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    1. Pinces à seins de luxe avec réglage à vis et chaîne, DOMINIX

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      1. Pinces à seins de luxe avec réglage à vis et chaîne, DOMINIX

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    1. Description du produit

      Équipées d'un style de fixation des plus courants et des plus polyvalents, ces pinces à seins de style étau, réglables par le biais de simples vis, sont idéales pour n'importe quel niveau d'expérience. Elles vous donneront le contrôle total sur la pression que vous désirez exercer sur n'importe quelle taille de bout de sein.

      La surface de contact lisse et nivelée permet de pincer les tétons de manière homogène et de diffuser le plaisir au maximum. Parce qu'elles s'adaptent à toutes les tailles de tétons et à tous les niveaux d'expérience, ces pinces sont un super investissement à vie pour votre coffre à jouets !

      Prêts à passer au niveau supérieur ? Serrez les vis autant que votre complice de jeu vous le permettra et tirez sur les chaînes, ou ajoutez des poids, afin d'intensifier les sensations ressenties.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Pinces à seins avec réglage à vis de style étau pour tout niveau d'expérience
      • Fixation à vis pour permettre de totalement customiser le pincement
      • Réglable entre 0 - 21 mm pour un plaisir par la douleur sur n'importe quelle taille de tétons
      • Connectées par une chaîne de 32 cm de long idéale pour ajouter des poids ou tirer dessus
      • Parfaite pour les novices et les pros des jeux de bondage

    Guides et conseils Bondage

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    Guides du bondage > Comment utiliser les pinces et ventouses pour tétons

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      Pinces à seins de luxe avec réglage à vis et chaîne, DOMINIX 3 4 sur 5 4 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Pinces à seins de luxe avec réglage à vis et chaîne, DOMINIX
      2. Pinces à seins de luxe avec réglage à vis et chaîne, DOMINIX

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    1. Put the squeeze on your nipples not your wallet.

      Avis : 23 août 2018 par 8258oshe, un Straight Going Steady Male

      These are one more item to tally up to Lovehoney's DOMINIX line. These are quality built, nice and weighty and they don't have the oppressive looking teeth built in. These are sturdily built and can take a lot of yanking. The screws provide a nice even pressure and will not fall off.

      They do exactly what they say on the tin and for £15 you cannot argue with the value of such a toy.

      These are a must have in my opinion for anyone looking to delve a little deeper into nipple play and are great when used in combination with nipple suckers, which were probably your first port of call.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Quality and price.
      En bref
      Must-buy for newbies and experienced people alike.
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    1. Good, hurty fun

      Avis : 2 avril 2018 par HemelMan

      I bought these clamps for a new partner who gets off on pain. Seeing how she reacted when biting her nipples, I knew I needed something that would give me complete control, and these clamps seemed the obvious choice.

      I tested them on myself first, and I have to say that on smaller, Male nipples, they are slightly tricky to position correctly, but once on and tightened, they held firm.

      When I used them on her, there was no trouble positioning them! Her nipples fitted through and clamped in a very pleasing way. Applied correctly they hold without hurting, and can be gradually tightened to increase the level of pain. I recommend gradually increasing the tightness over a period of time so that the sub gets used to each level before moving it up a notch.

      When I eventually got them as tight as she could take, they were maybe one or two mm from being completely closed, and would have tightened further, but not without serious damage to her I suspect!

      In all they were very good, ideal for the job. My only negative thought is that they felt like they might be loosening themselves off a bit while we were playing elsewhere when they were at their very tightest. I suspect that is simply a case of them bouncing around and the screw moving under pressure, but it wasn’t a major issue.

      Overall, well worth the money!

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      Ease of use, even pressure across nipple.
      Didn’t hold completely securely at its tightest.
      En bref
      Excellent value for money, perfect for the toy box!
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    1. What’s your vice?

      Avis : 15 septembre 2016 par Mrklister

      These nipple clamps are connected by a fairly heavy chain making the whole lot weigh in at about 80g. The clamps are adjustable making them suitable for beginners and hardcore nipple tormentors alike.

      Some people may be put off by the heavy metal industrial look but for us it makes them look a bit more intimidating and fun. Although these are serious looking clamps, we felt that the keyring that secures the chain to the clamp lets it down a bit. In our opinion this looks cheap, especially when compared to the heavy duty nature of the clamps. However, the keyring style chain attachment does allow the clamps to easily be detached from the chain and used independently should you wish.

      The clamps themselves are solid and the smooth flat surfaces crush whatever is between rather than pinch or bite. The metal is shiny but the finish isn’t what we were hoping for in a deluxe toy. Some care has to be taken putting these fiddly little devices on! Especially if the nipples are small. The keyring can slip around the jaws of the clamp making it hard to open the jaws wide enough to grasp the nipple. We also found that skin can become trapped in the sliding parts, which was a bit uncomfortable. However, with a little care and some nipple teasing before attempting to get the clamp on these clamps are capable of delivering amazing sensations.

      Once tightened down onto the nipple the clamps do crush in a rather aesthetically pleasing way and they hold tight until you undo the screws. The fine thread on the screw means it is really very adjustable from a mild squeezing to an eye-watering crushing sensation – note the clamping surfaces will close fully if it is tightened enough. We enjoyed the fact that it is a crushing feeling rather than a pinch and found it was possible to tighten the clamps more because of it. As the clamping surfaces are smooth we found you have to nip the clamps fairly tight to get them to support the weight of the chain or they will slip off under their own weight, especially if dangling or swinging.

      The clamps are not very discreet, we found they were too bulky to wear them under a bra or other clothing so decided they are more of a during play item than a warm up toy.

      Just be warned, taking them off after leaving them on for a while is more painful than putting them on or whilst wearing them!

    2. Note globale :
      7 sur 10
      Amazingly adjustable crushing sensations.
      A bit cheap looking for a deluxe pair of nipple clamps.
      En bref
      A great toy for both beginners and more advanced nipple tormentors!
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