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    1. Ensemble string bustier résille grande taille Provocatease noir, Lovehoney

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      Cet ensemble string bustier de notre collection Provocatease est tellement tellement sexy qu'on ne trouve même pas les mots pour le décrire ! Mais on va faire de notre mieux...

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      34,95 €

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      1. Ensemble string bustier résille grande taille Provocatease noir, Lovehoney

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    1. Description du produit

      Cet ensemble string bustier de notre collection Provocatease est tellement tellement sexy qu'on ne trouve même pas les mots pour le décrire ! Mais on va faire de notre mieux... Alors, disons que string et bustier sont taillés dans une résille à maille large sexy et révélatrice, que le dos bordé de dentelle festonnée est follement séduisant, et que le décolleté outrageusement plongeant et le string ficelle minimaliste ne lui laisseront aucune chance.

      Immodérément moulant, le bustier dos nu dessine un croisé de dentelle qui met les rondeurs en valeur sur le devant et forme un empiècement ajouré affolant au niveau du corsage.

      Au bas du bustier, 4 anneaux en O accueillent une série de jarretelles qui vous permettra d'ajouter une paire de bas à l'ensemble, tandis que le string ficelle mettra votre croupe féminine superbement en expo.

      Le modèle mesure 1,65 m, fait un 46 de taille et un 95F de poitrine. Elle porte la taille One Size Queen.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Bustier sexy en résille et dentelle grande taille avec string ficelle et porte-jarretelles assortis
      • Résille à maille large pour laisser entrevoir la peau nue au travers
      • Décolleté largement ajouré pour mettre votre corsage en valeur
      • Croisé de dentelle sur le devant pour créer l'illusion d'une taille plus mince
      • 4 anneaux en O avec jarretelles
      • Bustier de style ras-de-cou en dentelle s'attachant au niveau de la nuque
      • String ficelle assorti pour mettre la touche finale à cet ensemble sexy
    1. Sensation

      • Matière: Résille

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      Ensemble string bustier résille grande taille Provocatease noir, Lovehoney 5 5 sur 5 5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Ensemble string bustier résille grande taille Provocatease noir, Lovehoney
      2. Ensemble string bustier résille grande taille Provocatease noir, Lovehoney

        Notre prix
        34,95 €
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    1. Flashing in Fishnet

      Avis : 7 juillet 2018 par MrandMrs.Anonymous, un Straight Engaged Male

      Mrs A - For those of you who have not ordered lingerie from Lovehoney before, the orders are sent out rapid and are perfectly and discretely packaged. By this I mean that lingerie is generally sent out in an appropriately sized brown padded envelope with no markings of the Lovehoney branding, therefore when delivered it looks like a normal boring everyday package... it's once opening that the boring package gets exciting.

      Now I don't know about you, but for me it's a turn-on when receiving a delivery from Lovehoney, generally because you know what's inside it and also it's the anticipation of using/wearing whatever it is you have ordered. Now that feeling is a bonus that comes free of charge from Lovehoney, such a great brand. So upon opening my delivered package the underwear comes inside its own basic plastic packaging and contains only branding on the general tags that you would have on a lingerie garment.

      So I then hold aloft the item so that it unfolds in front of my very eyes and what a delight I see. A very striking and potentially revealing piece of sass with the softest of fishnet fabrics, all bonded together with a laced and elasticated 'body frame' which connects the fishnet sections and help wrap the body deliciously.

      I couldn't wait to try it on. I went for a quick, and I mean quick, shower in excited anticipation to try this piece on. After showering and a quick towel dry I dressed my naked tingling body in this piece of soft and Sexy Fishnet Bustier Set. It takes a short time to get Into, in terms of adjusting the fishnet material to be caressing the right parts of the body and I was also all fingers and thumbs in the netting, and that was just putting it on.

      But after slight tweaks it was on, and as well as feeling very comfortable, I felt full sex bomb given you can see almost everything, but also feeling of being slightly covered with the fishnet so there still a left for the imagination. The piece fits most of my curves perfectly, but my only minor issue is that if you do not have reasonably sized boobs then the cup section of the outfit is a little loose, in my opinion, though if your boobs do fit it well then the halterneck piece does keep them up a little giving slight support and there are plenty of openings in the fishnet for your probably erect nipples to not feel strangulated and also be clearly visible.

