1. Pack économique tunnel d'endurance et accessoires, Fleshjack

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      Fleshlight vous permet de travailler à votre endurance sexuelle sans casser la banque grâce à son pack économique de qualité qui contient tout le nécessaire à votre entraînement.

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      1. Pack économique tunnel d'endurance et accessoires, Fleshjack

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    1. Description du produit

      Fleshlight vous permet de travailler à votre endurance sexuelle sans casser la banque grâce à son pack économique de qualité qui contient tout le nécessaire à votre entraînement. Ce pack vous donnera le pouvoir suprême de faire durer le plaisir et d'atteindre des orgasmes plus longs. Que du bon, non ?

      Son ouverture en forme de fesses vous invite à pénétrer dans les profondeurs de son tunnel texturé qui vous enveloppera de sensations délicieusement réalistes.

      Ce pack économique déborde de produits Fleshlight de top qualité qui garantissent des exercices d'endurance très agréables... Il inclut le tunnel d'endurance Fleshjack, le lubrifiant à base d'eau Fleshlube, le toy cleaner Fleshlight Wash, la poudre régénérante Fleshlight, ainsi qu'un support de douche et un adaptateur Fleshlight.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Kit Fleshlight au rapport qualité/prix excellent contenant un sex toy pour homme Fleshjack destiné aux exercices d'endurance sexuelle
      • Masturbateur anal réaliste Fleshlight livré dans son étui de rangement discret
      • Fabriqué en matière SuperSkin brevetée Fleshlight offrant une stimulation sexuelle étonnamment réaliste
      • Intérieur du manchon texturé sur toute sa longueur pour une stimulation optimale en profondeur
      • Kit contenant tout le nécessaire pour vous permettre d'apprécier et d'entretenir votre sex toy : lubrifiant à base d'eau, toy cleaner et poudre régénérante Fleshlight
      • Kit contenant également un support de douche pour vous permettre de jouer sans les mains sous la douche
    1. Dimensions

      • Diamètre canal: 0.75 inches
      • Profondeur: 9 inches
    2. Sensation

      • Contient des phtalates: No
      • Matière: Réaliste
      • Surface: Texturé

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      Pack économique tunnel d'endurance et accessoires, Fleshjack 1 5 sur 5 5 à court de 5

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      1. Pack économique tunnel d'endurance et accessoires, Fleshjack
      2. Pack économique tunnel d'endurance et accessoires, Fleshjack

        113,75 €

        Plus que 6 en stock - commander maintenant

        Vite ! Cet article ne sera bientôt plus en vente !

    1. If only all feats of endurance were as pleasurable as this

      Avis : 29 novembre 2017 par Optimized, un Bisexual Going Steady Male

      The Fleshjack Endurance Tunnel and Accessories Value Pack is the third Fleshlight-style masturbator that I’ve tried and it’s definitely been one of the best. As the name suggests it’s a value pack meaning that the actual Fleshjack toy, with ‘bum’ style orifice, arrives complete with a 100ml bottle of Fleshlube, a 100ml bottle of Fleshlight wash sex toy cleaner, a 118ml tub of Fleshlight renewing powder and a very handy Fleshlight shower mount. This makes it perfect for the guy who wants to get all of the Fleshlight compatible products and accessories in one handy purchase at a bargain price, without the hassle of ordering separate items.

      The value pack arrived in stylish black packaging with a tasteful black and white image of a nude, male figure on the front and side which is clearly designed to appeal to the gay and bisexual market – and it does this very well! The Fleshjack endurance toy itself comes packaged in its own tamper-resistant box. It has a metallic grey/silver plastic case which looks cool and ‘masculine’, and the ‘SuperSkin’ sleeve is modelled on a pair of sexy ass cheeks and upper thighs and has extra large bumps lining its internal channel. Now, although the Fleshjack is marketed primarily at gay and bisexual men I see no reason why straight guys who are visually turned on by the shape of a nice ass wouldn’t appreciate this toy, and other than the image of the guy on the main packaging there’s nothing that makes this toy especially gender-specific in its visual design.

      Once I’d unpacked all of the bits I squeezed out some of the water-based Fleshlube and applied it to my penis and the orifice of the Fleshjack toy. I’ve tried a number of different water-based lubes in the past and this is a really good one – it’s slippy and silky and lasts for a very good length of time before re-application is necessary. On sliding my penis into the Fleshjack orifice I couldn’t help but appreciate the sensation caused by the extra-large bumps that line the whole length of the endurance tunnel, providing an exciting, stimulating texture that felt amazing as it rubbed against the length of my shaft and cockhead. This toy doesn’t have the tightest sleeve that I’ve used but it is still pretty snug and provides a satisfying squeeze - after thrusting for a half a minute or so I was beginning to realise why it’s designed for endurance as you definitely need to exert some control! The adjustable screw cap at the end of the Fleshjack allows you to manipulate the amount of suction – the tighter it’s screwed on the more the toy sucks you in. Although I was ready to orgasm within a matter of minutes of using this toy I found that I could switch things down and edge myself by taking it nice and easy, thrusting in slow motion to really feel every detail of the internal bumps, and getting a mind-blowing cock massage along my whole shaft.

      The shower mount attachment is really handy and very easy to fix to the Fleshjack – you just have to remove the screw-top end from the Fleshjack and screw on the shower mount unit. Then it’s simply a case of finding a suitable surface such as your shower tiles (my glass wardrobe doors also worked well) and the mount locks the Fleshjack into position ready for some hands-free fun. I’ve used this accessory both in and out of the shower and despite some forceful thrusting it didn’t budge!

      Once you’ve ‘endured’ as much pleasure as you can and have finally been well and truly pushed over the edge it’s time to think about clean-up which is thankfully simple and pain-free. You just need to remove the sleeve from the case and wash them both thoroughly in warm water, spritz the sleeve with the Fleshlight sex toy cleaner (which comes in a very handy spray bottle) and leave to air dry. You need to apply renewal powder every so often to keep the sleeve supple, non-tacky and in tip-top condition. Although I thought that this was going to be a bit of a faff it’s actually very easy and worth the minute or so that it takes. The renewal powder comes in a tub with a sieve-style, shaker lid making it easy to sprinkle the powder out evenly across the Fleshjack sleeve. It then just needs a quick brush with your fingers to make sure it’s evenly coated. I do this over the sink so that there’s minimal mess and any leftover powder can simply be washed away.

      In summary, I think this is a great male masturbator for men who enjoy the visual appeal of a pair of pert buttocks and who want some full-on, big bump stimulation to help them practise holding on for a little bit longer. It’s a great option for guys who want everything they might need in one handy purchase and who don’t want the hassle of sourcing individual Fleshlight products and accessories, as everything comes in one box. In this sense, it’s perfect for guys who are new to Fleshlight-style toys, and also those who are wanting something more obviously themed around man-on-man action. However, as I mentioned earlier I don’t think the appeal of this toy is necessarily limited to that section of the market alone and straight men who enjoy a nice ass will find what they’re looking for in this toy too.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Very stimulating bump texture, convenience of multiple products, good value pack.
      No complaints.
      Entrée de gamme
      A one-stop shop for bum-themed jack-off delight.
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