1. Harnais de luxe en cuir avec plug anal et cage de chasteté, DOMINIX

      Avis moyen des clients 3,5 sur 55 avis

      Poussez votre soumis à bout avec ce harnais en cuir équipé d'un superbe plug anal noir et d'une cage de chasteté en acier rutilant de pouvoir ! Les trois anneaux péniens qui gardent l'oiseau en cage s'occupent de masser tous les points sensibles de Titi.

      69,95 €

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      1. Harnais de luxe en cuir avec plug anal et cage de chasteté, DOMINIX

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    1. Description du produit

      Poussez votre soumis à bout avec ce harnais en cuir équipé d'un superbe plug anal noir et d'une cage de chasteté en acier rutilant de pouvoir ! Les trois anneaux péniens qui gardent l'oiseau en cage s'occupent de masser tous les points sensibles de Titi, tandis que le gode anal réaliste de 15 cm de long se concentre sur son insatiable appétit pour les jeux anaux. De quoi lui ébouriffer toutes les plumes !

      Le harnais en cuir (duquel il sera bel et bien prisonnier, hé hé !) s'ajuste au niveau de la taille et du gousset pour offrir un port sur mesure. La ceinture comporte deux boucles qui permettent d'accommoder les tailles entre 89 et 122 cm. Deux autres boucles placées l'une sur le devant et l'autre au niveau des fesses vous donneront la possibilité de jouer sur la longueur de l'entrejambe pour positionner le plug et la cage de chasteté à votre gré.

      Les anneaux péniens mesurent 4,1 cm, 4,8 cm et 5,1 cm de diamètre, le plus petit de ces anneaux étant placé côté gland.

      Pour un maximum de plaisir, pensez à recouvrir le gode et l'intérieur de la cage d'une dose généreuse de lubrifiant à base d'eau avant usage.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Harnais en cuir avec gode anal réaliste et cage de chasteté pour stimulation masculine de toutes les zones érogènes situées au-dessous de la ceinture
      • Gode anal réaliste de 15 cm de long et de 11,2 cm de circonférence pour une pénétration anale profondément satisfaisante
      • Cage de chasteté mesurant 5 cm de long composée de 3 anneaux péniens en métal, ouverte sur le devant et offrant un généreux espace de vie aux testicules
      • Les 3 anneaux mesurent 4,1 cm, 4,8 cm et 5,1 cm de diamètre
      • Harnais en cuir ajustable en 4 endroits différents pour une taille sur mesure (de 89 à 122 cm)
      • Une super addition pour vos jeux d'orgasme forcé, de déni d'orgasme ou de contrainte
    1. Dimensions

      • Longueur insérable: 6 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Contient du latex: Yes
      • Matière: Cuir
    3. Infos essentielles

      • Fermeture: Boucle

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    1. Avis des clients

      Harnais de luxe en cuir avec plug anal et cage de chasteté, DOMINIX 5 3,5 sur 5 3,5 à court de 5

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      1. Harnais de luxe en cuir avec plug anal et cage de chasteté, DOMINIX
      2. Harnais de luxe en cuir avec plug anal et cage de chasteté, DOMINIX

        69,95 €

    1. Fits all manner of sizes

      Avis : 4 novembre 2018 par Just One More Lezbian, un Gay Single Female

      This was an impulse buy, as a sub had no minimal kink attire for an event we were attending! I had a sub of questionable size as to if this would fit him on not.

      It did and it served well.

      The dildo is a bit on the cheap side but makes up for it in the thick durable leather quality. but does to keep the ass open and ready to receive a good pegging or such! The dildo was somewhat squishy, I would like to see (and would purchase) a second harness with a higher quality plug with a price to reflect this, to give consumers a choice.

      This could have pros and cons. The pro is that it would be good for a new anal training slave. The cons, it could leave a lack of satisfaction with the plug not being made entirely of rubber.

      The cage is a good quality and does as well as you would expect for this. I fitted a sub over 40/44 inches with a squeeze. but it was managed, with a bit of brute force.

      The leather is authentic and a good 3mm thick or thereabouts. It did not stretch but stayed in place when under considerable stress of a larger build.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Very strongly built, very user-friendly.
      Plug could be made of higher quality, to give consumers a choice.
      Entrée de gamme
      Very good for the price.
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    1. Lock, Stock, and Barrel

      Avis : 9 décembre 2016 par Thumper the Rabbit

      This is a fantastic little product that is suitable for both solo and couples play.

      As usual the item arrived in a discreet package that means the postman has no idea how much of a pervert I am.

      When I first opened it I was astonished by the device. It has nice firm leather, strong steel clasps and rings, and sturdy rubber dong that sits at the perfect level on the harness. I put it on as soon as I had a chance.

