1. Martinet en daim Collection Cherished, Fifty Shades Freed

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      1. Martinet en daim Collection Cherished, Fifty Shades Freed

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    1. Description du produit

      Pas besoin de vous priver de vos petites folies érotiques lors de vos escapades du week-end (et plus si affinités) ! Ce mini martinet en daim mignon comme tout de la Collection Cherished Fifty Shades Freed trouvera facilement sa place dans votre baise-en-ville. Vous serez entièrement libres de recréer votre propre mise en scène Cinquante nuances où que vous soyez.

      Petit et discret, ce martinet aisément transportable n'en est pas moins capable d'administrer des coups cuisants, de même que des caresses taquines, semant un plaisir incomparable sur son passage.

      Caressez langoureusement la peau de votre partenaire de ses treize lanières taquines avant de lui asséner des coups plus marquants lorsque sa peau sera prête à accuser leur impact. Rangez votre mini martinet dans sa pochette de luxe, prêt à servir dès que le désir s'emparera de nouveau de vous et de votre complice de jeu.

      Issu de la Collection Cherished Fifty Shades Freed approuvée par l'auteure de la trilogie E. L. James.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Mini martinet facilement transportable en daim de couleur prune avec poignée couleur or rose pour donner des fessées sensuelles
      • 13 lanières en daim tout doux de 20 cm de long pour administrer caresses aussi bien que fessées
      • Poignée couleur or rose pour garantir une prise en main et des coups assurés
      • Livré dans sa pochette de rangement de luxe
      • Collection avec gravure sur cuir pour ajouter au luxe et à la décadence de l'ensemble
      • Poignée en métal couleur or rose terminée par une tête de clef rappelant la couverture du livre Fifty Shades Freed

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      1. Martinet en daim Collection Cherished, Fifty Shades Freed
      2. Martinet en daim Collection Cherished, Fifty Shades Freed

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    1. Flogging made easy

      Avis : 22 février 2018 par Lovehoney - B, un Straight Single Female

      You can never be disappointed with a Fifty Shades toy and the new Fifty Shades Freed is no exception.

      This range is glorious and as each range comes out, the quality and style just get better and better. The item came beautifully presented in its own purple velvet wrap with the Fifty Shades Freed embroidered on the front, so storing this little gem is easy and really makes the anticipation of its use and excitement.

      The flogger itself is also very appealing with the rose gold handle with Fifty Shades discreetly etched on the side and the soft purple suede tassels falling freely away.

      The material is very smooth and can be used as a tickler as well as a gentle flogger. Even with much force, this is a softer play toy than some floggers, so great for beginners, or those looking for the softer touch.

      A beautiful addition to any collection, you will not be disappointed.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Very pleasing, soft and sensual, with a bit of a kick.
      Nothing, beautiful.
      Entrée de gamme
      Smaller than expected, but beautiful to look at and use.
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    1. Starting out with spanking? Try this

      Avis : 27 janvier 2018 par NatandTom, un Straight Going Steady Female

      I can’t be the only person who’s noticed the outstanding aesthetic of the Fifty Shades Freed ranges. The rich purple and rose gold colour scheme is gorgeous and the quality of the pieces have improved massively since the first range launched. Lovehoney have saved the best until last with the Cherished collection and pulled out all of the stops to make this the most elegant range of them all. Whilst this limited edition range may not be the cheapest, the items will last a lifetime with proper care and storage so it’s definitely worth the splurge.

      The presentation was just exquisite. A beautiful velvet storage pouch complete with silky ribbons and embossed branding arrived with the flogger stored inside. The handle had been wrapped with tissue paper and bubble wrap for protection as metal elements can easily be scratched or damaged. There were also three tags attached; one made from supple leather with the branding on the front, one with a kinky quote from the book and the other had safety info and cleaning directions printed on.

      Mini is the appropriate word for this flogger. I may have underestimated the listed dimensions a little as I was surprised to find something so small upon its arrival. In comparison to our other floggers, this is tiny. It’s definitely the smallest in our collection although it’s hard to grasp how petite it is without a reference point. If you take a look at the rest of Lovehoney’s floggers section you’ll notice most measure in at 15 inches and above in length whilst this one is less than 12. Being mini isn’t a negative thing though as this makes the flogger a great starting point for beginners.

      Aesthetically, I can’t get enough of the handle. It’s my favourite feature as it makes this flogger stand out from other implements on the market. It amps up the elegance factor and as a bonus, it’s also easy to grip for safe and comfortable use. Attached to the handle are soft suede fronds. Each one is perfectly made and ends in the same place which enables the flogger to deliver a controlled hit better than floggers with different length tails could.

