1. Kit harnais gode ceinture ultra réaliste 20 cm, King Cock

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      1. Kit harnais gode ceinture ultra réaliste 20 cm, King Cock

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    1. Description du produit

      Avec ses 20 cm de long, ce bon gros gode bien calé dans son harnais vous promet des heures d'un plaisir charnel délicieusement profond. D'un réalisme stupéfiant, il met son gland bien marqué, ses veines saillantes et ses 15 généreux centimètres de circonférence au service de vos désirs sexuels.

      Son harnais ajustable s'adapte aux tailles allant de 63 à 132 cm (tailles de vêtement 36/60), une taille unique qui permet à chaque partenaire de prendre son tour pour pénétrer l'autre. Les anneaux en D se règlent aisément à la taille requise, tandis que les trois anneaux en O inclus permettent d'accueillir des godes de différents gabarits pour des jeux sur mesure...

      Livré avec un flacon de lubrifiant pour garantir une pénétration confortable et plénière, ce gode-ceinture est également accompagné d'un toy cleaner qui vous permettra de nettoyer la bête après usage.

      Remarque : Chez Lovehoney, nous mesurons la longueur insérable des sex toys en suivant leurs courbes, contrairement aux mesures qui apparaissent sur les emballages et ont été prises par la marque King Cock.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Coffret ceinture avec gode réaliste de 20 cm de long équipé d'une base ventouse
      • Gode ultra réaliste couleur chocolat aux veines saillantes accompagné d'un harnais pour jeux de pegging et assimilés
      • Réglable entre 63 à 132 cm
      • Ce coffret comprend un nettoyant pour sex toys, un lubrifiant, 3 anneaux en O, un harnais et un godemiché
      • Diamètre des anneaux : 3, 4 et 5 cm

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      Kit harnais gode ceinture ultra réaliste 20 cm, King Cock 3 5 sur 5 5 à court de 5

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      1. Kit harnais gode ceinture ultra réaliste 20 cm, King Cock
      2. Kit harnais gode ceinture ultra réaliste 20 cm, King Cock

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    1. Excellent harness kit

      Avis : 12 août 2018 par msbigbrown

      I buy dildos often for variety. I bought this mainly for the harness and also because I love the King Cock brand.

      The size of the dildo included is very girthy and the length is wow.

      I found it a bit tricky the first 2 uses, as I had to adjust the harness and that can be fiddly. Actually, I asked my playmate to help me hold harness whilst I adjusted it to a perfect fit.

      Once sorted, everything else went to plan.

      It comes with different sized rings so you can use a number of dildos with it.

      I have found the hardness works well with the Lovehoney BASICS suction cup dildos.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Fiddly first few uses to adjust sizing.
      Entrée de gamme
      A quality harness for the intimate playtimes.
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    1. Truly Magnificent

      Avis : 7 octobre 2017 par DIY Dikes, un Bisexual Married Female

      We had previously bought a smaller version to try out a lifelike strap-on. We were very impressed with the smaller one so decided to get this one after lots of measuring and deliberating.

      Well, we were very, very pleased. The size is large but fantastic the extra length means a whole new range of positions. Thoroughly recommend this to any couple who wants to hear their partner scream in pleasure. The harness isn't that flexible but I'm sure worn in it will be good. We're using an old harness we have previously bought. The material, although it has a distinctive smell, feels amazing. Get one and use a wand at the same time, you will not regret it!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      The texture girth and length.
      The harness.
      Entrée de gamme
      Fabulous, never going back!
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    1. It's a King Cock, it's not for beginners

      Avis : 22 décembre 2016 par strapon_banana, un Straight Married Female

      It's no surprise with a username "strapon_banana" that we aren’t newbies to the strap-on pegging world. Our review has input from myself, Miss strapon_banana, and also My beloved over half on the receiving end of the "King Cock"


      We mention it on all reviews, but it's still worth mentioning Lovehoney’s flawless delivery service, always on time, well packaged, and most importantly very discreet.



      The dildo comes in a nice plain simple white package that shows what you're getting but hasn’t got any hideous pornographic images on it.

      The Harness

      The strap-on harness is great. It's ultra comfortable thanks to the wide straps and is so easy to put on. The first time wearing will require some adjustment to size, but once done will be easier in the future. It's a simple case of slackening and tightening one or two buckles and slipping it on or off. It's great with the included O-rings, which really does make this kit usable in so many ways.

      In addition to the included 8" dildo, I tested it with the King Cock Extra Girthy Ultra Realistic Dildo with Balls and Suction Cup 9.5 Inch and the King Cock 9 Realistic Dildo. Both dildo's are bigger than the one on review, and the good news is the harness held onto the bigger king cocks with ease, so if you like size then upgrading using and using the same harness is entirely possible.

      Next I tried a smaller dildo than the included 8" King Cock. I used the Vixen Mustang 7 Inch dildo. I'd describe this dildo as an average penis sized dildo (sorry, we don’t own any small dildos), and, again, good news here, the harness held onto it perfectly when used with a smaller O-ring.

      Positioning of the dildo was achieved easily with the harness. It's always a good tip for us ladies to get the base of the dildo right over the top of your clit. That way when you're riding your partner, male or female, you get the sensation right through to your clit. My partner and I will often slide a wee vibe into me before donning a strap-on harness. This once again enhances the pleasure for us even more. Mr strapon_banana tells me nothing turns him on more than to hear me cum as I’m banging his rear, and with this harness dildo combination I did just that.

      The Dildo:

      So, the well-detailed brown 8" King Cock 
dildo is off a good size. Not the largest we own, but it's still not for beginners. I would still definitely class this as a large dildo.

      The detailing is immense down to the texture and the detailed veins. It's nice to touch, bendy and soft enough to slide into a well-prepared bottom with ease. Mr strapon_strapon banana does enjoy the larger toys, but the bigger they are does change the speed and rhythm of play as I don’t want to hurt him and everyone has their limits. This cock we have found is a perfect size for when he is well warmed up. It's not so big that I have to go immensely slow, but it's big enough to really stretch him and get him biting the pillow.

      The dildo does smell a bit, but it’s not offensive and I actually find it a kind of turn-on. We washed the dildo with warm soapy water after play. No problems to report.

      The lubes and cleaner,
 well... My advice here is honestly don’t bother with them. The size of strap-on you're buying here is going to need a lot more lubricant than included, get yourself to the water-based lube section and buy a good quality anal lube and lots of it.

      The bottles do come in a handy 29ml size, though, so they’re safe to take on flights, so I'd suggest saving them for a naughty weekend away instead.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Full kit with multiple uses.
      Included lube is just novelty.
      Entrée de gamme
      Great dildo and harness combo.
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