1. Coffret godes ceinture Vac-U-Lock Crystal Jellies, Doc Johnson

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      Un, deux, trois, soleil ! Un, deux, trois, quatre godes ! Voilà un kit d'accessoires Doc Johnson pour pegging et autres jeux gode ceinture qui va illuminer votre chambre à coucher de ses rayons de plaisir !

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      1. Coffret godes ceinture Vac-U-Lock Crystal Jellies, Doc Johnson

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    1. Description du produit

      Un, deux, trois, soleil ! Un, deux, trois, quatre godes ! Voilà un kit d'accessoires Doc Johnson pour pegging et autres jeux gode ceinture qui va illuminer votre chambre à coucher de ses rayons de plaisir ! Laissez vos jambes trembler comme de la gelée et atteignez de nouveaux sommets d'extase dans votre vie de couple grâce aux talents de ce kit spécial pénétration !

      Composé d'un harnais robuste et de ses anneaux en O amovibles, d'un plug Vac-U-Lock et de quatre godes jelly de formes et tailles variées, ce kit gode ceinture complet vous fera vivre une expérience sexuelle optimale.

      Variez les plaisirs avec le gros gode de 20 cm et ses testicules, le gode classique de 22 cm, le gode effilé de 21 cm et le petit gode torsadé de 17 cm, ou bien jetez tout simplement votre dévolu sur votre préféré et gardez les autres au chaud ! Les dimensions précitées font référence à la longueur insérable des godes inclus.

      Fixez la base ventouse du gode sur une surface lisse et plane si vous souhaitez jouer à main libre et explorer votre sexualité en solo.

      Ce kit inclut tout le nécessaire pour vos jeux érotiques. Le lubrifiant à base d'eau vous permettra d'apprécier une insertion aisée et un plaisir optimal, tandis que le nettoyant pour sex toys vous permettra de garder vos toys tout propres, et que la poudre régénérante de la marque les conservera au top de leur forme.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Kit gode ceinture complet pour vous offrir toute une variété de jeu selon l'humeur
      • Choix de 4 godes Vac-U-Lock de tailles et textures différentes
      • Harnais unisexe réglable jusqu'à 175 cm
      • Plug avec base et pressions
      • Plug avec base ventouse pour jouer sans les mains
      • Inclut un lubrifiant à base d'eau, un nettoyant naturel pour sex toys et une poudre régénérante
      • Matériaux : TPE, PP, PVC

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    1. Dimensions

      • Circonférence: 6 pouces
      • Longueur insérable: 8.5 pouces
      • Longueur: 8.5 pouces
      • Taille maximale: 69
    2. Sensation

      • Flexibilité: Flexible
      • Matière: PVC
    3. Infos essentielles

      • Allergènes: Sans phtalates

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      Coffret godes ceinture Vac-U-Lock Crystal Jellies, Doc Johnson 4 5 sur 5 5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Coffret godes ceinture Vac-U-Lock Crystal Jellies, Doc Johnson
      2. Coffret godes ceinture Vac-U-Lock Crystal Jellies, Doc Johnson

        Notre prix
        124,95 €

    1. Perfect

      Avis : 18 juin 2020 par Zac613, un Bisexual Going Steady Male

      Easily the best strap-on I’ve ever used!

      It’s super easy to get the dildos on and off and they feel amazing. My girlfriend can be quite sensitive and can feel pain if the dildo is too hard which is one of the reasons we decided to try this and we’re so glad we did! The jellies are soft enough not to cause pain but firm and solid enough for easy penetration and enjoyment!

      The different sizes mean that we can both attach the size we prefer and we can detach one and put on another so she can penetrate me without having to worry about cleaning in between. The straps can be made nice and tight and even after a fair while of play, I didn’t notice any digging in.

      The best thing about this strap on is the fact that it doesn’t pull away from your body as you’re pulling the dildo out before going in again. As a trans man, this is super important to me and helps make it feel like it’s actually a part of me and not just some toy, so that was wonderful for me!

      Everything is super easy to clean (included cleaner was just as good as any) and was packaged really well so it’s easy to pop it all back into the box and store discreetly.

