1. Mini vibromasseur rechargeable, Mantric

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      À la fois incroyablement puissant et incroyablement discret, ce mini vibromasseur de style rouge à lèvres vous mettra vite le rose aux joues. Revêtu d’un silicone super soyeux, il est équipé de 10 modes de vibration intenses...

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      1. Mini vibromasseur rechargeable, Mantric

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    1. Description du produit

      À la fois incroyablement puissant et incroyablement discret, ce mini vibromasseur de style rouge à lèvres vous mettra vite le rose aux joues. Revêtu d’un silicone super soyeux, il est équipé de 10 modes de vibration intenses qui n’attendent que votre bon vouloir pour se mettre au service de vos désirs.

      Avec une seule touche d’opération et des LEDs multicolores indiquant clairement le mode de vibration sélectionné, ce mini vibromasseur est facile à utiliser. Entièrement étanche et hypoallergénique, il se fait un malin plaisir de titiller toutes vos zones érogènes externes sous la douche ou sous la couette.

      Recouvrez votre mini vibromasseur de lubrifiant à base d'eau et ciblez vos points sensibles de son extrémité fuselée, ou bien laissez-le vibrer de toute sa longueur sur votre peau en effervescence !

      La devise de Mantric, c’est simplicité, qualité, efficacité. Livrés dans un packaging tout ce qu’il y a de plus simple, les sex toys Mantric sont des produits de qualité exceptionnelle qui ne font aucun compromis sur le plaisir intense qu’ils promettent.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Mini vibromasseur super puissant pour vous titiller partout partout (à usage externe seulement)
      • Extrémité fuselée pour permettre une stimulation ciblée
      • 10 modes et vitesses de vibration offrant tout un registre de plaisirs variés
      • Fabriqué en silicone tout doux et entièrement étanche
      • Base équipée de LED mémorisant votre mode de vibration préféré
      • Rechargeable USB avec 150 minutes de charge pour approximativement 90 minutes de plaisir
      • Fonction de verrouillage pour éviter que votre sex toy ne se mette accidentellement en marche

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    1. Dimensions

      • Circonférence: 2.75 pouces
      • Longueur insérable: 3 pouces
      • Longueur: 3.5 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Flexibilité: Rigide
      • Matière: Silicone
    3. Performance et vitesse

      • Actionnement: Rechargeable
      • Vitesses de vibration: Vitesses et modes de vibration
    4. Infos essentielles

      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Allergènes: Sans phtalates
      • Allergènes: Sans latex

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      1. Mini vibromasseur rechargeable, Mantric
      2. Mini vibromasseur rechargeable, Mantric

        Notre prix
        44,95 €

    1. Good vibrations if a little difficult to control in the dark

      Avis : 7 décembre 2020 par young at heart, un Straight Married Male

      What the product is like:

      I received the Mantric Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator 2 days after I received the email to say that it had been posted. The package was nicely discreet and all boxed up in a plain cardboard box with strong tape around the opening, no chance of the packaging coming apart!

      I opened it straight away as I wanted to check out the quality and charging mechanism. The bullet vibrator itself was very smooth with a luxurious feel to it. The battery charging was done by a thin connector, which slipped into the end of the vibrator. Took about an hour before the light stopped flashing, showing that it was ready to go.

      How the product works:

      The massager has a number of vibration strengths and patterns controlled by an almost invisible button at the base.

      What the product does:

      The vibrator can be used to stimulate the clitoris or any other part of the body, in particular nipples!

      My experience of using the Mantric Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator. I decided to try this out on a date night which involved a darkened front room and soft music! Because of this the on/ off button got confused with the Mantric symbol and actually finding the button was a little frustrating. When it was switched on and working though, the vibrations have a great kind of low rumble about them which has a great effect and brings on orgasm quicker than expected sometimes!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Good vibrations and nice and soft feel.
      Difficult to control in the dark, button hidden and confused with the symbol.
      En bref
      A great little vibrator if something could be done about the controls.
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    1. Pocket Rocket

      Avis : 6 décembre 2020 par AW2018, un Straight Married Female

      After falling back in love with the bullet recently, I had to buy this. I have bought Mantric products in the past and have been so impressed by the style, quality and power of them, that this seemed like the perfect choice.