      After I had spent a short amount of time figuring out which part goes where (Pro tip: The dildo sits at the rear), I placed the belt in the correct position. For the fit to be correct you must put your tackle through the steel cock rings, which was honestly a little restrictive and difficult given the position, but then again that is half the point. Once you have successfully caged the beast it is time to insert the stabilising rod that is securely placed inside of the bottom. Once this is in place the user is free to tie the belt around themselves and tighten any of the straps that will make the fit more comfortable.

      Once it is on it is actually quite comfortable. The leather is rigid but soft on the side that makes contact with your body. There is no chaffing or pinching once it is in the right position. The rings that cover your member are strong and sturdy but not tight and binding to the point of restriction. The extra adjustable straps mean that you can move the cock ring portion of the belt up or down giving you the option of greater comfort depending on your unique physique.

      The look of the item is very aesthetically pleasing. It contours nicely around the body and complements shape and form. It delicately draws attention to your imprisoned predicament and makes you feel almost as if you are teasing yourself just by looking at it. From behind it shows off your glutes and frames them nicely.

      The toy is more discreet than one would think. It can be worn under trousers with a little bit of fiddling to make it less obvious. The adjustable straps give you more control over the areas that would normally bulge, meaning you can hide away your secrets while still wearing it in public. The dildo part of the toy is just the right size for walking around and being discreet but still large enough to get some sort of stimulation from it. With a little practice one can wear this belt without anyone noticing and add an extra raunchy element to their play.

      One drawback of the device is that it does not lock, it would be nice to add that feature in but simply adding a loop to the belt fasteners or even to the cock ring portion so that the device can not be removed so easily. Another drawback of the product is that the dildo is attached to the belt and thus cannot be removed or switched out if one were to fancy something a bit more heavy duty. While neither of these is essential, nor do they effect your enjoyment of the device, they are just small ideas for improvements at a later date.

      A part of the device to note is that the cock ring part of the belt is not a full cage and one can stimulate themselves, or be stimulated while wearing the device. This is a lovely feature if used correctly but it may put some people off. Of course, you could always use a cock cage separate to this and have fun while wearing the belt.

      This toy is great for those looking to add some anal stimulation to their chastity or cock restrictive play. It is suitable for beginners to the chastity play realm as well as experienced cock cagers. It is a fun way to bring anal into the bedroom and beyond, in a secure and attractive way. I would highly recommend it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      The form, the feel, the fit, the anal stimulation, the cock restriction.
      Would like to be able to swap dildos on it occasionally, it does not lock.
      Entrée de gamme
      A great piece of kit for the beginner and experienced pervert alike.
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    1. Surprisingly, I Really Fell in Love with This Amazing Harness

      Avis : 30 novembre 2016 par MK Herts, un Bisexual Engaged Female

      Firstly I would like to state, as mentioned in the previous review, that the packaging was too basic. I personally like to clean my toys after each use, then place them back in their boxes, so that they are stored in separate packages, and therefore easy to find. This item, however, was packaged in a see-through plastic bag with a DOMINIX company insert. This item is priced at £54.99, and at that price, I would at least expect some basic plastic mould insert and a box with some form of graphics. I ultimately loved this product but feel from the packaging alone, it would never catch my eye so to speak, and it reduces the appeal of this high-quality product.

      The product is made of really nice leather, it is very soft on the skin and the harness has a great overall design. I have worn it for periods of time ranging from 20 minutes to 90 minutes, and it remained comfortable throughout each use. I have used this product 8-9 times over a three-week period, and the buckles have remained strong, the leather is intact just as it was on the day it was opened, and have seen no sign of any wear or tear at all. I didn’t have high hopes when I saw the item in its packaging, but after using it, I must refer people to the phrase “Never judge a book by its cover” as this item is great, despite its packaging.

      Another reviewer complains that the cock cage cannot be removed, causing them problems. Whilst I can confirm that the cage cannot be removed and can be a pain to use, my only real issue with this product is with the anal dildo. It is a great size, comfortable, and I personally think its the perfect size for the average bondage enthusiast. The issue arises in the fact that it cannot be removed. There have been times where I wished I could remove the toy and just use the harness for orgasm denial sessions with my partner, other times I wished I could replace it with a larger sized toy.

      However, these are only minor issues. Overall I am ecstatic with this harness. It has honestly increased the pleasure of domination sessions between my partner and I, heightening orgasms and increasing duration. I highly recommend trying this out if you are into any domination or tease/denial play.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 sur 10
      Non-slip, great size dildo, tight cock rings, very well made.
      Bad packaging, non-removable dildo.
      Entrée de gamme
      A high-quality product and well worth the money.
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