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    1. String ficelle fendu coeur brodé au dos noir, Lovehoney

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      Vous êtes à la recherche d'un string ficelle qui couvre le strict minimum mais affiche un sex appeal maximum ? Notre collection Be Mine y a pensé !

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      1. String ficelle fendu coeur brodé au dos noir, Lovehoney

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    1. Description du produit

      Vous êtes à la recherche d'un string ficelle qui couvre le strict minimum mais affiche un sex appeal maximum ? Notre collection Be Mine y a pensé ! Avec sa double lanière sur les hanches qui se termine par un cœur brodé au-dessus des fesses, ce string noir met clairement l'accent sur les courbes délicieuses de votre postérieur.

      Le devant en microfibre douce ne laisse rien présager de ce qui se trame à l'arrière, ni de ce qui se cache entre les cuisses... Mais oui, c'est presque inconcevable, mais ce string minimaliste se débrouille en prime pour dissimuler un entrejambe fendu ! Le parfait petit accessoire pour une nuit de surprises et de passion torride.

      Le modèle fait un 36 de taille et porte la taille S.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • String ficelle fendu noir avec cœur brodé au dos pour mettre vos fesses irrésistiblement en valeur
      • Double lanière et cœur brodé au-dessus des fesses pour ajouter une touche très flirt à l'ensemble
      • Ouverture à l'entrejambe pour un libre accès à vos parties intimes
      • Côtés de style tanga pour un look vraiment minimaliste
      • Devant du string en microfibre doux et confortable à porter
    1. Sensation

      • Matière: Polyester
    2. Infos essentielles

      • Type de lavage: Laver à la main

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      1X / 2X 18 - 20 14 - 16 46 - 48 18 - 20
      3X / 4X 22 - 24 18 - 20 50 - 52 22 - 24
      Curve 26 - 30 22 - 26 54 - 58 26 - 30
      S/M 8 - 10 4 - 6 36 - 38 8 - 10
      M/L 12 - 14 8 - 10 40 - 42 12 - 14
      L/XL 16 - 18 12 - 14 44 - 46 16 - 18
      XXL 20 - 22 16 - 18 48 - 50 20 - 22
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      Plus Size 18 - 24 14 - 20 46 - 52 18 - 24


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        CM 86.5 - 91.5 68.5 - 76 91.5 - 96.5
      Large INCH 36 - 38 30 - 33 38 - 40
        CM 91.5 - 96.5 76 - 84 96.5 - 101.5
      1X / 2X INCH 40 - 46 34 - 38 42 - 48
        CM 101.5 - 117 86 - 96.5 106.5 - 117
      3X / 4X INCH 48 - 52 40 - 44 48 - 52
        CM 122 - 132 101.5 - 111.5 122 - 132
      S/M INCH 34 - 36 24 - 28 34 - 37
        CM 86.5 - 91.5 61 - 71 86.5 - 94
      M/L INCH 36 - 38 28 - 32 37 - 40
        CM 91.5 - 96.5 71 - 81.5 94 - 101.5
      L/XL INCH 38 - 40 32 - 36 40 - 43
        CM 96.5 - 101.5 81.5 - 91.5 101.5 - 109
      XXL INCH 40 - 42 36 - 38 43 - 46
        CM 101.5 - 106.5 91.5 - 96.5 109 - 117
      One Size INCH 34 - 38 27 - 33 36 - 40
        CM 86.5 - 96.5 68.5 - 84 91.5 - 101.5
      Plus Size INCH 40 - 52 34 - 44 42 - 56
        CM 101.5 - 132 86 - 111.5 106.5 - 132


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      String ficelle fendu coeur brodé au dos noir, Lovehoney 6 4 sur 5 4 à court de 5

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      1. String ficelle fendu coeur brodé au dos noir, Lovehoney
      2. String ficelle fendu coeur brodé au dos noir, Lovehoney

        12,95 €

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    1. Naughty Knickers

      Avis : 13 juin 2017 par Funlover69, un Straight Single Female

      Oh my.!!! Lovehoney really is having a life-changing effect on me.There are many in my social circle actually see me as a fun but very proper and clean cut lady. If only they knew the new me, with hidden sides creeping out.

      I must admit I have always wanted crotchless knickers since the early days of my active sex life when regular ones would be pulled to one side at the crotch by my partner for access. All be that quite a turn on, it was not always particularily comfortable but I simply never got round to buying crotchless ones.

      However, Lovehoney have really shown me the way and made things so much less embarrassing through their website rather than a sex shop or party. The only drawback now is my tendency to go crazy with over the top spending on such sexy lingerie as well as their endless choice of sex toys.

      My purchase of this G-string came about when it appeared in one of their many offers alongside a selection of lubes and toys I couldn't resist and before I knew it my order was winging its way to Lovehoney's despatch dept. In no time at all my discreet parcel of goodies had been delivered by my unsuspecting postie.

      This time, rather than having a favourite choice of toy to dig out from my box, I rummaged for my new crotchless G-string. Immediately upon quickly finding it thanks to the clear packaging, I had opened it out ready to be admired.