      It's a striking piece when on and filled with the curves of a real woman. Combined with the thong which is also mostly fishnet it looks the part, and even though I'm not a thong kinda girl it certainly completes the look, and a thing in the bedroom is not a bad thing eh. I love it and it is a very, very sexy, revealing addition to my bedroom lingerie collection.

      The combination of fishnet and lace makes me feel naughty as it's so revealing, but naughty in a turned on sense, especially paired with a pair stocking and suspenders. It's a real turn-on wearing this and I cannot wait for Mr A to see me and put the materials through the real test.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The combination of the fishnet with the lace trimming is beautifully designed and executed.
      Boobs size would be relevant in order to fill the boobs section properly.
      En bref
      A sexy, revealing piece which leaves little to the imagination.
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    1. Whoa

      Avis : 3 juillet 2018 par Terri JJ

      This exactly the type of thing I love, sexy with a hint of bondage about it.

      It is packaged in a clear bag. Okay, I guess, but if it's for a gift you'll need to spend a couple of pounds on a pretty bag. It's incredibly stretchy and surprisingly soft. Often fishnet can feel a bit 'string' like but not so here and the lace trim is also soft and adds interesting detail.

      Easy to get this with no help so great if you want to surprise your partner. I stepped into it and simply pulled it up. The lace halter/collar does up at the back of the neck with a very simple fastening, no ripping my ears off trying to get it over my and once done up, it didn't cut off the circulation from the neck up! A bit of wriggling and adjustment of my boobs and it looked great!

      I'm 5ft 2ins with a 40F bust (typically I need a 20/22 on the top and a 16/18 on the bottom) and this fits perfectly. I'm impressed that my boobs fit in beautifully and due to the front design it does offer quite a decent amount of support.

      The adjustable suspender straps are joined to the bustier with black metal rings and the fastenings to hold up stockings are also metal, much better in my opinion than the plastic ones which often break. I needed the straps on the shortest adjustment so this would definitely fit someone much taller.

      The G-string is well, a G-string but it fits nicely and matches the outfit well, also saves having to find one to go with it. I highly recommend this outfit. It's not a 'frilly girly girly' item but I love the bad girl image it gives. It's also incredibly comfortable and stays where it's supposed to.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Great fit, lovely fabric, love the image it portrays.
      Nothing, I love it !
      En bref
      Good quality item, sexy as hell, highly recommend.
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    1. Have you ever gone fishnetting for sexy lingerie?

      Avis : 28 juin 2018 par Ms.HideAway

      A bustier in black fishnet with lace... do I need to say more? Yes, please.

      First off, it is important to note sizing in a lingerie review. There are times as a US Size 12 / 36-38 D cup I end up falling right in the middle of size ranges on Lovehoney and question what sizing should I order of typical vs. plus size to get the best fit.

      If you fall "in the middle" like me and do not like things to be super tight and possibly pinch on your body I am happy to report that this fits really lovely. It hugs my body without being overly tight. The fabrics have some nice stretch to them that I can see fitting a range of sizes. So if you are toggling between sizing just order what makes you feel sexy and this piece certainly does that!

      The fishnet is a nice spacing that allows your body to be seen but really looks striking and naughty. The edges are finished off with a soft and stretchy elastic and lace edge. Everything is nice and soft and feels nice against the skin.

      On my body, I loved best how this piece framed my breasts with the front keyhole and halter neckline. There is a clasp behind the neck for ease in dressing. The lines with the lace trim down the front of the garment are really striking and slimming to the eye.

      The four stocking straps hang off a round circle and are black ribbon that covers a slide attacher. I found these a bit fidgety to attach to my stockings but it is pretty standard to similar garments and once you have it secured you know you are all set.

      This set includes a matching G-string. Frankly I was not in love with how the straps looked on my hips on the overall lingerie piece and I prefer to leave lingerie on during sex so I plan to skip it and wear it without since getting it off with stockings straps over it would be a mood killer.

      I recommend checking out the Lovehoney Cuban Stockings in nude with the black back seam for a sexy and slimming look to pair with this or a traditional black stocking always works!

      This bustier really holds you in considering there is no bonding or binding... which feels so much more comfortable and moveable to wear it out under a dress or to have extended play with it on.

      Thank you, Lovehoney, you have once again released a new lingerie look I love on my body!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      So comfortable to wear, Soft fishnet fabrics.
      Need patience to attach stockings.
      En bref
      Love it.
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