      We have used this flogger on several occasions and discovered that it can deliver anything from soft tickles against the skin to stinging slaps with little to no effort. If sensory play piques your interest and you enjoy tools like feather ticklers then I’d recommend tracing the smooth fronds across the skin to get the blood flowing to the areas of impact before attempting to flog with them. A gentle tickling before a spanking session can heighten the receiver's senses and add anticipation for later.

      As an impact tool, I can’t say that this will blow the minds of advanced players, spanking veterans and masochists but it could be a fantastic introduction to implement use for beginners. My partner tried varying levels of pressure in order to minimise and maximise the sensations I felt and even his harshest hit was manageable for my sensitive skin. It may have stung for a few seconds but it didn’t leave any marks or bruises afterwards. If you prefer heavy spankings then this probably won’t be the right implement for you unless you’re in the market for a warm-up flogger.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 sur 10
      Colour scheme, presentation, quality, comes with safety guide and instructions for use.
      It’s not quite harsh enough for me.
      Entrée de gamme
      A gorgeous implement for beginners.
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    1. Fifty Shades gone a little too soft

      Avis : 1 décembre 2017 par kelly_michelle, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      This mini flogger arrives in a velvet and satin envelope style storage bag which screams luxury product. On first look, it would make a fantastic gift. There is no hint at what could be inside the bag, only the Fifty Shades Freed wording to give a clue that it may be something a little kinky.

      Being honest, when I opened the bag I was a little disappointed in the size of the flogger. The bag is a little bit too big for the flogger and the flogger tends to fall to one end of the bag, meaning I had to grope about in the bag to find it. Obviously, if you are ordering this for yourself, then Lovehoney do provide the measurements in the item description, so this shouldn't be an issue. However, I received this as a tester, so all I had to go on with the word "mini", which is less descriptive than it sounds!

      The envelope would fit a couple more items in it, so would make quite a nice storage bag to take on a trip away or even just in the bedroom to keep your favourite pieces in easy reach.

      Attached to the flogger was a leather tag with Fifty Shades Freed embossed into it. Also attached were cleaning instructions. These instructions stated how to clean leather and faux leather. This is very unhelpful because if you receive this as a gift, you may not know if it is real or faux (the inclusion of a leather tag would suggest it was real leather, but then why include both instructions?). I also do not believe in using chemicals or water on floggers; a soft brush will help keep the suede looking good, but if you really need to clean it, I would suggest a specialist dry cleaners.

      All that aside, the flogger is very pretty to look at. The rose gold colouring in the handle looks stunning against the purple suede. The key detailing not only links the flogger to the cover of Fifty Shades Freed, but also give quite an unusual look. The Fifty Shades wording on the handle does seem to be the wrong way up, but that is just my opinion. It certainly doesn't detract from this very beautiful flogger.

      The suede is very soft and is great for teasing and trailing across skin. It does not give much of an impact, but does make a reasonably impressive noise.

      Part of the reason there is not a lot of impact is the handle; it is too small. It is hard to grip properly and it is difficult to make the falls fly properly. The only way I could find to get a reasonable figure of eight movement was by putting the key between my fingers and holding the flogger near my knuckles. Using a full size flogger regularly over a course of a couple of years like this will most likely cause you problems with your hands, and so is not to be encouraged. Using this flogger occasionally like this shouldn't do you too much damage but is not ideal. If the handle was longer you would be able to get a better swing on it and would get a better impact. It is true that this type of flogger is not designed to be a full on hard impact toy but, even so, it should still a little bite. The short handle is fine for sensation play as you can have a lighter grip.

      I have not used this flogger a huge amount over the last few weeks, and certainly not for any real impact play, and a couple of the falls have started to show some wear and tear, which I am very surprised about. It is only small and currently only affecting two falls, but I did expect a little higher quality from the brand, especially considering the price tag.

      I adore floggers. They are my favourite kink item as they are so versatile, providing both pain and gentle, teasing sensations and everything in between. However, this flogger does fail on being an impact toy. It would be a great alternative to the feather tickler if you aren't into feathers or are looking for a slightly different sensation, but this just doesn't work properly as a flogger.

      This flogger would look great as part of a boudoir type collection, but it is a little too style over substance for my liking.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 sur 10
      Looks great and gives some lovely sensations when stroked over skin.
      The handle and it not having any bite.
      Entrée de gamme
      A good sensation toy, not good flogger.
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