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    1. Gode ventouse réaliste Basic 25 cm, Lifelike Lover

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      Les godes de 25 cm de long ne courent pas les rues (imaginez !!), ce sont des spécimens rarissimes, et cette pièce rare qu'est le Lifelike Lover fait des merveilles en prime !

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      1. Gode ventouse réaliste Basic 25 cm, Lifelike Lover

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    1. Description du produit

      Les godes de 25 cm de long ne courent pas les rues (imaginez !!), ce sont des spécimens rarissimes, et cette pièce rare qu'est le Lifelike Lover fait des merveilles en prime ! Fort de son gabarit, de ses veines apparentes et de son bon gros gland bien défini, il ne peut que satisfaire.

      Équipé d'une base ventouse solide, ce Lifelike Lover vous invite à vivre des séances solo extatiques à main libre, ou bien, couplé avec un harnais, vous encourage à partager votre fun avec le ou la partenaire de votre choix.

      Une dose généreuse de lubrifiant à base d'eau vous aidera à lui ouvrir la voie sur son passage.

      La collection de godes réalistes Lifelike Lover dédiée au plaisir charnel sait donner pleine satisfaction encore, encore et encore, et sans même casser la banque. Matériaux de qualité et finitions réalistes se donnent la main pour vous offrir des produits d'excellence sans compromis.

      Le sexe n'a rien de compliqué. Issu de la collection Lifelike Lover.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Long gode réaliste d'une longueur insérable de 24 cm
      • Long avec un gland bien défini et des veines apparentes, c'est un vrai délice
      • Ventouse robuste pour maintenir votre gode fermement en place sur n'importe quelle surface dure et plane
      • Peut être utilisé en conjonction avec un harnais pour vous permettre de jouer en couple
      • Base évasée pour une utilisation vaginale ou anale sans risque
    1. Dimensions

      • Circonférence: 5 inches
      • Diamètre base: 3 inches
      • Longueur: 10.5 pouces
      • Longueur insérable: 10 pouces
      • Type de base: Évasé avec ventouse
    2. Sensation

      • Contient des phtalates: No
      • Matière: PVC
      • Surface: Texturé
    3. Infos essentielles

      • Avec testicules: No
      • Compatibilité avec harnais: Oui

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    1. Avis des clients

      Gode ventouse réaliste Basic 25 cm, Lifelike Lover 3 5 sur 5 5 à court de 5

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      1. Gode ventouse réaliste Basic 25 cm, Lifelike Lover
      2. Gode ventouse réaliste Basic 25 cm, Lifelike Lover

        21,95 €

    1. 10 out of 10

      Avis : 12 avril 2018 par Tazzy84red, un Straight Married Female

      Order as always arrived on time and in the usual discreet packaging.

      I ordered this along with a few other goodies. I already own the 8-inch in this range so kind of knew what I was getting. Although the 8-inch is slightly curved, this beast is straight. And the head is larger.

      I bought this purely for using on the bed post while giving my hubby a BJ. Kind of the 3some feeling. As I find the 8 inch not enough to do this with, this is really brilliant for this as you get a good length inside you, and for me it's a nice girth not overly girthy but just enough.

      This does look less real like than others in this range, but let's face it how many guys really have a 10-inch cock. My hubby is 8 and half inches and I can't take the whole of this. I love the head on this as it's larger than the rest of it.

      The feel is really nice soft enough not to be rigid with a good flex on it, so great for solo use as well as a helping hand for your lover. With a little lube it glides in lovely. I didn't get any dragging rough feeling for this at all. It's a brilliant material.

      For me doesn't feel very real like, but doesn't mean it doesn't feel fantastic all the same. It really gives me a deep and full feeling and is becoming my shower friend.

      The suction base is really good on this. I've yet to find it weak in suction, and so far we have tried this on our wooden post bed, toilet seat, painted wall, mirror and tiled wall.

      Definitely will be ordering more in this range. Lovehoney have really stepped up their game. And is definitely great value for money.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      The large head. Strong suction for hands-free play.
      Entrée de gamme
      A brilliant new friend.
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    1. The perfect 10”

      Avis : 10 janvier 2018 par bondagegod, un Straight Married Male

      Lovehoney basics range is primarily aimed at beginners as they begin their journey into experiencing sex toys. There are some hidden gems in the range that can fulfil your sexual pleasures for beginners and experienced users alike.

      Are you looking for a reasonably sized girth dildo with extra length to be penetrated by? Then your prayers have just been answered in the form of the Lifelike Lover Basic Suction Cup Realistic Dildo. It has a 5-inch girth and has a glorious 10-inch insertable length.

      The packaging is spot on to show the product off as the key features are highlighted. To create an exciting but not overwhelming design particularly if this was your first sex toy.