      I instantly loved the feel of the soft elasticated fabric and adored the intricate lace of the embroidered heart which was more substantial than I had expected. The plain front is made more striking by the double straps which can be adjusted slightly in spacing over the hips for comfort and to give the desired effect. All that remained now was for me to wear it. (Or at least try it on for now!)

      Once on, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it felt, with the elastic sitting perfectly over my hips without cutting in to my more fleshy bits. This was my first experience of one size knickers, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect but had hoped that as a generous size 12 I might hit it lucky, especially with the description stating suitable up to size 16. Even the split gusset, although I was aware of it, felt soft and well fitting.

      I decided that while I had no errands to run or date fixed up, I would keep it on for the day just to get used to the naughty sensation prior to my first outing. This worked a treat and before long, while busy with housework my thoughts kept drifting towards my sexy underwear keeping me very turned on and aroused.

      Eventually I found myself needing to indulge in some solo stimulation to release the build up of sexual tension. This was something I had not anticipated but attributed it to being the thrill and novelty factor of the first time wearing a crotchless sexy G-string. Indeed since that day I have ventured further afield wearing it outdoors without incident but still loving the thrill.

      Unfortunately, due to being single, it has not yet been fully tested with a partner but I would envisage it being quite a turn on for him too.

      I can certainly highly recommend buying some either for yourself or gift wrapped as an exciting treat for your loved one. They are sure to add a special thrill to an otherwise ordinary or mundane outing. The intricate lace heart and faultless workmanship make these striking G-strings well worth their price but obviously terrific value for money when bought while on offer.

      I have since bought another for myself as well as a further two in red. They would be amazing in a selection of colours such as purple or cerise but I guess I will just watch this space for now.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Loved the faultless quality and sexy design.
      Entrée de gamme
      The perfect naughty secret with panache.
    3. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes
    1. Most flattering G-string I've found

      Avis : 22 janvier 2017 par Lovebirds_x

      Ever a lover of Lovehoney lingerie, I was thrilled to be offered the chance to review a couple of items from the new Be Mine range. Thanks, Leanne!

      The details on this G-string are absolutely beautiful. I love the look of strappy lingerie so naturally I fell in love with the double strap design, and that heart detail! Gorgeous. The lacework adds a lovely feminine touch to an otherwise plain thong without making it any harder to pair this item with other items in your collection. If you’re buying this as a gift, rest assured the receiver will have no trouble finding matching items to wear this with.

      If my heart was fluttering at the gorgeous details on this G-string, it abruptly sank upon reading the dreaded ‘one size’ on the label. My size 12 soft, untoned hips rarely fit into a G-string with proper sizing let alone o/s varieties. At 40’’ my hips are right at the upper limit of the size chart too. But, much to my surprise, this actually fits me perfectly! The straps don’t dig in at all, can be positioned slightly higher or lower than on the model (depending what suits you) and best of all no muffin top! I can’t even begin to describe how exciting that is for someone who struggles to find G-strings that actually look as good on my body as they do on the model. This is so so flattering on me and super comfortable too, I’m in love! Why can’t all o/s items be like this?!

      It may seem a little pointless making a G-string crotchless since there’s so little covering you anyway, but when it comes to wearing lingerie during sex I personally find wearing crotchless ones a lot more comfortable than pulling regular ones to the side to allow for insertion. I also love the trickery involved in wearing what looks like a regular old G-string, when in fact you’re wearing a much kinkier crotchless variety. My partner keeps on falling for (and going wild for) this trick!

      Overall this is a stunning and great quality little G-string. It fits, flatters and functions as a kinky little number you don’t need to take off when things get steamy (which they will), really what more can I say? If this came in other colours I’d buy them in a heartbeat. I highly recommend this, whether you’re buying for yourself or for someone special. The black is very easy to wear and the o/s sizing makes this a great choice for those who don’t know quite what size to buy too!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Gorgeous details, comfortable to wear, soft high-quality materials, perfect fit, and super flattering!
      Nothing (except perhaps that it's not available in more colours!).
      Entrée de gamme
      A stunning, high quality G-string. Perfect choice for a Valentine's lingerie gift!
    3. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes
    1. Business in the front, party in the back

      Avis : 11 janvier 2017 par Boox, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was chosen as a secret tester for this stunning Valentine's related G-string.

      As a size 10-12 I found this to be very well fitted! It is tight to the skin while still loose enough to keep you well held in. The stitch work is brilliantly done and very sturdy.

      Don't let the basic front design put you off, it more than makes up for it with the beautiful lace detail that has been delicately sewn into the heart feature at the back. Its double string feature makes for a perfect illusion to create smaller hips and a more rounded and plump shaped bottom, and what better way to complement pale skin than black!

      Having an open crotch was a perfect choice for this G-string as it allows you to wear it all night so that tantalising design can have your partner climaxing to the fullest. I felt that this G-string goes great with just about every outfit I own, this complements everything and just adds a little more oomph to my whole wardrobe!

      I would absolutely purchase this if a range of colours were offered, this would be stunning in white! Extremely happy I got to test this G-string just the underwear I needed!

      A must-buy, you won't regret it!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      The heart design is ever so beautiful.
      More colours! Please!!
      Entrée de gamme
      An absolute must-buy! I promise you won't regret it!
    3. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes