1. Vibromasseur texturé spécial point G Battery+ Abby, Fun Factory

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      1. Vibromasseur texturé spécial point G Battery+ Abby, Fun Factory

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    1. Description du produit

      Superbement sculpté dans un silicone violet, ce vibromasseur spécial point G n'est pas juste pour le plaisir des yeux. Texturé d'un relief prononcé pour vous stimuler en profondeur, ce magnifique sex toy est également équipé de 10 modes de fonctionnement et vitesses différents pour vous permettre de customiser votre plaisir à la demande.

      À la fois ferme et flexible, il est sillonné de profondes rainures de bout en bout de sa hampe et terminé par une extrémité incurvée dédiée à l'excitation ciblée de votre point G. Sa base comporte de simples boutons de contrôle faciles à utiliser ainsi qu'un bouton de verrouillage qui vous permettra de voyager en sa compagnie sans que ses vibrations ne se mettent accidentellement en marche.

      Placez 2 piles AAA à l'intérieur de votre vibromasseur, ou utilisez son chargeur Hybrid Kit à piles rechargeables (vendu séparément) ! Le choix vous appartient.

      Comme pour tous les vibromasseurs en silicone, celui-ci requiert l'application d'un lubrifiant à base d'eau afin de vous offrir un plaisir optimal.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Vibromasseur en silicone 10 fonctions pour orgasmes vaginaux ébouriffants
      • Relief en sillons prononcés d'un bout à l'autre de la hampe pour optimiser les sensations ressenties
      • 4 vitesses et 6 modes de vibration pour vous permettre de customiser votre plaisir sur mesure
      • Fonctionne à piles classiques ou à piles rechargeables via le chargeur Hybrid Kit (vendu séparément)
      • Entièrement waterproof et équipé d'une fonction de verrouillage pour un transport discret lors de vos déplacements

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    1. Fun Factory Abby G-Spot Textured Vibrator

      Too classy to be any connection to Ali G, Abby is more likely named after the 11th Beatles album. This Purple Chick stars a Helter Skelter shaft that'll make you Twist & Shout, as you take a Magical Mystery Tour through her 10 rhythms & intensities.

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      Vibromasseur texturé spécial point G Battery+ Abby, Fun Factory 4 5 sur 5 5 à court de 5

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      1. Vibromasseur texturé spécial point G Battery+ Abby, Fun Factory
      2. Vibromasseur texturé spécial point G Battery+ Abby, Fun Factory

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    1. My best friend Abby

      Avis : 25 septembre 2017 par RosyCheek, un Straight Married Female

      Fun Factory is the brand I have wanted to try since first laying eyes on their products. Obscure designs, beautiful bright colours and German engineering, it even has fun in the name. The only drawback I found was the price. I had only ever see rechargeable Fun Factory vibrators so seeing there was a range of battery powered more budget friendly ones I was very happy. I was so excited when the post woman dropped it off in its standard Lovehoney brown box of joy. The true fun was hidden from prying eyes.

      They vibrator was presented beautifully in a simple grey box with a card sleeve around it showing the vibrator in all its glory. It is very tastefully designed which is always a positive for me. Instructions are included but honestly do we really read them? I didn't but then I kind of had to to stop a little confusion.

      The Abby G-spot Textured Vibrator is beautiful straight out the box. The purple colour is so bright and fun. The finish on it reminds me of Play-Doh. It's matte but with a slight sheen to it. The contrast of the silver sparkled handle is a great feature. The 3 buttons are perfectly positioned on the handle, a +, - and FUN. Just holding it you can tell the build quality is phenomenal. I had very high expectations of this vibrator.

      I showed my husband my precious new toy.

      "Think that's what a Klingon's penis looks like?"

      After a laugh, we had a play with the buttons. On inserting batteries, which is so easy to do, the buttons light up briefly. Hit the FUN button and off it goes. The vibrations are so incredibly strong for a battery operated vibrator. This is where I wish I read the instructions, pressing the + button scrolls through each different vibration. I was doing it for ages thinking there must be at least a million patterns until my husband pointed me to the diagram. The + will go through the speeds then it will cycle through the patterns only. To go back to the speeds you press the -. Once you get the hang of it it's easy to get to your preferred setting. The variations in the patterns are amazing. They are so different to any other patterns other vibrators offer. I'm not a lover of patterns, I'm much more of a full speed ahead kinda gal but I'm willing and ready to try each and every one!

