probably on the longer side of average.

      My husband tried them on too and, while they fit more snugly on his actual hands (but not super skin tight), there was, again, a small space at the fingertips and a slight gape at the wrists. You know that 'blooper' in ‘Predator’, where the Predator’s fingers bend back ‘cos it’s a man in a rubber suit and not an actual alien (obviously)? It was a bit like that. Except with the added bonus of a distinctly biological, squeaky sound every time I clenched my fists. That in itself was quite entertaining - though I wouldn't say getting beaten 3-2 in a game of ‘Name That Tune’ is my usual idea of good foreplay.

      Once we’d grown bored of playing Farty Sex Gloves, I shined up the gloves with some silicone lube which made them look gorgeous. Neither of us have what you’d call a latex fetish, but we both like the look of shiny, tight fitting clothes and we both loved how this made my hands look, despite the gloves not being anywhere near skintight. I have never owned latex gloves before, but I really enjoyed the feel of rubbing my slippery fingers over each other (and my husband, and myself for that matter) - kinky and sensual, very sexy.

      I think my husband would have preferred these gloves to be longer in length because the mid wrist cut-off does give them a slight air of ‘Fairy Liquid chic’ and I don’t find washing up particularly sexy either. I know Lovehoney sell the longer length version, though, so maybe that will be my next treat. I was impressed with the quality of these gloves, they have a fair amount of stretch in them (though I didn’t need it) and, I imagine, they would be quite hardwearing. Obviously don’t go rock climbing in them, but if you’re using them for masturbation, fisting, massage, spanking or any other kinky fun, they should last you a good long while.

      Overall, I love the concept of latex gloves and the feel of them on my skin. My husband declared them 'one of the best sex toys we've ever had' and felt they added more to his handjob than any stroker or sleeve he's ever used - high praise indeed. From my perspective, wearing the gloves did reduce sensation to a point, so I was mildly aware of not being overly, ummm, 'enthusiastic' in case the material snagged due to lack of lubrication. No need to worry, though, as a little bit of lube keeps these bad boys super slippy for a good long while. They felt amazing on my own skin and my husband enjoyed watching me experiment with running them over my body. A definite win/win.

      A double shiny thumbs up for the kink factor too. Not to mention the great price - for 12 quid, I think these are well worth a speculative purchase if you want to test the latex water. If you’re already a full-blown latex connoisseur you may be disappointed with the fit of these. Either way, just remember to err on the smaller side when selecting a size, particularly if you’ve got Kim Kardashian’s hips but Kate Moss’s fingers.

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      The shiny look, the slippery feel and the kink factor.
      Not as skin tight as I would have liked.
      En bref
      Super sexy, but opt for a smaller size if you don't have large hands.
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    1. Look ridiculous, feel great

      Avis : 7 février 2019 par MrsBell, un Bisexual Married Female

      I absolutely love latex and have quite a few pieces, so was really looking forward to these arriving. I sized down after reading another review but they were still huge. I'm a size 16-18, so sized down to the 12-14, but they were still baggy, especially around the wrists as mentioned by other reviewers.

      You don't get any of the amazing clingy latex feel because of how big they are. From the outside they feel nice be touched and they shine up well. Unfortunately I needed them for an event, so didn't have time to exchange them.

    2. Note globale :
      5 sur 10
      Felt nice to be touched with.
      Ridiculous sizing.
      En bref
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