1. Masturbateur homme vibrant télécommandé PULSE III Duo, Hot Octopuss

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      Plongez dans les abysses d'un plaisir intense avec le Duo III de la marque Hot Octopuss !

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      139,95 €

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      1. Masturbateur homme vibrant télécommandé PULSE III Duo, Hot Octopuss

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    1. Description du produit

      Plongez dans les abysses d'un plaisir intense avec le Duo III de la marque Hot Octopuss ! La troisième génération de ce masturbateur révolutionnaire pour homme (qui vibre également pour apporter du plaisir à la partenaire féminine durant les rapports sexuels) est 25 % plus puissant que son prédécesseur.

      Un jouet idéal pour le plaisir en couple, ce vibro est pourvu d'ailes flexibles qui transmettent les vibrations et permettent d'accueillir n'importe quelle taille de verge. À l'aide de la télécommande, votre complice de jeu pourra contrôler les vibrations de son second moteur.

      Idéal pour une stimulation sur membre au repos, le PULSE est si efficace qu'il vous dispense totalement de vous servir de vos mains pour vous conduire au sommet du plaisir. Tous ses talents en font un jouet super polyvalent, de même qu'un toy génial pour les hommes souffrant de dysfonction érectile ou d'un handicap manuel.

      Son système magnétique à la pointe du progrès facilite le chargement de ce vibro qui vous donnera une heure de plaisir pour trois heures de charge.

      Pour une expérience optimisée, recouvrez l'intérieur de votre sex toy d'un lubrifiant à base d'eau.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Masturbateur vibrant moderne pour homme ou couple avec PulsePlate oscillante pour des sensations d'un autre monde à partager
      • 5 modes de vibration avec vitesses ajustables accompagnés de vibrations multivitesses télécommandées par votre complice de jeu
      • Facile à utiliser d'une seule main, en érection ou au repos
      • Entièrement étanche avec une ouverture flexible pour accueillir n'importe quelle taille de verge
      • Charge magnétique totale de 3 heures pour 1 heure d'utilisation

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    1. Performance et vitesse

      • Durée: 60 minutes
      • Actionnement: Rechargeable
      • Vitesses de vibration: Plusieurs vitesses
    2. Dimensions

      • Profondeur: 4 inches
      • Ouverture: Neutre
    3. Sensation

      • Matière: Silicone
    4. Infos essentielles

      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Allergènes: Sans phtalates
      • Allergènes: Sans latex

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      Immerse yourself in high-intensity pleasure with the Hot Octopuss Duo III. The 3rd iteration of this revolutionary male masturbator - boasts 25% more power than its predecessor.

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      Masturbateur homme vibrant télécommandé PULSE III Duo, Hot Octopuss 28 4 sur 5 4 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Masturbateur homme vibrant télécommandé PULSE III Duo, Hot Octopuss
      2. Masturbateur homme vibrant télécommandé PULSE III Duo, Hot Octopuss

        Notre prix
        139,95 €

    1. My favourite

      Avis : 10 juillet 2020 par MickeyC, un Straight Married Male

      I've used quite a few toys (electro stim, prostate massagers, pretty much every vibrator my wife has ever owned) and I can confidently say this is the best edging toy I've ever used!

      Easy to clean up and good length on the battery.

      I recommend using the 4th (pulsing) speed setting on the lightest touch for a loooong buildup.

      If you find it's slipping I often times wrap it with my member using a kitchen handtowel to keep it in place and also adjust to different zones on myself.

      Too much fun!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Innovative, value for money, easy to charge.
      En bref
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    1. Been waiting for this all of my life!

      Avis : 9 juillet 2020 par xyp67ggh, un Straight Married Male

      This is expensive, but I have ED and have real trouble climaxing. I finally decided to splash the cash.

      With no lube, I put my semi-flacid penis into the object, curling the wings over it and turned on the vibes to the lowest setting. This was lying on my back.

      I would estimate that it took about two minutes to make me blow my load. Fantastic.

      I tried it again at the next opporunity, lying on it and holding it in place with my hand. Again very good, but took somewhat longer to put me over the top, but this might be because I used a condom to prevent a mess.