      I wasn't disappointed. This bullet is everything I have been looking for, it is more sustainable and will no longer cost me a small fortune in batteries.

      This bullet is packaged in a simple brown box displaying the Mantric symbol. Upon opening, the first thing that struck me was the unique style of the lipstick bullet with its angled tip. The purple colour is also beautiful and it is so smooth, sleek and velvety to the touch.

      I couldn't wait to get this little toy up and running. It is very easy to charge. You simply need to pierce the silicone body in the correct place and allow it to charge. It is self-healing so allows the bullet to remain smooth and sleek after charging.

      This bullet has 10 various speeds and it is honestly so quiet. I was happily surprised to find out that the base lights up in different LED colours on different speed settings too. Something I really like and that is different from other vibrators and bullets.

      Overall, this bullet vibrator is so powerful and it provides amazing orgasms. It is amazing and I am so happy that I decided to buy a rechargeable bullet. I 100% recommend this toy!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Powerful. Quiet. Stylish LED base.
      En bref
      Incredible orgasms. Powerful. Waterproof. Stylish. Quiet.
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    1. Only bullet you'll ever need

      Avis : 28 novembre 2020 par bonktacular

      I've had a couple of battery operated bullets in my time, and while I had a great time with them, I also had my problems: mostly that having to change our batteries is inconvenient and the power is never quite enough when the batteries are running down. I've been craving a battery powered one for a while, so when this went on sale I didn't think twice.

      It's perfect! It feels luxurious, well made and soft; the charger is convenient and the port is smartly hidden; the power is AMAZING. Like seriously, even the lowest setting is quite something. And the modes are great too! It's also a lovely size, discreet to hide and doesn't get in the way with a partner, but not so small it gives your hand a cramp; and it's pretty quiet too. Oh, and the little light-up base is a cute touch! Well worth the money even if it hadn't been on sale.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Everything. Size, power, appearance, charger, volume.
      Basically nothing.
      En bref
      The perfect bullet.
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    1. The only bullet you'll ever need!

      Avis : 27 novembre 2020 par Tnox, un Straight Single Female

      I don't usually bother writing reviews unless I've found something that's exceptional. And this really is. A sleek and modern design that really sets it apart from most vibrators. It's USB rechargeable (the main reason I was looking for a new vibrator) and it's powerful.

      I knew I had to write a review before I'd even started using it... Self-healing charging point?! Even on a non-sexual level it's SO satisfying just to charge!

      The only TINIEST issue I found (but not an issue at all really) is that the button to turn it on is almost half way up the vibe, so if you wanted to use it internally and change the settings you'd have to pull it out slightly... But hey, that might make you last longer!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Modern, stylish and powerful.
      En bref
      Perfect first (and only) bullet vibe.
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    1. Love it!

      Avis : 18 novembre 2020 par ToyBox69, un Straight Going Steady Female

      This vibrator was meant to be for Christmas from my OH but we are in lockdown and we decided to try it out straight away as we couldn't wait.

      I love the little brown box it comes in and it's gorgeous matte raspberry colour, it really does seem like a luxury product. With its unique shape, soft silicone feel and fun light-up function.

      I also like the self-healing charging port as it keeps it looking sleek and a big reason why I wanted this vibrator is the fact that it's USB chargeable rather than battery operated. You do have to be quite firm and push the cable all the way in until it lights up.

      The vibrations are surprisingly strong and it doesn't take long for me to climax with varying degrees of intensity and different patterns to keep things exciting! It's a great little size to pop under your pillow or in your bag for a weekend away and 100% worth the money.

      Would recommend this vibrator, it's my new favourite toy! Get it and you won't be disappointed!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      En bref
      Powerful, quality product, which will be getting a lot of use!
    3. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes