1. Mini vibromasseur baguette magique contrôlé via appli rechargeable Domi 2, Loven

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      Avec encore plus de pouvoir magique que la baguette d'Albus Dumbledore, ce vibromasseur contrôlé par appli de Lovense est idéal pour se faire encore plus plaisir en couple, de près ou de loin...

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      1. Mini vibromasseur baguette magique contrôlé via appli rechargeable Domi 2, Loven

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    1. Description du produit

      Avec encore plus de pouvoir magique que la baguette d'Albus Dumbledore, ce vibromasseur contrôlé par appli de Lovense est idéal pour se faire encore plus plaisir en couple, de près ou de loin, grâce à un nombre incalculable de modes de vibration à votre portée ou à la portée de votre partenaire.

      Prenez Domi 2 en main si vous souhaitez gérer manuellement ses pulsations puissantes et ses modes de vibration programmés, ou bien connectez-le à l'application Lovense et explorez un nombre infini de vibrations différentes depuis l'autre bout du monde.

      Reposant sur un cou flexible, sa tête en silicone ferme vous permettra d'appliquer autant de pression que vous le désirez dessus, quel que soit le point sensible que vous cherchez à stimuler. Rechargeable, ce vibromasseur sans fil vous accompagnera sans souci dans tous vos déplacements internationaux, surtout si vous lui promettez une bonne dose de lubrifiant à base d'eau pour jouer avec vous.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Mini vibromasseur baguette magique super puissant idéal pour stimuler les zones érogènes externes
      • Tête en silicone tout doux au toucher
      • Découvrez ses modes de vibration programmés ou bien connectez-vous à l'appli Lovense et à une infinie pléthore de modes de vibration
      • Fonctionnant via Internet, c'est un toy parfait pour les relations longue distance
      • Rechargeable USB pour une utilisation facile partout dans le monde

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    1. Dimensions

      • Circonférence: 5.5 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Flexibilité: Ferme
      • Matière: Silicone
    3. Performance et vitesse

      • Actionnement: Rechargeable
      • Vitesses de vibration: Vitesses et modes de vibration
    4. Infos essentielles

      • Étanche: Résistant aux éclaboussures
      • Allergènes: Sans phtalates

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    1. Lovense Domi APP Controlled Rechargeable Mini Wand Vibrator

      With more power than Dumbledore's wand, this app-controlled vibrator from Lovense is perfect for couples who want to add some serious oomph to their playtime - from any distance. Explore unlimited vibration patterns that you or your partner can control.

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      Mini vibromasseur baguette magique contrôlé via appli rechargeable Domi 2, Loven 8 4 sur 5 4 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Mini vibromasseur baguette magique contrôlé via appli rechargeable Domi 2, Loven
      2. Mini vibromasseur baguette magique contrôlé via appli rechargeable Domi 2, Loven

        Notre prix
        149,95 €

    1. OMG, this is so powerful

      Avis : 24 novembre 2020 par Teaser92, un Straight Engaged Male

      Bought this for my fiancée as she loves her clit being played with! As soon as she tried it she said omg this is so powerful!

      Opening the box it looks nice and slick. It's easy to connect to your phone and what makes it better from others is you can make a pattern and save it to the toy rather being stuck with just the default vibrations and also tease your other half while shes playing with it!

      The battery has held up really well and the build quality is top notch.

      We now have Lush 2 in our wish list!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The head is very flexible and amazing power.
      A bit pricey but worth it if you've got good discount.
      En bref
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    1. Functionality for the modern sex toy purveyor

      Avis : 28 octobre 2019 par MK7, un Bisexual Going Steady Male

      I love this toy. For so many reasons. You'd think for a cordless wand. You're not going to be able to get that much power, and for the price, you'd think that might not be at all worth it. However, I own 3 wands prior to this, and this one is by far the most powerful.

      The small and compact size does it wonders. Without the app, this thing starts on an incredible manageable speed for magic wand standards. Most of them on their lowest speeds are a little intense. This one, however, is so accessible. Anyone can use it without feeling overwhelmed. Going into the higher speeds, it becomes obscenely powerful, and despite that power, it's my quietest wand. Still not so quiet you can be super discreet with it, but a lot more usable than my others.

      It's easy to charge, it's easy to clean, there's very easy to use buttons and lights that flash on and off to know when it's charging, charged, how powerful it is, the build quality is excellent, and it just oozes quality in my hand.

