1. String vibrant télécommandé 5 fonctions dentelle grande taille, Secrets

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      1. String vibrant télécommandé 5 fonctions dentelle grande taille, Secrets

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    1. Description du produit

      Adieu les vieilles culottes de grand-mère en coton, voilà un string sexy et son mini vibro secret qui viennent prendre la relève ! Avec ce string en dentelle florale de la marque Secrets qui dissimule un mini vibro télécommandé dans son gousset, vous allez vous sentir follement sexy ! Un vibro dans son gousset ? T'as entendu ça, Mémé ? En forme de galet légèrement courbé, ce mini vibro se love parfaitement contre le clitoris pour vous taquiner délicieusement partout où vous irez.

      Abandonnez-vous aux douces sensations de ses trois vitesses et deux modes de vibration, tandis que votre complice de jeu gère votre plaisir jusqu'à dix mètres de distance grâce à sa petite coquine de télécommande. Très discrètes, les vibrations de ce sex toy sauront conserver votre secret en public pour vous permettre de jouir de votre string sexy au café d'en bas, dans le bus ou tout simplement dans le confort douillet de votre doux foyer.

      Ce string sexy en dentelle florale stretch peut être porté avec ou sans son mini vibro.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • String vibrant grande taille en dentelle équipé d'une télécommande
      • 3 vitesses et 2 modes de vibration pour un super registre de sensations fortes
      • Tailles : 44/52
      • String et mini vibromasseur peuvent être utilisés séparément
      • Télécommande d'une portée de 10 mètres maximum

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      String vibrant télécommandé 5 fonctions dentelle grande taille, Secrets 5 3 sur 5 3 à court de 5

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      1. String vibrant télécommandé 5 fonctions dentelle grande taille, Secrets
      2. String vibrant télécommandé 5 fonctions dentelle grande taille, Secrets

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    1. Used it a few times

      Avis : 25 août 2018 par Nyj27

      It arrived well packaged and is easy to use, my wife found that the vibrator could have been a little better placed but was still good enough to give a fair vibration.

      It is fun to use especially as a teasing toy. Being in control of her orgasms was great fun although I was called a few things for teasing her, didn't lose brownie points though.

      good addition to our toy box.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 sur 10
      Fun to use.
      Batteries must be taken out after use or they go flat after one use.
      Entrée de gamme
      Great teasing toy.
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    1. Great fun at home

      Avis : 23 juillet 2016 par kayliixx, un Straight Going Steady Female

      So, after receiving an email confirming this little beaut was on its way to me, I had to wait 2 days eagerly for the post. It came wrapped discreetly in a brown box, even the OH had to ask what I had ordered and from where. When I opened it the packaging was a lovely black gloss box and looked very high end.

      On opening the box I saw the thong, which looked a little small, however when I put it on it fitted me well (I'm a size 18/20). The bullet part was a matte black plastic with gloss button, it felt really smooth and the remote was small and discreet (I accidently left it lying in the living room when guests were in and no one batted an eyelid or looked curious).

      On reading the instructions and inserting the battery I turned it on and went through the settings and how it worked with my partner. Honestly, I didn't expect vibrations so strong from something so small.

      Upstairs I went to put the thong on with the bullet slid into the pouch on the thong. I went downstairs and handed my partner the remote. It took some getting used to using the remote as the bullet wasn't responding to it every time, however after some great fun playing about we figured out that he wasn't pushing on the button quite hard enough.

      Loved playing with this, it's a great way to start a night of fun and get the OH in the mood by letting them make you squirm.

      My partner didn't like how loud the click of the button was, it meant I was able to tell when he was turning it on but once there was noise around like the TV I couldn't hear it. The vibrations were also slightly loud, but once there was some light background noise it wasn't a problem.

      Honestly, this is a great little addition to the toy box and we'll worth the cost! Thanks, Lovehoney.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 sur 10
      Easy to follow instructions, powerful vibrations.
      Button on remote had a loud clicker.
      Entrée de gamme
      Great little addition to toy box.
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    1. Could be better placed and a tighter fit around the clit

      Avis : 2 septembre 2017 par Elliotandkaty

      So we waited on getting these for two days so the excitement grew for our weekly date night.

      when First out the box it looks really well made. the vibrations are powerful but not too loud that we wouldn't be able to get away with using in a bar with music.

      To be honest, although the idea is good, they just don't press against the clit hard enough.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 sur 10
      The idea of it.
      Was not tight enough against her clit.
      Entrée de gamme
      Great fun for a cheap price.
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