      Would recommend this product a thousand times over! Well worth the money!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Comfortable and sturdy harness, soft but firm dildos, easy to clean and store.
      Can be a little tricky to detach dildo from Vac-U-Lock.
      En bref
      Best strap on I’ve ever used, well worth the money!
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    1. Pegging madness

      Avis : 19 octobre 2018 par Essexfamilyguy, un Straight Married Male

      I purchased this item as it was value for money and the sizing was perfect with four to choose from. I was very excited for my wife to try the harness on and start fixing the dildos on.

      It soon came apparent that I was ready sooner rather than later for the biggest size with the wife enjoying me moaning with pleasure. We tried all four and found each had their own excitement but I really enjoyed the bigger size after a long evening. It’s very easy to use and change over dildos and everything came in a very discreet box.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Personally I enjoyed the ease for my wife to transition from dildo to dildo.
      En bref
      Excellent, can’t wait to buy bigger dildos to enjoy.
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    1. One happy couple

      Avis : 2 novembre 2017 par dl2156

      Decided to purchase this kit to embark into the world of pegging. We preferred the look of this kit as it came with everything ready to go. My wife wanted more lifelike looking and I didn't so this falls somewhere in between.

      As soon as it arrived, timely and well packaged, my wife couldn't wait to try it on and was soon strutting around with her new girl cock. Although the instructions were limited and not as clear as it could be, realistically you would struggle to go wrong. We were able to fit and adjust on the first try with not a flat-packed furniture induced argument in sight and soon my wife was grinning from ear to ear.

      I quickly reeled her in and after a couple of weeks anal training with plugs felt ready to take this kit for a test ride! We decided to go with the pointed attachment, hoping to aid insertion. Although nervous, after adding copious amount of Lovehoney Lube I was able to accept the full length and came soon after. My wife now thoroughly keen to go again another day.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Qualtiy feel, easy fitting, a ready to go everything you need package.
      The grin on my wife's face strutting around wearing it.
      En bref
      Great kit. Spend well, buy once. And the ability to add to later!
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    1. The best kit you could buy

      Avis : 16 octobre 2017 par Lucky 7, un Bisexual Going Steady Male

      First things first, I want to talk about the packaging. I've grown very unenthusiastic recently when it comes to branding and cheesy slogans, but I had a pleasant surprise when this turned up at the door. The items were boxed well and bagged separately. The lube was sealed tightly and the powder had a cap on it. So everything arrived 100% safely.

      Theres not much to say about the lube and toy cleaner, as they're pretty much standard like any other, but it's nice that they include these so that you can play straight out of the box.

      The harness is very sturdy and has padding to ensure that you don't get the straps digging in, and it was extremely simple to work out. The Vac-U-Lock adapter fit inside the pouch at the front and is secured down with poppers, so you can feel confident that nothing is going to come loose during play.

      Also included was a Vac-U-Lock suction cup, which seemed to work really well.

      Now on to the main event. The dildos. Although on the outset these all look fairly similar, I had a really fun experience trying these out as they all have a different texture and feel completely different when inside you.

      The two smaller dildos were fairly similar in size, the only difference being the texture. Both felt equally good, and are small enough that beginners would feel comfortable using them.

      The pointy dildo was one of my favourites. The tip rubbed against my prostate really well and allowed a 'deeper' feeling when being penetrated. Also, you don't really notice by looking at the picture, but there's a ridge just past the tip which feels amazing as it 'pops' in, and tapers up to give you a different sensation of fullness.

      The best of the bunch. However, was the big one. It is textured the whole way down and feels incredibly real. The addition of the balls at the base add to the realness, and gives you an exciting indication of just how far you've got this inside you, when they touch against your cheeks.

      This is so incredibly easy to figure out, and surprisingly secure when in use. It can even be a bit of a challenge to detach the dildo from the base, but if you get your finger inside you can allow air to flow in and it just wiggles off!

      Because they detach from the base they are very easy to clean. Just wash them and air dry, and spray them with the toy cleaner and you're done!

      This may seem expensive, but honestly you couldn't wish for a better product. Everything you could possibly need is included, and the variety of dildo sizes provide an option for beginners as well as the more experienced.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Build quality, ease of use, pleasing to the eye.
      En bref
      Perfect all-round kit!
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