      And then there's the app.

      If I were to try and find a single flaw with the app. The only one that I would be able to find is that the app doesn't continue working once closed. You have to leave the app open at all times during play. Outside of that, allow me to dive further into it.

      First and foremost, the app also works on desktop, which is a rarity for bluetooth toys. You can use a little USBkey from Lovense to connect it to your computer and use a downloadable client to do all of the things that the mobile app does without any of the worries of it stopping once you close the app, because you can just minimise it and it still works. It solves the issue, if not less convenient than having your phone out.

      The bluetooth does work worldwide. I had somebody from the USA use the function while I was here in the UK. It didn't cut out, there was no lag, it worked in real time and was excellent. The interface is easy to use. You can just use a sliding scale, a graph, you can draw your own live patterns or lock them in place. It's excellently designed and very easy to use.

      The music and voice features are astounding. The voice feature is perfect for the teases of the world. You can be as soft or as firm as you like and control the power, and it works incredibly well. You can discern all the differences in power with the loudness of their voice. This becomes even more intense on the music synch feature, which can hit some absolutely intense speeds and powers. Plus, it lets you synch to your Spotify, so you can pick whatever easygoing or high BPM songs you like.

      It's hard for me to find a fault with this toy. The app could continue running when minimised so I can do other things. It could be a little quieter, but by wand standards it's still very quiet.

      I can't call this the perfect toy, but if this doesn't get five stars from me, nothing will.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Tons of functions, insane power.
      App could run in the background better
      En bref
      I'll never get bored of this powerful punch of a wand.
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    1. My favorite wand

      Avis : 27 août 2020 par Deefacedstar

      This is part of the Lovense collection of cam girl style toys that can be used for cam sites, long distance couples or even a freaky night out while one of you are lonely at home!

      You’ll never feel forgotten with this toy, trust me! The whole collection is a must. This, the Nora and the Lush were my very first toys and they really opened my horizons - not to mention, they paid for themselves!

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Connectivity options, different attachements available online.
      It can be a little powerful by itself - it’s a wand after all!!
      En bref
      A must-have for cam performers, long distance lovers and lovers wanting spice it up!
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    1. Practical uses of the Domi

      Avis : 18 février 2020 par SWOhioBull513, un Straight Other Male

      The Domi is a good sturdy toy that has a lot of good benefits. One of the main things I love about this mini wand is the compact design and sleek look.

      It's more quiet and easily concealed for the ones with little ones that like to explore lol.

      It has the Bluetooth option which works well for those not, so close lovers and play partners.

      Holds a decent battery life, but that’s the only drawback I have is that I wish it had a shorter recharge time for the battery life it has.

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      Speed and durable.
      Battery life.
      En bref
      Good buy for the money and decent to add to any collection.
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    1. Gives exactly what you want

      Avis : 31 mars 2018 par Sweetest Sam, un Bisexual Married Female

      The packaging for the Domi is really nice. That's always a good start for me.

      When I got it out of the box I was really pleased with how the Domi felt. It is easy and comfortable to hold and the material is just so soft. Even before turning it on it couldn't stop touching it!

      I was so excited to try out the APP for the Domi and I am pleased to say it was so easy install, set up and sync with my Domi.

      You can even name your toy - that made me giggle!

      I've played with the 'patterns' function on the APP so far and it really is amazing. You create your own pattern of vibrations, set it to loop, pop your phone to one side and off you go. It's great to personalise what your Domi can do for you anytime you use it.

      I haven't had chance to use the 'music' or long distance functions out yet, but I can't wait to do so.

      My Husband is also looking forward to trying out some of the APP functions. This brings an element of playfulness into it and makes it a great toy for couples.

      The vibrations are soooo powerful though! I don't think I've ever owned anything as powerful as this one. I don't think I could personally handle too much of the high settings and also with great vibrations comes great noise obviously. It isn't 'waking the neighbours' loud or anything like that, but you couldn't be discreet if using it with other people in your house lol.

      I think the Domi is amazing and I am so glad I have one in my bag of tricks now. I think there will be lot's of fun to be had with this one!

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      The rationalisation of vibration patterns and the feel to touch.
      A little loud, but nothing too bad.
      En bref
      Very powerful and the APP is fantastic.
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