      I have to say I was not let down by this! The vibrations were deliciously deep. The power was almost as strong as a mains operated toy. With the sheer power of this, I was surprised the volume was as quiet as it was. Okay, it's not silent but it's not roaring like a tiger that's stomped on a drawing pin. The vibrations run all the way to the tip but the handle remains almost shudder free.

      I have only ever had luck with rigid C shaped vibrators to achieve G-spot orgasms. I just cannot seem to reach it with flexible ones but this worked brilliantly. Although it has rigidity it also has movement at the tip. This makes it ideal not only for rocking motions but thrusting too. The base is fantastic, it is slightly flared so teases the clitoris and also gives a slight pressure to the rear. It's a pleasant yet unusual sensation.

      What I love about this is the comfort. There is no dragging even after long periods of usage as long as waterbased lube is applied regularly. It nuzzles each spot carefully as well as being a great size. It isn't too small nor is it too large, it's definitely a Goldilocks!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Shape, strong vibrations, colour.
      Nothing at all.
      Entrée de gamme
      Exceeds my high expectations. I love her!
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    1. Fun Fun Fun

      Avis : 9 septembre 2017 par Hot Pants, un Straight Engaged Female

      I won this little beauty in the Fun Factory competition and eagerly awaited its arrival. As soon as it arrived I needed to use it. I've lusted over a Fun Factory toy for ages... and now I own one! *Happy face.

      Popping in 2 AAA batteries, is easy just gently unscrew the grey handle. Now to switch it on... I had trouble with this. I couldn't switch it on. I spoke to Anne Marie on live chat who said it may be on travel lock. I did feel a tad of an idiot. Tried again for a few days. No luck, so I contacted Leanne, who organised a replacement and voila this one worked lol. Thank you Leanne.

      The vibe is beautiful and I love its angled head. The textured silicone is a win and puts the Fun back into fun times.

      I'm always searching for the elusive G-spot orgasm and as yet this beauty hasn't fulfilled it, but it's so much fun trying. It has ridges along the body of the vibe and these tickle and stimulate.

      I've used this beauty for nipple stimulation too and they loved it. Again I've never experienced orgasm through nipple play, but I have fun practicing.

      The only downside to this beauty is the instructions. In my opinion wording is too small and incomprehensible diagrams, but this doesn't reflect on the vibrator, it's just a niggle.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      The angled head and ridges.
      Incompressible instructions.
      Entrée de gamme
      Cracking little vibe.
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    1. Hits the spot

      Avis : 29 août 2017 par Alwaysonmymind, un Straight Engaged Male

      This is my OH's 3rd vibrator from Lovehoney and she did not expect anything to beat the enjoyment she got from her last one, but the Fun Factory Abby G-spot vibrator did just that.

      The vibrator comes in a handy slide out box which looks great. The instructions are like reading a science equation but once having a good look is was relatively easy to understand.

      One of the best features is the ability to store your favourite vibration pattern so that next time you turn it on you can go straight to the fun. It has three buttons, the on button (which just says fun lol) and + and - buttons to scroll through the patterns but these double up as charge indicators lighting each button as the charge gets full from 1 light to all 3 when full.

      So what is it like to use? Well, my OH loved it. We started with some teasing around the clitoris but she soon said that it was getting very ticklish so we moved to penetration. Firstly just inserting the head, which was perfect for finding the G-spot.

      We tried scrolling through the patterns until she found one that she liked and after only a few minutes of G-spot and clit action she climaxed, then I continued with thrusting all the way to build her back up. The ribbed texture added to the pleasure.

      The vibrator is quiet and has a button lock feature so if you were travelling you cant accidentally turn it on.

      My OH is spoilt for choice now and is contemplating trying the other shape versions in the future.

      In summary, this vibrator is good sized, well shaped and powerful but quite and has great functions

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Store your favourite pattern
      Entrée de gamme
      Good sized, well shaped and powerful but quite and has great functions
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