1. Kit de pegging silicone Platinum Vac-U-Lock, Doc Johnson

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      1. Kit de pegging silicone Platinum Vac-U-Lock, Doc Johnson

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    1. Description du produit

      Jouez la rebelle avec ce kit spécial pegging en silicone Platinum de la célèbre marque Doc Johnson ! Idéal pour tous les jeux de pénétration, et plus particulièrement pour les fans de pegging, ce kit fait de la femme la partie dominante (et pénétrante). Il n'y a pas que Beyoncé pour aimer le « Love on top » ! À vos marques, prêtes, inversez les rôles !

      Contenant tout le nécessaire pour des séances de pegging réussies, ce kit vous offre le choix entre 3 embouts différents de taille fine en matière ULTRASKYN super douce qui iront stimuler sa prostate et vous combler de bonheur.

      Fixez le plug à pressions sur votre harnais pour passer à l'action en mode pegging, ou bien mettez la ventouse incluse à profit pour jouer en solo et à main libre.

      Ce kit inclut également le lubrifiant à base d'eau et le nettoyant pour sex toys Doc Johnson, de même que sa poudre régénérante ULTRASKYN qui vous permettra de garder vos accessoires en parfaite condition.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Kit de pegging en silicone pour couple à la recherche d'une aventure gode ceinture profondément satisfaisante
      • 3 embouts ULTRASKYN dédiés au plaisir de la prostate : 11,5 cm, 14 cm et 16,5 cm
      • Harnais unisexe réglable jusqu'à 175 cm
      • Compatible avec les accessoires Vac-U-Lock de la gamme
      • Inclut 2 plugs dont 1 à pressions et l'autre à ventouse
      • Inclut un lubrifiant à base d'eau, un toy cleaner et une poudre régénérante

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      Kit de pegging silicone Platinum Vac-U-Lock, Doc Johnson 1 5 sur 5 5 à court de 5

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      1. Kit de pegging silicone Platinum Vac-U-Lock, Doc Johnson
      2. Kit de pegging silicone Platinum Vac-U-Lock, Doc Johnson

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    1. A truly excellent set

      Avis : 6 août 2017 par Lottie...., un Straight Engaged Female

      I received this product from Lovehoney in return for my honest opinion. The product arrived quickly and discreetly as per all orders we have received from Lovehoney, which gives us peace of mind every time we order.

      We already own a few Doc Johnson products and absolutely love them, the quality of the product is excellent and the Vac-U-Lock system is great. This product similarly is fabulous quality and the best Doc Johnson pegging set that we have so far. It arrives in compact cardboard packaging with the details of the set and images of all of the items which we thought was great as you know exactly what you were getting and what they looked like, without any crude images on it, which is good.

      We first got the harness out of the box and could tell that it was a much better quality than our favourite one at the moment, which is the one that came with the Doc Johnson UR3 strap-on. This harness is the style where you put your legs into the leg holes and then pull it up and tighten the straps so they are around the top of the thigh and bottom.

      This harness has a nice thick piece of soft material that the straps connect to on your hips. This is so much more comfortable than the harnesses that are thong styles and meant we could play for longer without having to worry about the straps rubbing.

      The harness is fully adjustable up to 69 inches but also suits those with small frames as well. I have had an issue before were harnesses don’t do up tight enough to keep them firmly in place but because if the style of this one I could get it nice and snug without any issue and found it very easy to wind the spare straps around and tuck them in without them being bulgy and flappy, which is great, and a big plus for us, as it isn’t a huge issue but can take away from the aesthetics.

      I found that due to the thick and comfortable harness the plug square base didn’t hurt me as it sometimes does with the other harness we use as the padding means the plastic doesn’t push into me. Doc Johnson products use the amazing Vac-U-Lock system which means you can interchange the products, which is really useful and means they are all very easy to use.

      Onto the attachments and they are very slim, silicone UltraSKYN attachments which are custom-designed to stimulate the prostate. All of the attachments are the same circumference of 5 inches and have insertable lengths of 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5 inches. The attachments are really soft and flexible which make them comfortable to use, and because they are silicone are body safe and very hygienic.

      The kit come with Doc Johnson water-based lubricant which did exactly as it should do, was thick, long lasting and not too gloopy or runny. The shape of the attachments meant that my partner found them to be very pleasurable and found that even though the attachments were thinner than we usually use he still got excellent sensation due to the shape targeting his prostate.

      After use, we used the toy cleaner provided which made cleaning up very easy and ensured our toys will stay in perfect condition and be hygienic every time we use them. The kit also includes a refresher powder which you puff a little bit onto the attachment after it has been cleaned and some into its base to help it push on and come off the plug.

      A surprise addition for us was the plug that came with the suction cup base which meant you could change any of the attachments into suction cup toys, so they could be used for individual play time as well.

      Overall, this is an amazing kit that we both love, which I think is why I have written a bit of an essay, and even though it is more than we would usually spend on toys we both agree it is well worth the money.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      It is an excellent luxury kit, with all of the essentials.
      Entrée de gamme
      An excellent kit for those who enjoy pegging, our go-to product.
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