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    1. Énorme gode Vac-U-Lock American Bombshell, Doc Johnson

      Avis moyen des clients 4,5 sur 510 avis

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      1. Énorme gode Vac-U-Lock American Bombshell, Doc Johnson

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    1. Description du produit

      Prêt(e) à vous mesurer à Hulk ? Ce gode réaliste monstrueusement colossal de Doc Johnson est taillé dans un style brut inspiré de l'aspect rocailleux du colosse. En PVC, ce membre fabuleusement viril est à la fois ferme et souple afin de vous prodiguer une stimulation sexuelle ultime. Compatible avec les harnais Vac-U-Lock, il promet des séances de strap on extrêmes et des heures de fun à sa merci.

      Son extrémité particulièrement généreuse mais réalistiquement effilée vous aidera à insérer votre colosse dans le passage de votre choix et à faire de votre rêve le plus fou une réalité plénière ! Le relief tourmenté de la hampe se fera vite sentir et continuera de vous ravir tout au long de sa course effrénée.

      Pour la touche finale, ce gode est terminé par une belle paire de bourses bien calibrée qui fait office de garde-fou. Un sex toy tout à fait adapté au sexe anal.

      Afin de pouvoir conquérir l'incroyable Hulk, pensez à appliquer un bon lubrifiant anal à base d'eau là où il sera susceptible de vous venir en aide !

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Énorme gode American Bombshell d'une longueur insérable de 18 cm
      • 21 cm de circonférence pour défier même les plus averti(e)s des utilisateurs/utilisatrices
      • Compatible avec les godes-ceinture Vac-U-Lock
      • Taille colossale et relief tourmenté pour une pénétration stimulante
      • Pour stimulation vaginale ou anale

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      Énorme gode Vac-U-Lock American Bombshell, Doc Johnson 10 4,5 sur 5 4,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Énorme gode Vac-U-Lock American Bombshell, Doc Johnson
      2. Énorme gode Vac-U-Lock American Bombshell, Doc Johnson

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        44,95 €

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    1. Oh my god

      Avis : 11 mars 2019 par Jane'85, un Straight Going Steady Female

      Obviously, usual discreet packaging and quick delivery from Lovehoney. Couldn't wait to get my hands on this. It's definitely the girthiest toy I own and I was looking forward to trying to push my boundaries a little.

      I know it can be used as a strap-on with the correct harness, but I just wanted it as a dildo and it suited my purpose. I love the look and feel of this toy. I quite like the fact that it's not your big standard shape and colour. I'm not fussed about it looking like a regular penis. I knew I wasn't going to be able to get this all inside me straight away, so waited until I had a good amount of time on my own to play.

      I'm not a fan of lube and although lots of toys recommend you use it, I normally ignore this and am fine without. In this case I probably could have done with some as at first I wasn't close to getting any of it in.

      As I didn't have lube handy, I teased myself for a while and made sure I was extra turned on and then took it slowly and settled for only getting a little of it in at a time. I've used it several times since and have only worked my way up to getting it about half in me, but even that half feels amazing. I love how it stretches me and the feel of all the different bumps is incredible and a totally different sensation to regular dildos for me.

      I like to use it watching something to keep me extra lubricated and have seen a suction cup attachment on a different site that could come in handy as I personally find it a lot easier to get it in if I ride it rather than in other positions. I normally like to get my partner to use my toys on me too, but must admit I've kept this one just for me, but obviously that's down to personal preference.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The size, appearance and shape.
      Nothing but a suction cup would make it even better.
      En bref
      Not something I'd use everyday but I love it. Still working on conquering it.
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    1. Amaaaaaazing

      Avis : 8 octobre 2018 par Claravell, un Bisexual Single Female

      So as usual this arrived next day in its discreet brown box, which housemate happily took from postman none the wiser.

      Disappeared upstairs and opened with glee. I was not disappointed, the sheer weight of the box alone was exciting enough.

      This is a wide toy, wonderfully heavy and a good length so is not too unwieldy to handle on your own. It’s smooth, slightly glittery material and ridges make this delightful just to handle and play with before you even get to inserting it. The sheer size feels like is should have been intimidating but could not wait to get started.

      I started off with some some smaller toys to warm up to this as it is NOT small but soon felt ready to give it a go. Lots of lube (Lovehoney water-based lube, love the large bottle and easy dispenser) and made a slow and steady start.

      The end is nicely tapered to allow for easing in then steadily widens out to a delightfully eye watering girth. The ridges on it add to the sensation as this stretches as it enters. Took things really slowly and worked up to increasing the amount of length I can insert, then finally there was a wonderful almost popping feel as the widest part moved inside me and the rest of the delicious 11” followed. Wow!

      This leaves you feeling so full that I just had to lay there for a bit and enjoy the feeling. After a while, though, built up to playing with it fully and boy does it deliver on the orgasm front.

      Not an everyday use toy, but definitely something for special occasions and for anyone who enjoys girth and length.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      It’s girth, weight and length.
      En bref
      Mind-blowing, buy it now!
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    1. Big Big boy

      Avis : 2 octobre 2017 par bignoorks, un Straight Married Male

      We ordered this as a couple when we were in a particularly kinky mood, and upon opening the package, we weren't disappointed! It is a big toy, so not for beginners, I would say.

      My Mrs warmed up with a smaller, but still girthy dildo, and then, with lots of lube all over this monster slowly eased herself down onto it. The head went in easily, but the rest took a little wiggling and re-lubing. As soon as she had the whole thing inside her pussy, she came straight away!

      For me, seeing her stretched out like this was amazing and a massive turn on knowing that in no way would I ever be able to give her the same feeling!

      It also looks like a monster's cock, so good for a bit of perverted fun!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The shape, the size and the colour!
      Nothing, but would be large for beginners.
      En bref
      10/10, for occasional pervy fun!
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