      There were an instant impression as we first inspected the dildo, as we did feel it is a well-made sex toy and there wasn’t any lingering smell to the PVC finish of the toy. There is a slight flexibility to the shaft but is generally on the firmer side.

      The realism of the nude coloured penis was very noticeable as there is a series of raised veins over the length of the shaft. The perfectly shaped pink protruding head creates an ideally shaped balls-free dildo.

      There is versatility to the dildo as it can be used in several different forms. As there is a strong grip to the suction cup as it will securely stick to a smooth dry surface to allow you to enjoy some hands-free fun. With an O-ring size of 1.25 inches, there is the option of using the dildo with a harness as both sexes can fulfil their pleasures with pegging play.

      Our favourite way of using the dildo is for me to pleasure my wife as I get to watch her enjoy the extra length that is on offer as she enjoys the feeling of being pleasured. Play began by applying a suitable coating of water-based lube; this does allow for the dildo to slip in smoothly as I slowly enter half of the dildo inch by inch, as thrusting began my wife enjoyed the firm erect feel of the dildo.

      As she could feel her stimulation levels were building as the raised veins are noticeable with each thrust a she is building her way up to be further penetrated by the dildo, the flexibility comes into play particular as different positions are tried to aid in the dildo being fully penetrated as we did manage to get 9 out of the 10 inches in. As I worked the dildo with a good thrusting rhythm the combination of the tip of the penis hitting her G-spot and the raised veins left her feeling highly stimulated. It wasn’t long before she reached orgasm as the larger dildo brought her to a deep squirting finish to the session.

      There were a fantasy element for both of us as my wife enjoyed taking the extra length, while watching the dildo penetrate her it was a turn on to see. The sex that followed did feel further arousing because of the strength of pleasure she had received from the dildo.

      To wash the dildo over I do so with a spray of sex toy cleaner and rinse thoroughly over with hot water and towel dry, to leave it looking as good as the dildo was on arrival.

      It has been a while since we owned a larger insertable dildo and the Lifelike Lover Basic Suction Cup Realistic Dildo did match our previously owned King Cock which had a 9.5 insertable length, despite this dildo having a smaller girth it still has matched the pleasure we require and Lovehoney has created a dildo that can fulfil all of your sexual needs whether you are a beginner or experienced user.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      10” of pure sexual pleasure.
      Entrée de gamme
      Delightful dildo with an ideal girth to enjoy the extra length.
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    1. Don't judge a book by its cover

      Avis : 9 janvier 2018 par Slutty Little Mrs B, un Straight Married Female

      I received this product from Lovehoney in return for my honest, unbiased review. As always the product arrived swiftly and discreetly wrapped, A++ service from Lovehoney.

      When I first saw the box I must admit it looked a bit... well, cheap to be honest. Never judge a book as they say.

      The packaging is very sturdy and good quality. Inside the box there is a small piece of cardboard around the top of the toy to stop it bashing about, which is a nice touch. The box includes all of the relevant information including the materials and which lube/s you can use - which is super important, you don't want use the wrong one and damage your toy! Thankfully this one recommends water based - which is my preferred lube.

      This dildo can also be used with a harness and has a suction cup base - a very versatile toy. I am not a fan of the image on the box though. The toy looks rather cheap and too brightly coloured. I'm not really sure what the box is missing, but it wouldn't be a toy that would appeal to me based on the look - but don't let it put you off!

      The toy itself is double wrapped in clear, sealed plastic bags. Once I had unwrapped it the first thing I noticed is the lack of smell. Some other PVC toys can have a heavy rubber/plastic smell, but this had virtually none. There is a slight smell if you really sniff the toy (which I did - had to give a thorough review lol), there is a smell, but its isn't particularly unpleasant. Before going any further I washed it with Lovehoney sex toy cleaner.

      The toy is a lengthy 10 inches and a nice 5 inches thick. It feels nice in the hand, heavy but not too heavy, just the right amount of 'give to it'. It's not floppy, nor is it too hard. It's also much more realistically coloured than the box image shows. It's nicely veined and the head is smooth and gently defined.

      This made inserting it a dream, it filled me up nicely, and although at 10 inches I couldn't take the whole length, it'll work brilliantly with my sex chair for some hands free fun! I reached orgasm quite quickly with the firmness against my G-spot, any softer wouldn't have worked for me.

      Cleaning afterwards was super easy, another few squirts of Lovehoney sex toy cleaner and it was sparkly clean again. Overall I am very impressed with this toy. The quality it high and it hit all the right places for me. I think it will also be perfect anally and for some DP. I feel bad that I thought so badly of it when I first saw the box.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 sur 10
      The firmness and overall look.
      The design of the box.
      Entrée de gamme
      Great toy and very versatile.
    3. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes