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    1. Vibro clitoridien & point G rechargeable Lavish Attention, Fifty Shades Freed

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      D'une grande élégance, ce vibromasseur s'attache à vous satisfaire partout où le désir se fait le plus fort, et partout en même temps !

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      1. Vibro clitoridien & point G rechargeable Lavish Attention, Fifty Shades Freed

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    1. Description du produit

      D'une grande élégance, ce vibromasseur s'attache à vous satisfaire partout où le désir se fait le plus fort, et partout en même temps ! Son extrémité à la fois prononcée et effilée va se loger contre votre point G pour stimuler vos zones érogènes en profondeur, tandis que ses rainures externes s'en vont taquiner le clitoris.

      « J'aime te regarder jouir, Ana, fait-il tendrement.

      C'était... Les mots me manquent. » Cinquante nuances plus claires

      Avec sa poignée ergonomique et son bouton-poussoir, ce toy étanche est un vrai délice de simplicité à utiliser, dans la chambre à coucher, le bain, la douche... partout partout ! Son moteur puissant est équipé de trois vitesses et sept modes de vibration pour vous mener en gémissant jusqu'à l'orgasme.

      Livré dans une pochette de luxe.

      Pour un plaisir optimal, pensez à recouvrir votre vibromasseur d'un lubrifiant à base d'eau.

      Issu de la Collection Plaisir Officielle Fifty Shades Freed approuvée par l'auteure de la trilogie E. L. James.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Vibromasseur clitoridien spécial point G étanche Fifty Shades Freed
      • 7 modes et 3 vitesses de vibration pour un plaisir à la fois vaginal et clitoridien
      • Hampe lisse au toucher pour une douce stimulation vaginale et rainures caressantes pour le plaisir clitoridien
      • Équipé d'une fonction de verrouillage pour votre tranquillité d'esprit lors de vos déplacements
      • Rechargeable USB : 150 minutes de charge procurent 90 minutes de jeu
    1. Dimensions

      • Circonférence: 4 inches
      • Longueur: 7.25 pouces
      • Longueur insérable: 5 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Contient des phtalates: No
      • Contient du latex: No
      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Flexibilité: Flexible
      • Matière: Silicone
    3. Performance et vitesse

      • Actionnement: Rechargeable
      • Type de commande: Intégré - bouton
      • Vitesses de vibration: Vitesses et modes de vibration
    4. Infos essentielles

      • C'est pour qui ?:

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    1. Avis des clients

      Vibro clitoridien & point G rechargeable Lavish Attention, Fifty Shades Freed 18 4 sur 5 4 à court de 5

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      1. Vibro clitoridien & point G rechargeable Lavish Attention, Fifty Shades Freed
      2. Vibro clitoridien & point G rechargeable Lavish Attention, Fifty Shades Freed

        64,95 €

    1. The best of the best

      Avis : 10 juillet 2018 par Philntez, un Straight Engaged Male

      After purchasing the cheaper versions of this particular toy, we took the plunge on this (after loving the others) thinking this would be better, and well, it is.

      From the packaging to the handy bag that comes with it (which by the way is a little too big) we love it. The vibes are so intense both on the G-spot and the clitoris and I'm told they're deep. It had my partner in orgasm land within minutes. The feel of it gives it that luxury feel and it's also got a reasonable amount of flexibility in it which is also an added bonus.

      We haven't really cycled through all the settings as she is more of a go hard or go home kinda girl. Another good touch is the travel lock, this will be coming on our jollies so the travel lock is essential to save any embarrassing situations.

      If you're on the fence about buying it, then don't be, just do it, you'll certainly not be disappointed.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Everything, especially its power.
      Entrée de gamme
      It's a firm winner for us.
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    1. Lavish Me

      Avis : 6 avril 2018 par ParmaViolet, un Bisexual Married Female

      I don't often purchase toys from the Fifty Shades range as I'm not the biggest fan of the branding. However I just couldn't resist this toy and since there was no equivalent available in the Desire range, this had to be the one! Upon arrival, I was pleased to find the branding was actually very subtle. And let's face it, the deep purple and rose-gold colouring of this range is truly gorgeous and has a luxurious feel to it.

      I was first intrigued by the shape of this toy. I rely on clitoral stimulation to climax, but I no longer want to leave my G-spot behind! I often struggle with rabbit-style vibrators as I find it difficult to maintain sufficient contact with my clitoris whilst manipulating the position of the shaft towards my G-spot. I was very eager to find out if my anatomy agreed with this toy any better.

      Simple answer - yes. First of all, have you ever opened a sex toy and been turned on just by looking at it? I love, love, love the Lavish. I've never found it easier to achieve simultaneous stimulation of both my clitoris and G-spot. Coupled with a little rocking motion back and forth, I quickly reached a glorious blended orgasm which left me feeling weak.

      The shaft is not particularly large (it's really quite a petite toy) but the bulbous tip helps me feel full and reaches my G-spot with ease. The vibrations are rumbly and really go deep, so the toy doesn't have to. The ridged surface on the clitoral part is a great touch and adds to the pleasure when using a rocking motion.

      I like the slim shaft coupled with a bulbous tip because my orgasms are often hindered if my vagina is too "full" - possibly because my muscles can't contract as far? The slim shaft of this toy allows my muscles to contract whilst the feeling of "fullness" is focused entirely where it matters.

      I personally find the single button on the base very easy to use. The travel lock is a great feature; the button is pretty large, so without the travel lock it would be easy to turn the toy on accidentally. The large button also means it's not difficult to press during use - you can't really hit it wrong.

      Thanks to the shape of this toy making it so easy to position, I actually started to explore patterns (something I don't normally do). The only thing that irks me is that the three steady vibration settings go downwards from the highest intensity to the lowest when really I would prefer it to be the other way around to allow for a build up. Instead, I have to cycle through all the patterns just to reach the next steady intensity up. This means the Lavish possibly isn't ideal for those who only use steady vibrations. Patterns are also limited to one vibration intensity due to the single-button control.

      The size of the satin storage bag is a bit comical. As I've already said, this toy is pretty petite; the bag it comes with could probably house a toy four times its size. I would therefore recommend purchasing a smaller storage bag and use the Fifty Shades one for something else.

      Overall, I am absolutely in love with this little toy. I was so excited to use it from the moment I set eyes on it and the Lavish did not disappoint me. I think this would be a great first toy for those new to combining stimulation of their clitoris and g-spot. It does not look at all intimidating (like some rabbit-style toys) and it is neither too large nor too fiddly.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      The shape reaches both my clitoris and G-spot easily without being fiddly.
      The three steady vibration intensities go from highest to lowest.
      Entrée de gamme
      Petite but very, very effective. An ideal alternative to rabbit-style vibrators.
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    1. Powerful G-spot Vibe

      Avis : 9 janvier 2018 par Lovehoney - Minty, un Straight Married Female

      This is a great little product to try. I was looking for something as an alternative to my wand and something that would even compliment it.

      It comes packaged in the Fifty Shades Freed brand packaging, which is sophisticated and really stands out. The product itself is a really beautiful item, sleek, compact and I love the colour combination of purple with rose gold. It really feels and looks like a luxury item.

      I was a little dubious as to whether this would be as effective as my mains-powered wand, but after charging it up I was pleasantly surprised with the results! It is light and easy to hold and I like the choice of 7 vibration patterns. It’s subtle, which leads to a slower build up. However, due to the G-spot stimulation I found it ended really intensely!

      I wholeheartedly recommend this item and will be trying more items from the Fifty Shades range in the future!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Lightweight and easy to use.
      Entrée de gamme
      Fabulous little product.
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