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    1. Gode ventouse vibrant ultra réaliste testicules 20 cm, King Cock

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      1. Gode ventouse vibrant ultra réaliste testicules 20 cm, King Cock

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    1. Description du produit

      Quoi de plus excitant qu'un bon gros braquemard bien dur... si ce n'est un bon gros braquemard bien dur offrant de multiples vitesses de vibration ! King Cock n'a pas hésité à nous ébahir une fois de plus avec un sex toy réaliste de dimensions colossales équipé d'une belle paire de testicules et d'une base ventouse amovible.

      En son centre, ce gode dissimule une tige flexible qui vous permettra de lui donner la forme souhaitée et de jouer avec ses 20 cm d'érection insérables en optant pour un style droit comme une flèche ou courbé comme une banane.

      Fixez l'engin sur une surface plane afin de pouvoir jouer à main libre, ou bien retirez la ventouse pour confier votre plaisir aux va-et-vient de vos mains expertes, destination orgasme !

      Pour un maximum de plaisir, pensez à recouvrir votre gode réaliste d'une généreuse quantité de lubrifiant à base d'eau.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Gode réaliste en PVC finitions main avec base ventouse
      • Vraiment réaliste au point qu'il est difficile de le distinguer d'un vrai phallus !
      • Multiples vitesses de vibration au niveau de la hampe pour davantage de stimulation
      • Paire de testicules pour davantage de réalisme et pour vous offrir l'option d'une poignée
      • Hampe large pour une pénétration satisfaisante

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      Gode ventouse vibrant ultra réaliste testicules 20 cm, King Cock 2 4 sur 5 4 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Gode ventouse vibrant ultra réaliste testicules 20 cm, King Cock
      2. Gode ventouse vibrant ultra réaliste testicules 20 cm, King Cock

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    1. The King and I

      Avis : 13 novembre 2016 par SquirtyPanda, un Straight Single Female

      I am a huge fan of the King Cock range, and when I saw this pop up on the tester list I was so excited. When I read the email that I was chosen to review it I was ecstatic. Thank you for choosing me!

      Why am I a huge fan? Because their dildos are amazingly lifelike. The texture, the firmness, the colouring and those beastly veins! Yum. Oh and the girth, is just heavenly.

      The packaging is very good it comes in a big (as you can imagine) strong and sturdy box. Modern white colour with the King Cock dildo, full length on the front. Bullet points to the side boasting about its posable spine, multispeed, waterproof, powerful suction cup and strap-on compatible. There are no instructions as everything is laid out for you on the outside of the box. This would make a very kinky gift for your loved one.

      The dildo itself certainly is king. It is gorgeously chunky but also heavy - this is a serious dildo. The colouring is perfectly lifelike, the markings around the tip and down the shaft to the testicles. This dildo really is arousing just to look at.

      There is a distinct plastic PVC smell, so be prepared for that. But I do own the original King Cock dildo 8' and the smell went away after a few uses and washes.

      So, having the original I can compare the two for you. This one is way better because of the posable spine, vibrations and the removable suction cup.

      Onto the posable spine - this is just great for personal and direct stimulation that is right for you. You're free to bend it forward and back, left and right. I prefer to have it bent forward and use it so the testicles are facing away from me, so it really hits my G-spot. The amount of bend you're given, I'd say, from standing up straight, a good 30%. Which once inside you does make a huge difference. On my sex toy journey I have discovered that larger dildos hit my G-spot easier, so don't be put off that bigger dildos are scary and for advanced users. It is because they are good at giving you intense orgasms.

      The vibrations are very powerful. I can rest my hand on the tip of the shaft and still feel the vibrations. Squeezing the shaft I can feel the internal vibrater, but the shaft is still firm yet comfortably squidgy.

      I am a power queen and my favourite go to is my magic wand - and the power this offers surprised me. It isn't too loud either. I have smaller vibraters that are louder than this. Once this is nestled inside me and tickling away at my G-spot, turning the scroll wheel to the comfortable vibrations is just an amazing sensation and gives me plenty of messy orgasms. You can also feel the vibrations in the testicles - a surprising benefit I didn't expect. This offers wonderful clitoral stimulation (if you can get that far!).

