1. Pack économique masturbateur vaginette (5 pièces), Fleshlight Flight

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      1. Pack économique masturbateur vaginette (5 pièces), Fleshlight Flight

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    1. Description du produit

      Envolez-vous vers les délices du Septième Ciel grâce aux cinq pièces du pack économique Fleshlight Flight ! Comprenant votre masturbateur Fleshlight, un support de douche, un toy cleaner, une poudre régénérante et un lubrifiant, ce pack a pour mission de vous conduire vers des orgasmes explosifs sans cesse renouvelés.

      Laissez votre masturbateur Fleshlight Flight prendre votre plaisir en charge ! Il stimulera le pénis de son relief varié, tandis que son système de succion ajustable vous laissera contrôler les sensations ressenties à chaque va-et-vient.

      Cette version améliorée est encore plus douce et plus satisfaisante que les modèles précédents. Vous allez apprécier le voyage !

      Embarquez sans plus tarder à bord du Fleshlight Flight et profitez du lubrifiant inclus pour vous aider à monter à bord, du support de douche pour vous offrir un bel orgasme sous les chutes du Niagara (ok, sous la douche), et du toy cleaner pour nettoyer votre masturbateur une fois que vous aurez atteint votre destination.

      Maintenez votre toy en parfaite condition grâce à la poudre régénérante incluse, et repartez vers le pays magique de l'orgasme à la volée !

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Pack économique Fleshlight Flight contenant le sex toy de prédilection de l'homme
      • Manchon de masturbation texturé de 17 cm de long pour la stimulation pénienne
      • Niveau d'intensité de la fonction succion contrôlable via la base rotative du sex toy
      • Kit complet contenant tout le nécessaire pour votre plaisir ainsi que pour le nettoyage et le rangement de votre sex toy
      • Support de douche à fixer sur une surface plane pour jeux aquatiques à main libre
      • Prise en main ergonomique
      • Excellent rapport qualité/prix sur les 5 pièces

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      Pack économique masturbateur vaginette (5 pièces), Fleshlight Flight 1 4,5 sur 5 4,5 à court de 5

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      1. Pack économique masturbateur vaginette (5 pièces), Fleshlight Flight
      2. Pack économique masturbateur vaginette (5 pièces), Fleshlight Flight

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    1. A wonderfully slick ride

      Avis : 5 avril 2017 par FlorenceRouRou, un Straight Going Steady Female

      This is a fantastic package from Fleshlight, but in all honesty, they haven't failed us yet.

      My partner bought himself a Fleshlight Girls a little while ago and enjoyed it immensely so this was a great addition. Even better as the shower mount is compatible with that model too!

      Let's start with the shower mount then. It is sturdy and suctioned onto the wall absolutely fine. We have polypanels instead of tiles and it worked great on there so I would imagine it would work fine on tiles as long as they were flat and had enough surface area to create the suction. I wouldn't advise using it on glass as it might not be a sturdy enough surface, and who wants to have to explain how you managed to break a glass shower door?

      The only problem is that if you are using this in the shower and the water is directed at you, it gets into the Fleshlight and washes out the lube. Personally, my partner was not a fan of using it with water in and found it really detracted from the experience, and used up a lot of the lube. If you feel similarly about sex and water, I'd suggest pointing the shower head off of you, though you might get a bit cold that way.

      Next, the renewer powder. This is very expensive considering it is just cornflour/cornstarch. Considering you can get a 250g carton from Tesco for about 75p this is, quite frankly, a rip-off. Save your cash.

      The lube is a lovely consistency. We found it had an ever so slightly warming quality, but I suspect this might be a bodily reaction to an ingredient (the Japonica flower extract most likely) rather than a deliberate effect. It also doesn't taste particularly nice as we discovered; quite bitter and 'chemical' tasting. I wouldn't suggest moving between toy and oral when using this lubricant. In the end, it is no better than any other water-based lubricant really, and I don't think it is entirely necessary to buy a branded lube for use in the same branded masturbator, unless you are particularly brand loyal. Lovehoney's own water-based lubricant is equally as good and you can get more for your money.

      The Fleshlight itself is exactly the great quality that you'd expect from a brand like Fleshlight. The design is a lot less bulky when compared to the Girls design, which makes it easier for both solo and couple play (I can fit my hand around this one easier than the Girls model, not as much of a problem for my partner). The internal sleeve is a pleasurable texture, smooth and skin-like feeling, easy to clean and maintain. The adjustable end for creating the vacuum is easy to open and close and creates fantastic depth to the sensations. Obviously, this one lacks any modelling to look like genitalia so if that is something that you are looking for then the Girls or a similar design would be better, but the feeling is comparable between the Flight and the Lotus models.

      The cleaner is easy to use, dries quickly and leaves your toy squeaky clean. It's fine for use on other toys too, which is great. The biggest selling point is that it's been developed to be safe to use with the Cyberskin: this material is prone to deterioration from many supermarket soaps and oil-based lubes so a tailored antibacterial cleaner is a great idea.

      With the exception of the renewing powder, this is a decent little package and even when considering other brands for lube it's still reasonably good value for money.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 sur 10
      Excellent feel from masturbator, sturdy shower mount which adds extra ways for playing.
      The renewing powder is a rip-off.
      Entrée de gamme
      Good value for money, great for solo and couple play.
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