      I can't imagine what the effect of stronger vibrations would be, but intend to have fun trying.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      It works - this is the male masturbator I have forever been looking for.
      Being open, it is messy. Why not enclose the whole thing? Mystery.
      En bref
      At least fifteen out of ten! Worth the cash.
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    1. Best Male Toy Ever

      Avis : 8 juin 2020 par Oralworshiper, un Straight Going Steady Male

      Being rather new to toys in general, even female ones for my wife, I've been looking for something for men that would rival the massive orgasms our female partners are enjoying from these wonderful toys out there now. After trying several vibrating cock rings, a penis head stimulator, one rotary contraption that fell apart almost immediately, I read the reviews on this wonder and decided to spend the dough on trying it out.

      So far until wrapping this little wonder around my penis, nothing had been able to make me climax hands-free without having to basically use as a stroker. I dutifully charged it up for 3 hours and got the green light. I couldn't wait any more to try it, I was so curious. I went the no lube route just to see if it was going to rub me a raw spot, but it didn't and immediately felt fantastic.

      It is heavy enough that it won't stay put unless I held it in place, but let me tell you what happened in about 5 minutes on low constant setting. I didn't stroke with it at all although habit wanted me to, and like a Doxy 3 wand on a woman, this thing just forcibly extracted a massively strong climax from me. I was so flipping happy that something would finally work! The whole arousal piece of the toy is simply amazing.

      I used different modes of the patterns as well as the constant one on different power settings and they all quietly, quickly have me go from flaccid to fully hard within less than a minute. I can't wait for the wife to sit on it and use her remote too. Guess we'll both be howling in delight...

      Bottom line here is throw all your other wanna be's out and let this one be your go-to from now on.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Everything. Solid weighty construction, silicone soft feel, ease of charging, and amazing orgasms!
      Trying to figure out patterns/speeds as there are no instructions on this.
      En bref
      Hands down, the best pleasure ever had from any toy I've tried. Get one!
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    1. Amazing male Vibrator

      Avis : 4 juin 2020 par PhJD, un Straight Engaged Male

      Often it seems like the world of sex toys is more skewed towards women, with toys for men often more focused on slowing down our feeling (e.g. Cock rings). I have previously tried a male vibrator, the Lovehoney Desire Male Vibrator, and was completely underwhelmed and a slight buzz covered my penis, with little to no effect. After hearing about the Hot Octopuss on a podcast, I decided to treat myself for my birthday.

      Opening upon delivery, the box gives me feelings of a trendy barbers, with flowing font and a lot of black and white. Inside the box is a lovely bag to keep the toy clean, the remote to control the external facing motor for your partner, the charger cable, and of course, the toy (which is a lot larger than I expected).

      To look at, the unit isn't the sexiest. It's big and bulky, but that is due to the motors used in the system. The motor system used in the PULSE is is a miniature version of a form of vibrator they use to force ejaculation from men with spinal injuries and somehow the geniuses have managed to shrink it down and put it directly onto the penis. Excited to try this technology, I endured the long charge time (2h+), then my partner and I got to play.

      Putting around a flaccid penis was quite easy, and lining it up under the shaft was perfectly fine. One mistake we potentially made was using a little bit of lube, which with the weight of the motor caused it to slide a little bit. When it's unlubed, it's perfectly fine.

      Turning it on - wow. I haven't felt anything as intense as this experience. The motor doesn't so much as vibrate as move in a circular pattern. On the lowest setting within a minute I was screaming in ecstasy. When she started using it as a stroker as well, I had the hardest orgasm of my life, all within 2 minutes. Subsequent play with the toy has repeated this experience every single time and we haven't gone beyond the 2nd power intensity. The only thing that matched my voice was the sound of the motor - if you are in a shared house there is no chance of masking this!

      One time we tried the Duo aspect with her on top, and although pleasurable, she found she wouldn't be able to orgasm from it. The other time we tried it with the penis lubed, her attempt at getting on top caused it to slide around in on of the most comical manners combined with my delight from the toy.

      This toy has revolutionised male sex toys for me. This is a game changer. Yes, it's expensive, and yes it's heavy as hell, but my god it is worth it.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The feeling from the motor.
      Long charge time.
      En bref
      The best male toy out there.
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    1. Edgy mouse

      Avis : 27 mai 2020 par firedawg16, un Straight Married Male

      I love my Pulse III. I bought one before and had to leave it in my other home. While being quarantined in the states I was going stir crazy.

      I missed my toy, so I bought another one. Still doesn't disappoint.

      I love that it gets me off in no time or I can try to take it slow. My has the remote, but I seldom use it.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      I like the fact that it can be used hands-free.
      There's nothing I don't like about it.
      En bref
      Best tool for the price.
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