1. Kit de bondage Bind Date (8 pièces), Lovehoney

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      Une soirée romantique ne se limite pas forcément à un dîner aux chandelles ou à une poignée de pétales de roses négligemment éparpillée sur votre dessus de lit. Créez une toute autre forme de love story et explorez le corps l'un de l'autre avec ce kit...

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      1. Kit de bondage Bind Date (8 pièces), Lovehoney

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    1. Description du produit

      Une soirée romantique ne se limite pas forcément à un dîner aux chandelles ou à une poignée de pétales de roses négligemment éparpillée sur votre dessus de lit. Créez une toute autre forme de love story et explorez le corps l'un de l'autre avec ce kit de bondage pour débutants qui inclut tout le nécessaire pour vous faire découvrir les joies de la domination et les attraits de la soumission !

      Dans ce kit sexy, vous trouverez un bandeau pour les yeux, un plumeau chatouilleur et un mini vibromasseur pour vous initier aux jeux sensoriels, ainsi que des contraintes soyeuses pour poignets et chevilles et une contrainte de dessous de lit pour démarrer les festivités avec des jeux de bondage fun.

      Inclut également un jeu de dés érotiques et un jeu de cartes Kama Sutra pour vous souffler des idées coquines et enflammer la nuit si besoin est.

      Ce kit contient :

      - un bandeau pour les yeux pour jeux de privation sensorielle

      - un plumeau chatouilleur pour éveiller ses sens partout partout

      - un mini vibromasseur pour une stimulation sexuelle ciblée

      - un jeu de dés érotiques pour innover spontanément dans la chambre à coucher

      - un jeu de cartes Kama Sutra pour découvrir de nouvelles positions (ou tout simplement pour faire une partie de cartes !)

      - 4 contraintes soyeuses pour immobiliser poignets et chevilles

      - une contrainte de dessous de lit 4 coins

      - un mode d'emploi pour vous aider à faire vos premiers pas dans le monde du bondage

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Kit de bondage 8 pièces pour nuits blanches orgasmiques
      • Accessoires pouvant être utilisés indépendamment les uns des autres ou ensemble, offrant des jeux de bondage entièrement customisables
      • Idéal pour les couples cherchant à passer au niveau supérieur dans leurs jeux de bondage
      • Matières et toys non intimidants adaptés aux niveaux débutants
      • Pour un rendez-vous galant qui sort de l'ordinaire

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    1. Lovehoney Bind Date Bondage Kit (8 Piece)

      Romance doesn't have to be all rose petals and candlelight. Create a love story of a different kind and explore your kinky side with this beginner-friendly bondage bundle, which includes everything you need to bring power play to any passionate liaison

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      Kit de bondage Bind Date (8 pièces), Lovehoney 15 4,5 sur 5 4,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Kit de bondage Bind Date (8 pièces), Lovehoney
      2. Kit de bondage Bind Date (8 pièces), Lovehoney

        54,95 €
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        43,96 €
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        10,99 € (20%)

    1. Down to Bound

      Avis : 10 janvier 2021 par xCindy_Bradx

      As a couple, we both like the idea of bondage and Sub/Dom kinks but have never had any experience with it. We decided to start easy and buy a beginners kit.

      We choose this specific kit as it came with a feather tickler rather then a ball gag or whip, which we decided was maybe a bit to heavy to begin with. The first night we got it we had to use it and we are so glad that we did.


      I have never used an under mattress restraint before nor have installed one. I briefly read the instruction on the side of the box and with a slight gist of what to do in my head I began.

      The instruction say two-person installation. It was so quick and easy I did it on my own in under a minute. Plus we have a very heavy mattress and a sleeping baby not too far away from the bed. Adjusting the straps to get the correct bed size was easy, a lot easier then adjusting straps on any other product. No issue whatsoever. Easy as anything.

      Under mattress restraint:

      Once installed I pulled on the straps of the under mattress restraint to test its durability and hold. No doubt in my mind that any struggles or disobedience from my sub would be counteracted from this restraint.

      The build quality of this restraint is really good. Is seems very strong and well made. Doesn’t feel cheap at all.

      Adjusting the under bed restraint during the bondage, to swap the subs position, was fast and easy. I was worried that adjusting the length of the straps or unclipping the cuffs would take ages and kill the mood, but it was easy and effortless. Mood remained in tact.

      Silky restraints:

      The feel of these brushing across your skin in amazing. It makes your hairs stand on end and creates some real sensory magic. I loved the feel so much that I made sure to put them on my sub when she was blindfolded as they add just a sensory explosion. Plus they feel so comfortable to wear.

      We have used Velcro handcuffs in the past but found them to loud to take off, which stopped us using them. The fact at these are silent is amazing.

      The quality is really good and they provide a lot of durability against being tugged on.