      Problems - when something is too good to be true it usually is. So, the only problems I had was the suction cup failed a couple of times. I put this down to the sheer weight of the thing. Which can be amusing, but once I had thoroughly cleaned it and lubed myself up, it wasn't uber fun chasing after a dildo that was seemingly trying to run away. ''Oh no you don't'' I said and quickly put it back in position.

      Problem 2 was the battery compartment. Screwing the thing on was troublesome. It has a certain knack to it and if you don't get it just right it won't screw back on correctly. By the time I did the lube had dried out on me, it took that long. But once everything was tickety-boo it was all good to go.

      So, there are very good points and somewhat bad points to this dildo. My opinion of it is mixed. This definitely gave me that full feeling and took no time to get me to climax. This dildo is fun and offers that kinky stretch you may be after, with the compliment of a powerful vibrating shaft which I haven't seen before.

      I don't usually masturbate in the shower or bath, so I cannot comment on the waterproof side of things. Just ensure that you tighten the battery compartment properly and that it doesn't come loose when your at full hog. I recommend this dildo to those who are looking for something new, interesting and fun. It is great value for money and I'm sure you won't regret it!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Girthy and lifelike.
      The smell, suction cup could be improved. Fiddly battery compartment.
      En bref
      7/10. There could be improvements, but I have good fun with this dildo!
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    1. Dedicated to realistic looks but not much else.

      Avis : 12 octobre 2016 par ThrowMeToTheLesbians, un Bisexual Single Female

      Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Lovehoney for sending me this item in exchange for an honest review.

      This isn't a toy for beginners by any means. The size and length will be a challenge for anyone, whether you plan for vaginal or anal. It gives a lovely stretch on insertion, but due to the length full penetration to the balls will be almost impossible for most women who wish to use it vaginally.

      The detail is wonderful. Delicate veins that are pronounced but without looking fake, and the colouring is just beautiful.

      The slit on the head I have issue with for hygiene reasons. It is quite deep, and whilst you can wash it to your hearts content it is just far too much of a bacteria hog for me to feel it is fully sanitizable; especially if you decide to use this anally.

      It does have a smell once you open the box, but I have found it diminished after numerous cleanings. But it hasn't gone away completely.

      The texture also became quite tacky even after its first wash before use; it's definitely a toy that needs powdering after every use. An inexpensive solution is to use corn starch as it's almost the same as what is in the specialised tubs anyway; but I do strongly recommend a patch test first. And research it yourself, as excess cornstarch or powder on your toys is a bad thing.

      It features a poseable spine that allows you to bend the shaft to the desired angle to hit the sweet spot; however, I’ve found that vaginally this made no difference. But I do firmly believe that for men wishing to use this anally it would allow you to shape it to hit your P-spot every time.

      With an embedded vibrator that actually runs the entire length of the toy, and it is pretty powerful to boot, you can be sure that it will feel fantastic once you've slotted in a few triple As.

      I did have trouble locating and opening the battery compartment. No instructions were included, and I scoured the internet before I actually managed to pull the vibrator cap off with a twist.

      Unfortunately, due to the suction cup being attached to the vibrator, it means that if you want to turn the vibrations on during use - whilst you're also using the suction cup - it means you'll have to reattach the suction cup to the surface you're using again.

      I have also found that the use of the vibrator dial can allow the battery compartment to twist off and consequently let the battery holder fall out - a big fail, in my opinion.

      Also, the 'waterproof' claim to this toy seems to stem from the fact that the battery compartment is encased inside the material; the material in which I can fit my finger inside with the vibrator - thus water can easily get in there too.

      Overall I can't give this a glowing review because of its faults. They're just too much of a letdown for me.

      I would surmise that this would be fantastic for anal use to feel the vibrations more intensely and utilise the poseable spine to get the perfect angle. But again, for hygienic reasons you might want to use condoms to prevent any nasties harbouring in the recessive slit - lubricated ones, as the silicone lube on most condoms will destroy this quickly.

    2. Note globale :
      5 sur 10
      Thickness, shaft detail and texture after powdering.
      Deep slit, dangerously unwaterproof, tacky without powder.
      En bref
      Great product for a user with specific criteria.
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