      A good-quality blindfold that blocks out all the light and proves great covering for the eye. We did find that the blindfold kept falling off, which could have ruined the mood if my sub didn’t keep her eyes closed. Would be better if there was a drawstring style tightening system.

      Feather tickler:

      We choose this kit for the feather tickler over ball gags and whips. For us this was the right choice. Whips would be to loud for us and ball gags were too heavy to begin with. Especially as I wanted my subs mouth to be easily accessible. It is a good part of the kit, and the first tool I used on my sub, who said she found it very ticklish, but thrilling because of being blindfolded at the same time.

      Dice and Cards:

      Both of theses are nice little added extras for this kit that have a wide range of uses. Had a brief look at them but haven’t used them yet. My thought is to use them later when I run out of ideas or want to long out a bondage session.


      Haven’t used this yet as we have our own toys that we wanted to use during this bondage session. Namely the LH Turn me on vibrator kit, which was a great set to use alongside this kit.


      Just beware these are just written briefly on the side of the box. Not an extensive sheet or booklet as expected.

      Overall this is an amazing kit to introduce you to the world of bondage. It is easy to use and install. The products are all great quality and offer a lot of fun. The kit being so simple means that it's comparable with loads of other products that you can incorporate as you become more confident and want to explore the world of bondage further.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Easy to install, good quality, very silky sensory feel.
      Blindfold is too loose, instruction aren’t like they are made out to be.
      En bref
      A perfect kit for beginners, gives you hours of fun.
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    1. Love it

      Avis : 15 octobre 2020 par MrsG09, un Straight Engaged Female

      I bought this to spice things up a little with the hubby and I must say this is more than amazing.

      We have both enjoyed being tied up and blindfolded and it has now become a regular thing during our time in the bedroom. It is great for beginners like us who want to try something new.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      How easy it is to use.
      En bref
      Best buy by far.
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    1. Bondage fun

      Avis : 19 août 2020 par QueenMistress, un Straight Single Female

      This bondage set is amazing! Love the under-bed restraints! Really comfy! I loved being blindfolded by my partner while being tied up and tickled by the feather!

      Loved the cards as well was fun looking at the cards and getting new ideas for what we could try! The dice are also fun ! And bullet surprisingly powerful!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Under mattress set.
      En bref
      Amazing fun.
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    1. I have the power

      Avis : 15 septembre 2019 par Cal95, un Straight Married Male

      This is our first introduction to any sort of bondage or being controlled and well what can I say, it didn’t disappoint! This was probably one of the best and naughtiest nights we’ve ever had!

      The kit is so easy and quick to install it literally took us less than 2 minutes from being unboxed to being ready to go! Its simple design is completely foolproof and is impossible to install wrong! We’ve never done anything like this before so we are both completely new to the bondage scene but this is the perfect kit to start with or to add to a collection,

      Just setting it up got the wife all flustered and to my surprise, it was her idea to get, so glad she did! The feeling of being in control of her orgasms and being able to tease and do what I wanted without her being able to do much was just incredible! The softness of the feather tickler on her body made her so sensitive and horny it was so hot I didn’t want to stop!

      The silk restraints are very soft on the skin and don’t leave any marks or friction burns and can be used for arms alone or for all 4 limbs to be tied up! My favourite! Once the blindfold is on your mind just runs wild and the body becomes overwhelmed with senses! The small and mighty bullet is a great way to start heating things up and packs an almighty punch! It has 7 very easy to use speeds from slow pulses all the way up to screaming intense orgasms haha.

      The sex position cards are great to use any day of the week we find them quite amusing and very eye-opening to say the least whilst the fixes are perfect for foreplay and getting things going!

      I was so surprised at how big the restraints go we have a king-size bed and it would easily fit a queen or even bigger they expand so much it’s really good, and not having to take it off every time we’re finished with it helps a lot as well. We just took the dangly bits inside our bed and it’s completely hidden.

      I honestly don’t have anything and to say about this kit. I find it very easy to use and a great introduction to the world of bondage.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Being in control of my wife’s orgasms and being teased myself.
      Honestly found this kit perfect in every way.
      En bref
      An amazing experience and a perfect introductory kit into bondage.
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    1. Wow, what a amazing addition

      Avis : 14 septembre 2019 par Cal95, un Straight Married Male

      This is the first time we’ve ever tried any type of bondage, and being beginners in this area I can’t recommend this product enough! It was amazing!

      To feel and be in control of everything and to edge towards orgasm was just perfect!

      The feather tickler is perfect to stimulate, whilst the tiny yet unbelievable powerful bullet touches all the right spots! Very easy to use and a perfect addition to anyone’s collection!

      The cards make a great little addition also with new positions and spice things up a little!

      Amazing piece of kit! 5 star!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      En bref
      Perfect for beginners and anyone wanting to be controlled or take control.
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